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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gateway Comics?

Blog @ Newsarama dropped an interesting post about "Gateway" comics (which are the most likely past/present comics to impress non-comics-readers enough to suck them into our world?).  Obviously the answer will be different depending on the tastes of the target, and the comments to the Newsarama blog post are filled w/ the usual suspects, but got me thinking none-the-less...

Having just been through this over the last year, i'd recommend tackling this in stages:

First a few classic GNs like 300, Maus, League, etc. followed by a move move to "non-cape" TPs with wide-market appeal like Preacher, Sandman, Hellboy, Sin City, Conan, Powers, The Goon, The Walking Dead, Sleeper, Losers, Des Jones, Fell.  If i did come across someone who had an interest in cape comics, i'd probably recommend something off the beaten path to start with (with a less intimidating history) like Invincible or Powers.  Once someone's read a few books off these lists, their eyes will be open to the fact that comics today are not all Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men.

Next will undoubtedly come the desire to read some more mainstream stuff, and here's where i'd start recommending some classic character TPs like Hush and Long Halloween for Batman, Loeb and Sales fantastic "color" series, some Wolverine, sDaredevil, X-Men, Hulk or Spidey runs, etc.  Reading some of these more classic character runs will give bang for the buck and help a new reader decide which characters he/she'd like to follow in the present...

Ok, ok i'm sure i forgot a ton (this was entirely off the top of my head) but you get the idea..  what do you guys think?


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13 June, 2006 14:23, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

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Zilla, this is off topic, but I figured I'd follow the trend set by "Mr. Seats". Did you ever finish The Maxx Vol. 1? Don't worry if you absolutely hated it, I won't be insulted just because I recommended it. And if that is the case, I apologize.

13 June, 2006 15:04, Blogger zilla said...

how the hell did that get through? i've got that super annoying "type the letters in the image" business set up to avoid death by spam comments! ah well...

cellardoor - i've still got Maxx on my nightstand... i've been kind of busy lately and deep in a re-read of the Bourne trilogy so having a hard time getting to my TPs after i read my weekly flops... i'll get to it though (soon) and def post thoughts :)


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