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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brief Superman Returns review

I saw it last night, and I don't think words can be possibly used to describe just how spectacular the film was.

The opening of the film was touching and spectacular. And the moment we got into the opening credit sequence (which brought a huge smile to my face), I knew right away the film was going to be something special.

The acting was all top notch-- I believed every character in the film. Kevin Spacey was the man as Luthor! Finally, in a Superman film we actually have an evil Lex Luthor, and not merely something to be used as comic-relief (though, there was a healthy amount of that, but not in an over-the-top way).

The Superman action scenes were just spectacular; it's a very rare occasion when something I see in a film actually excites me, and every time I (and most of the audience) heard the classic theme begin to play during the film, anticipation forn what was to come went through the roof.

I understand what Bryan Singer meant when he called Superman Returns a "love story", as it was just that. The Lois/Superman romance was handled extremely well, in a believable, emotional, touching way.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about the film, I loved every minute of it. And even though I'm not that huge of a Superman fan, this is, in my opinion, the greatest comic-based film to ever be released. DC comics should be proud, as this film is a triumph even grander than Batman Begins-- which is saying alot.


29 June, 2006 17:20, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

...as this film is a triumph even grander than Batman Begins-- which is saying alot.

Them's fightin' words, Uncensored! ;-)

Superman Returns may end up being one of the few movies I wasn't interested seeing in becoming intriguing thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Of course, American Beauty was one of those movies and I hated it, and there's the Spacey connection there so I'm still on the fence.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, though.

29 June, 2006 19:21, Blogger zilla said...

dude where you been? unheard from for months then out of nowhere... bam! bam! (sorry my wife is watching Emeril live in the background as i type this...)

29 June, 2006 20:02, Blogger Rob H said...

Hey, Uncensored. Good to see you again. I freakin' loved this movie. I was caught in a trance from beginning to end. Not only was the movie top notch but the cinematography and SFX were mind blowing. Unfortunately, my friends don't share my enthusiasm.

I'll definitely be seeing this again on the big screen.

30 June, 2006 04:51, Blogger Christopher Green said...

It's been an extremely busy time in my life at the moment, but I should have something to say around here on an at least semi-regular basis.

Rob H, I understand completely what you're saying. My friend whom I saw Superman Returns with wasn't very impressed with the film, but he doesn't have much love for heroism and Super-Heroism.

God, I loved this movie.


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