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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7.26 Shopping List

Light week overall but i'll make the trip for Powers and Daredevil. Plus Godland's back after what seemed a very brief hiatus. I've got this strange feeling i missing out on something this week in particular... What are you guys getting that i'm sleeping on?

I'm buying...

LOVELESS #9 (MR) - It took a while for this title to swing me (i stuck w/ it in the early going primarily because it's seemingly the only ongoing western book around), but you know what? i'm actually starting to like it.
GODLAND #12 - Been a fun read since #1.
DAREDEVIL #87 - One of the best books out right now... period.
POWERS #19 (MR) - By now you know how i feel about Powers. Me lovie.

Next week...



25 July, 2006 21:25, Blogger Christopher Green said...

The final chapter of the Devil In Cell Block D arc, I'm fucking excited!

27 July, 2006 02:20, Blogger Philos said...

I'm a little bit disappointed about Loveless and dropped it after the first arc. Nice to hear that the story is becoming better. Maybe I'm going to give the book another try.

27 July, 2006 08:21, Blogger zilla said...

Philos - you and me both man... i stuck this out through 8 so-so issues mainly because it was the only western around. it *seems* to be showing promise though. i figure i'll give it a couple more issues.

27 July, 2006 22:44, Blogger day4night said...

I stuck with Loveless for issues 1-8, but won't be getting nine. I expected Azarello writing a western would rock and for a few brief panels here and there it did. So Loveless is gone and I'm anxiously awaiting the new Lone Ranger in september.

perhaps i'll still get the Loveless trades (that's how I'm reading 100 bullets).


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