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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

6.21 Shopping List

Man, "real" life has been all up in my way the last couple of weeks... my posting schedule is getting to look a lot like the Ultimates shipping schedule... oh wait - there's a new Ultimates this very week!

I'm def buying...

Casanova #1CONAN #29 (MR) - Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't this issue start Miggs arc w/ Conan??
ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 - I'm not a big Superman fan, but i LOVE this book.
EX MACHINA #21 (MR) - Pull list.
CASANOVA #1 (MR) - Been looking forward to this for what seems like forever now... Prob my most anticipated read this week. I'll def post thoughts on this tomorrow/thursday-ish.
ETERNALS #1 (OF 6) - I don't know jack about this except the awesome add that's been running in my comics for a couple months now (and a short piece in last month's Wizard which i've totally forgotten now).
NEW AVENGERS #20 - Every time i feel like i'm just about to drop NA, Bendis drops a solid issue that reels me back in.
ULTIMATES 2 #11 - Quite possibly my favorite ongoing capes title... Too bad it comes out as irregular as Garpa's bowels after a jalepeno eating contest.


CONAN BOOK OF THOTH #4 (OF 4) - I enjoyed the heck out of #1 but decided to wait for the trade rather than pay $4.99 an issue. I'm not cheap or anything.
CONAN VOL 3 TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT & STORIES TP - I'm still in love w/ this series, though it seems to have fallen from the incredible heights of The Frost Giants Daughter and Other Stories....
FEAR AGENT VOL 1 REIGNITION TP - Notable but i won't be buying it.
INVINCIBLE VOL 6 DIFFERENT WORLD TP - I'm buying these via the Ultimate HC editions. #2 is out soon me thinks??? #1 rocked.

Next Week...



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