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Friday, June 02, 2006

July 2006 Wizard Mag...

Been a while since i commented on an issue of Wizard, but this latest issue is surprisingly packed stuff i felt like sharing (some of it old news now so bear w/ me):

Ed McGuiness has signed exclusive w/ Marvel...  seemingly to continue working w/ his old pal Loeb (these two have man-crushes on each other like nobody's business).  I'm a  big fan of McGuiness, esp on Superman Batman; he draws his characters uber-jacked up in the muscle dept and you can really feel his action panels.  Can't wait to see what he and Loeb are going to work on w/ Marvel...  according to the article here, it's not just one something but many somethings (yes sir).  Hulk please???  You should see McGuiness' Hulk sketch in here...

I'm really, really, really stoked about this:  Brubaker and Sean Phillips are working on a new grit crime comic (ongoing!) called simply "Criminal"Criminal promises to "shine a light on society's underbelly" and is compared to Sin City and 100 Bullets.  There is little doubt this book will kick ass.  Personally, i can't friggin' wait.


 While Eric Powell is off working on the much anticipated "Chinatown" Goon arc in the fall, DH is putting "Dwight T. Albatross Presents: The Goon Noir", a 3-issue mini (anthology) jam packed w/ Goon shorts featuring a killer list of guest writers and artists including Ryan Sook, John Arcudi, Tony Moore, and Humberto Ramos (among others).  All in B&W.  Oh my.

Next, there's a pretty interesting article by Chris Lawrence about the life (and death) of Conan creator Robert E. Howard.  I've loved Conan all my life but knew little about his creator until now.  I had no idea Howard was such an eccentric, or that he committed suicide shortly before his mother's death at the ripe-young age of 30...  How the heck did he put out SO much great Conan material in such a short time?   Somehow i doubt he had any idea the impact he'd have on fantasy books and comics, or the Gov. of California's career.  Wow.


Finally, Wizard has thoughtfully prepared yet another "Top 100" list for us...  this time the "Top 100 Greatist Villians of All Time".  As you can imagine i've got issue w/ many of these entries (esp their slotting) but most of all i'm just sick of any top 100 lists that aren't books, graphic novels (or other wish list type items), or hot women.

Cheers for now folks...  some of you guys have been awful quiet lately...  where the hell is everyone???


02 June, 2006 17:40, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Here! Just lurking...

03 June, 2006 02:26, Blogger Rob H said...

Ditto. I'm still around.


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