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Sunday, July 16, 2006

More on last weeks flops...

Been kind of wrapped up chasing around the new puppy the last couple days but finally got a moments peace to post some more thoughts on last week's flops...

Ares #5 (of 5) - Ugh. This thing started AND ended weak IMO. I was disappointed in the first issue after a long (long) anticipation but stuck w/ it, mostly due to the fact that i'm typically an Oeming junkie and willing to give anything he puts together fair shake. Initially i was thinking my 2-issue rule saved me once again, as #2, 3, and 4 were much better and seemingly set the stage for an ass-kicking finale but... in the end #5 pretty much blew. The climactic battle was a bit ho-hum for me and Oeming's dialogue took a nose dive there near the end w/ all the extra mushy father-son business between Ares and Alexander... Seemed kind of... kitchy (is that a word?). Feels almost like someone over at Marvel leaned on Oeming to clean Ares up there at the end and prep the character for integration into the mainstream MU (since we already know that's his future). C.

Talent #2 - Yes. Yes. Yes. Talent is doing it for me big time so far. Here in #2, it is revealed to Nicholas Dane in a dream that he was collectively chosen to survive the crash (see #1) by his fellow passengers in their final moments and imparted with each of their passion, despair, hopes, dreams, talents, and "unfinished business". Now how about that last bit as a price for your survival and newfound abilities? And as if that isn't story enough, Dane is being hunted by an as-of-yet unknown nefarious organization (lead by a mysterious religious? figure) with a high-level mole in the U.S. gov't and a pair of psychotic super-agent assassins. Golden is pulling no punches so far. Good, good stuff. A.

Ghost Rider #1 - Not sure how i feel about this yet. Through 3 quarters of this first issue i was sure i was out for it but something happened there at the end to pique my interest (nice little twist even if it was a bit predictable). The writing isn't Ennis and the art isn't Crane, but there's at least *some* promise. I'll be picking up #2 at least. B.

DMZ #9 - I friggin' love this book. Def one of my most anticipated reads and certainly one of the top 10 books out right now IMO. I've said it 10x before but i'll say it again... DMZ is getting better and better so if you've slept so far, get on it. Here's to hoping for a long life. PS - How cool is Wilson as a character? A.


23 July, 2006 04:01, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I passed on Ghost Rider-- I can't stand Daniel Way.

23 July, 2006 10:39, Blogger zilla said...

yeah man pretty doubtful i'll be sticking w/ this... i'm not a very big way fan too (his work on Hulk has left a lot to be desired IMO).


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