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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6.28 Shopping List

After an awesome haul 6 days ago i'm extra hype for tomorrow to get here (man are we nerds or what?).  Not a huge shopping list for tomorrow but there are def a couple budding gems on the docket...  let's hope we get even half the overall quality of last week.

I'm buying...

DAREDEVIL #86 - Pull list.  Though Uncensored seems to have disappeared, i owe him for turning me onto this great book (and Brubaker in general).
INVINCIBLE #33 - Pull list.  Seems Invincible has been coming out a lot more regularly lately...  and that's a very good thing.  Sean, remember when you were just getting on board?  a few months later what do you think?  I hope you went back and read some of the "older" stuff (QUALITY).
LOVELESS #8 (MR) - I keep buying this though i'm not sure yet if i like it...  i must i guess.  PS - don't i say that EVERY time a new issue of this book drops??
MOON KNIGHT #3 - Hey this book doesn't get the due it deserves so far IMO.  #1 and 2 were hella enjoyable.  If they can keep this up i can see myself with this book for some time...  Just do me a favor (as if you're listening) and keep it gritty and away from the rest of the marvel U (capes).
NEXTWAVE AGENTS OF HATE #6 - Ah yes...  always a good week when a new Nextwave lands.  One of the truly intelligent funny books out at the moment (i might say #1 if there was no such thing as the Goon).
WOLVERINE #43 - Ramos, ramos, ramos, my man.  I saw some preview pages of this issue  a few weeks ago and it seems that Humberto is shaken off the rust (having not drawn capes for a while) and really turns it on here...  Can't wait.


GHOST RIDER ROAD TO DAMNATION PREMIERE HC - I sold my flop set for almost as much as i paid for it so i'll def be buying the TP...  but not this HC unfortunately (fortunately?).
USAGI YOJIMBO #94 - I'm reading this by the TP (there are 20-some and i'm on #9) but i put it on here so i could be sure and pimp it one more time (and every chance i get).  X - what do you think?
LAST CHRISTMAS #2 (OF 6) - #1 had it's moments and at the time i was pretty sure i was onboard w/ #2 but i'm less sure now that the day has come.  Call this one a game time decision.
PVP #27 - I don't buy this by the flop but have every TP so far...  this release got me thinking though...  when's the next TP (#4 i think?) due?  this is QUALITY home office (read: the can) material.

Next Week...



27 June, 2006 21:00, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

geeks, not nerds...it's a fine line...

28 June, 2006 09:49, Blogger Ryan X said...

Great comment CD. I am still onboard with UY, just need more time to read! I obviously need some tips from you Zilla about how to spend more time on the can...

28 June, 2006 14:19, Blogger zilla said...

Cellardoor - you said it boss... i screwed that word choice up ;) my wife laughs at how excited i get on tuesday nights...

28 June, 2006 22:10, Blogger day4night said...

Lets see i only had two waiting this week:

Nextwave #6 - so much fun. I love all the characters but lately I find myself thinking of that Tabitha going and the "tick, tick, tick, boom!". Makes me laugh.

I read Nextwave and Fell and am struck by the yin/yang, light/dark contrast in the stories. They seem to balance. Hell perhaps the writing process balances warren.

Runaways #17 - building to a big moment. Zilla, I suprised you don't seem to follow this one. I know your a BKV fan.


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