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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scattered thoughts about this weeks flops (part 1)...

Missed my trip to the LCS last week and came home yesterday with a healthy (and what turned out to be exceptional) stack.  Good thing too since wifey had some minor out-patient surgery yesterday and i was holed up taking care of her all afternoon and evening...  translation:  hours of QT with my growing nightstand pile.

DMZ #8 -
In an age where most new series start the downhill slide after the first arc (or sometimes even the first issue), Brian Wood's DMZ is a pleasant surprise.  As much as i enjoyed this title when it first dropped, i'm loving it even more now.  The intelligent, well plotted writing AND the artwork are both humming at the moment and seemingly get better and better each month. 

Here in #8 we learn a bit more about how this whole civil war started, and Matty uncovers a plot to use him as a pawn in the ongoing struggle between the gub-ment and the FSA (free states).  There's some great character development going on in this comic.  Good stuff.  A.

CONAN #29 - Mike Mignola is a beast...  what else can i say?  After the first issue (of 3), i can already tell this Conan arc is going to be something to write home about.  Funny, but it took this new issue to help me realize that Busiek (as much as i love the guy) was losing steam towards the end of his run.  Miggs takes us back to the Conan we've come to expect from this latest iteration and even Nord's artwork seems to have "kicked it up a notch" (sorry my wife obsessively watches food network).  You just had to know Mignola would somehow incorporate frogs into this didn't you??  Looking very much forward to #30 and 31.  A.

ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 - I know i've said this before (maybe many times) but i'm not all that big a Superman fan (blasphemy i know).  He's typically a bit froo-froo goodie-goodie (and mainstream) for me but one thing is for certain:  All Star Superman is a GOOD (great?) comic.  Morrison and Quitley are both on top of their game so far (seriously isn't Q's art a bit mesmerizing?), and Morrison's emotional, brooding, introspective Superman is certainly the most intriguing iteration i've read. 

Here in #4 Superman is exposed to Black Kryptonite (and it's revealed to me that he is now immune to green kryptonite...  when did THAT happen??).  Turns out the black stuff screws with Kal's brain and turns him evil.  It's up to the eccentric Jimmy Olsen to save the day.  Not on the level of #1, 2, or 3, but entertaining none-the-less.  B.


23 June, 2006 22:15, Blogger day4night said...

Zilla, I'm right there with you on DMZ. I finish an issue, and I just want to read more. These new story arcs involving the FSA are great. That and Matty's continued awakening to just how screwed up and crazy the war really is have me feeling as if I experience the war vicariously every issue ... but I guess that is what good reporter is supposed to do.

Conan: Another solid story, but did you catch the letter in the back? I don't have the issue in front of me but it was the letter from the long time REH Conan fan voicing his disappoints whith the overall direction of the Dark Horse version of Conan. To sum up, DH Conan is good but it is missing some of that sense of wonder and awe that REH infused into the Conan verse. Anyway, there was more to his point but I thought he made it well and as good as Conan can be the letter highlighted a way to make it better. Classy of DH to print the thing.

Good work on the blog, I've enjoyed reading Zilla's for a few months now.

24 June, 2006 14:02, Blogger zilla said...

day4night - i went back and read that letter after your comment (thanks for pointing that out... i usually read letters pages but missed this one).

i have to agree that *some* of the wonder has gone out of Conan in this DH iteration, but not all. the first TP (frost giant's daughter...) is full of it, and there have been smatterings since, though somewhat inconsistent.

here's to hoping Miggs restores some of that with his arc... since we know he's well capable of "wonder" :)

PS - thanks for the comment friend. if you're looking for well planned/formed reviews you prob won't find them here, but i'm happy w/ zilla's and love talking about comics w/ you guys... keep commenting!

24 June, 2006 14:33, Blogger zilla said...

PPS - The auther of that letter TOTALLY lost me when he started dissing Cary Nord... the artwork in DH Conan (Nord and Stewart) is some of the best out there IMO and PERFECT for Conan as far as i'm concerned!

24 June, 2006 18:06, Blogger day4night said...

yeah, i forgot about the dig at Cary. I love his Conan work too. I'm not real familar with Mignola's work but seem always hear good things. The excitement for me is seeing Truman take over. We both live in the same town and I had the chance to talk with him this past FCBD and he seems like a great guy. And he signed my FCBD Conan issue. Anyway, he wouldn't give any goods up, but I'm looking foward to his run on Conan just the same. It's cool that Cary will continue as artist, but you won't here me complain if Tim steps up and draws a few from time to time.

25 June, 2006 11:10, Blogger zilla said...

Man i'm a happy to hear some postive about Truman. i don't know the guys work and have been a bit nervous about the "new permanent guy" on Conan.

PS - you haven't read much mignola? oh man you're missing out. start hellboy from the first trade... esp if you like "wonder" ;)


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