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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6.14 Shopping List

Diamond isn't updating their shipping list until 5:00 tonight (as opposed to the typical Monday @ 5 update) so i'm not sure how accurate this is but...

DMZ #8 - DMZ doesn't get the press it deserves IMO. good stuff and getting better.
EX MACHINA SPECIAL #2 - I'm an Ex Mach whore so you know i'm reading this... besides #1 was a pretty cool intro to the Great Machine's previously unheard of arch-enemy.
FEAR AGENT #5 - Wait... didn't an issue of FA just come out a couple weeks ago? You know, the one w/ the bad news that Tony Moore is taking a break?
SUPER F$$$$$S #3 - I'm embarrassed to be reading this... and more embarrassed that i like it (hey it makes me laugh!).

What is everyone else picking up?


13 June, 2006 16:43, Blogger Ryan X said...

Good article about FA #4 and how it was completely "sold out" over on Newsarama. The TPB is due to hit stores on June 21 (pre-order at Amazon as well). Loving DMZ myself, looking forward to this new story arc. Also ordered an old TPB called Whiteout by the creator of Q & C. Just browsing my recommendations at Amazon and it popped up. Looks killer. I'll post comments on it later. Have a great week comic geeks.


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