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Friday, June 30, 2006

This week's flops...

NEXT WAVE #6 - Maybe i wasn't in the mood for it when i read this issue but i was a bit disappointed.  Next Wave has quickly become one of my most anticipated titles and this month's flop didn't live up to the previous 5 IMO.  The artwork was there (Immonen is a beast) but Ellis seemed to fly off the deep end here (where previously i thought there was a perfect balance between the funny and the insane).  Still love me some tick-tick-tick-BOOM and "The Captain" tho ;)  C.

THE LEADING MAN #1 - Move along folks...  nothing to see here...  It's not that this comic was all that bad really, just kind of...  "so what"?  The idea that an international spy/hitman doubles as the world's most famous actor seemed like a good idea at first, but turned out to have a kind of "been there, done that" feel in the end.  D.


Ok, ok not to fret...  they get better:

WOLVERINE #43 - Even if he gets a bit carried away with it now and again (esp in some of the dialogue), i really think Guggenheim has got the intent/spirit of the Logan/Wolverine character nailed.  I'm a big fan of Ramos as you guys know and i think his work here is excellent overall (though his proportions are hit-or-miss sometimes).  Overall i'm having a great time w/ this new creative team and hope they give it a good go (post Civil War)...  IMO this is the best Wolverine work in some time (outside of a few kick-ass one-shots, the ongoing has been a repeated disappointment to me since i've been back).  B+.

INVINCIBLE #33 - Angstrom Levy (a great villain IMO) is back and has taken Mark's mother and newfound little brother hostage.  Using his unique powers, Levy flips Invincible through some unique dimensions (prompting ear-to-ear grinning cameos from Doc Oc, Batman, and what appears to be the flesh-eating stars of Kirkman's TWD) in an attempt to tire him out and even the odds pre climactic mano e mano fisticuffs.  Invincible weathers the challenges of each dimension in turn, eventually catching up with Levy and giving him one hell of a beat down (the likes of which we Invincible fans have come to love from Ryan Ottley).  HIs powers are not the ONLY thing Mark inherited from his alien father that's for sure (also his temper).  The cliffhanger in this issue proves once again that Kirkman is more than willing to press the envelope with Invincible (and TWD), often taking this comic where i wish more would go...  A.

DAREDEVIL #86 - Man oh man Brubaker is kicking ass and taking names w/ Daredevil.  I think i've read every issue he's put to paper so far at least 3x.  There is so much packed into each of these DD flops that $2.99 almost seems like a steal.  Here in #33 a strategically planned prison riot "jumps off" at Rykers, and, after fighting side-by-side w/ Kingpin (and ultimately Bullseye) to hold off a few waves of blood-thirsty convicts aimed on killing them, DD catches up w/ Mr. Frank Castle to mount an escape amid the chaos (stay tuned to next month).  Can't say it enough...  this book is WELL written (drawn and colored).  Good, good stuff.  A.

- I don't know what it is exactly about Moon Knight that's got me so far but i'm def enjoying this book.  Here in #3 we get a highly anticipated and much needed (for me at least) MK history lesson amidst the unveiling of the plot to forcibly "resurrect" him.  I'm not sure what the revelation that MK's ex war-time special ops partner is gay and has always been in love with him has to do with anything (doesn't it sometimes feel like Joe Quesada sent out a Marvel-wide memo to insert homosexual underpinnings wherever possible?).  No worries.  B+.


01 July, 2006 19:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zilla, just wondering what you thought of Loveless?

01 July, 2006 21:20, Blogger zilla said...

Anonymous - I totally forgot to comment on Loveless. I thought this was the best issue yet (though i'm not as big a fan of "guest" artist Danijel Zezelj (though he has a hella cool name IMO) as the regular guy. I had to read through this issue twice to really get it, and enjoyed it MUCH more the second time through. There's hope for Loveless yet.

PS - Needless to say this is what i expected from this title when i first saw the preview last year...

03 July, 2006 06:27, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Daredevil and Moon Knight are definately my two most anticipated reads each month!


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