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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wolverine #42

I'm not sure exactly what i expected from this issue (i dropped Wolverine from my pulls a few flops back) so it's hard to say whether or not it lived up to my expectations.  confused?  me too.

Guggenheim (sp?) actually did a pretty admirable job w/ the writing, capturing Wolverine as i like him for the most part.  There's an uber-cool scene/panel where Wolvie stands in the middle of Nitro's blast zone and well...  sniffs. 

I'm still not feeling this whole Civil War thing for some reason though, but it's tolerable here (so far).  I find myself wishing that this new creative team wasn't writing to the crossover event, but maybe kicked off w/ a darker, non-superhero Wolverine arc.  Ah well - what do i know?

Ramos (i'm a big fan as you know) is hit and miss; there are some great panels and some so-so's here and you can definitely tell he's getting back into the swing of drawing superheroes after Revelations (which i can't wait to read by TP BTW).  Humberto's action panels are kicking ass (as usual) but his "standing around talking" stuff isn't on the same level IMO (remember i have uber-high expectations for this guy as one of my fav's).  The guy's art does take some getting used to though (esp if you haven't looked at it in a while).

I do think his squat, powerfully built (and hairy) Wolverine is on the money, and i dug his iterations of Thing, Cap, Iron Man and Luke Cage pretty mightily. 

Overall i'm going to reserve judgment on the new Wolverine creative team for a few more issues.  Off to a pretty good start though, and already better than some of the other Wolverine dredge we have been getting lately.  B with mad potential.


26 May, 2006 12:56, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Picked this up on the basis of your interest and was surprised how much I liked it.

Never been a fan of the exaggerated, cartoony style of guys like Ramos or Joe Mad, but this worked for the most part. Definitely something that'll need time to grow on me, but I can dig it for now.



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