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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Goon #18 and TWD #29

The Goon #18 - I knew i was going to dig this issue the second i saw the cover; I love me some once-a-horn-toad Lagarto Hombre (who doesn't?).  With Dr. Alloy in prison and unable to feed him his "pills", Lagarto has lost his mind and is rampaging through the countryside mutilating livestock (a la Chupacabras for those who are familiar).  Meanwhile, Goon and Frankie are trying to figure out what manner of new undead the priest has conjured up and helping rebuild Norton's (which unceremoniously burned down last issue). 

PS - Powell's story is pretty short in this issue, but there's a very good (IMO) story by Mike Hawthorne included as a bonus.  Hawthorne's artwork here reminds me SO MUCH of Pope's Batman Year 100 it's eerie (cool though)... 

- Powell writes a pretty funny "Note to the Readers" here regarding the Goon issue that never was (or has yet to be?) called "Satan's Sodomy Baby".  I'm not 100% sure if he's honestly telling us that he felt bad about putting out the Satan's Sodomy Baby story (or got pressure not to due to it's mature audience only-ness) or just teeing up jokes but it's hilarious none-the-less.  Throughout #18, Frankie is spotted reading a copy of the Satan's Sodomy Baby Goon issue and commenting on just how out there and deviant it is...  funny, funny stuff. 

PPPS - Powell is taking a 3-issue break from The Goon in order to finish his much anticipated Goon Chinatown GN which promises major revelations from Goon's past.  Can't wait for that one.  In the meantime we're getting the very cool sounding "Goon Noir" 3-issue mini with a plethora of guest writers and artists...  hype!

The Walking Dead #29 - Man RK is really going balls to the wall w/ the last few issues.  Rick, Glenn, and Michonne are being held prisoner by one of the most psychotic characters i've read in comics, a guy called simply "the Governor".  This guy has chopped off Rick's hand, brutally raped and beaten Michonne (repeatedly) and evidently mind-fucked Glenn into revealing details about the prison where the rest of our merry TWD cast is hanging out unawares.  Luckily the good Doctor who has been treating Rick's severed hand seems to be fed up with the 'ole Gov and most assuredly plays a big part in the trio's escape in upcoming issues (as well as providing us info about this "Woodbury" settlement's history and present).

As usual there is a ton of good stuff in the TWD letters pages, including RK's hope to take both TWD and Invincible to #100 (and beyond) and an admission that the new settlement (Woodbury) is exceptional in size and full of new character possibilities!  exciting stuff...  can't wait for #30.  B+.


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