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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mignola's new Sci-Fi channel cartoon...

I'm such a Mignola whore that there's no doubt i'm in for this... there's a pilot episode is available for our viewing pleasure... what do you guys think? (i've yet to get the 23 mins to watch it but will soon and post my thoughts...)


15 July, 2006 17:09, Anonymous cmoney said...

Great stuff, I hope to see it get picked up.

16 July, 2006 08:49, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Checked it out yesterday. Very good show. The art is a decent representation of what Mignola's work would look like if it could move. I thought the show's sense of humor was hilarious and for some reason I love the flip-panel-mouthed Lincoln and the assistant named Mr. Groin. So...anybody around here read the Amazing Screw-On Head oneshot that was out a couple years ago?

17 July, 2006 15:44, Blogger zilla said...

that's a really good question... i've been wondering if i should pick that up myself (the one-shot).


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