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Friday, July 28, 2006

New "Thor" ongoing?

I read in Wizard this afternoon that the Mighty Thor is finally getting his ongoing back...   Seems that the creative team is already in place and intentionally being kept secret...   hmmm....  Wiz asks the question "who do we want on the book?" and i've got to say i wouldn't mind Loeb and McGuinness...  Or Oeming and Yu?  Hell Oeming writing OR drawing is ok w/ me.  Oeming and McGuinness?

What do you guys think?

Also - they dropped news to me that Thor made his grand re-appearance in Civil War #3.  Since i'm boycotting all things Civil War (except Wolverine because of Ramos), can someone around here fill me in on what happened?  where's he been?  how'd they write him back?  etc.?

Thanks ;)


28 July, 2006 23:22, Blogger Sean Maher said...

His appearance was the cliffhanger ending, so not much to tell yet.

Iron Man & Co. are fighting Captain America & Co. and Thor shows up and seems to kick Cap's team's ass.

(As a side note: seems an odd choice to follow up issue #2, which made non-comics press all over the world, with a cliffhanger that really depends on readers being familiar with the last three years' worth of Marvel continuity for maximum impact. The question is not so much "Oh, shit, what're they gonna do now that Thor's here?" as it is "How did Thor come back and what's he been up to?", right?)

29 July, 2006 04:29, Blogger Christopher Green said...

You're boycotting Civil War? No offense intended, zilla; but do you fucking like anything!?

Sean gave a vague recap of issue 3, so I'll go slightly more in detail;

Cap's resistence have all taken on new secret identities, during a metting in a diner. They recieve a call of some sort (I don't remember exactly how) leading them to a specific location, in which they're ambushed by the New Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Iron Man tries to resolve things diplomatically, and Cap attacks him. Iron Man proceeds to beat the shit out of Cap, while Spidey talks trash in the background. Eventually, Cap's team gets the upper hand, and S.H.I.E.L.D. puts a contingency plan in place-- Thor showing up to kick the renegade heroes' asses.

Also in the issue, we learn that the X-Men want no part in any of the Civil War happenings in a meeting between Tony Stark and Emma Frost (which left me wondering... Didn't she betray the X-Men in the current Astonishing arc?)

29 July, 2006 10:02, Blogger zilla said...

ha... ironic that you say that Chris because i've gotten comments before saying i like TOO MUCH of everything (as in i'm a softie)... the variety of stuff i like in comics is as wide and deep as anyone around i'm sure, i just don't like as much of the mainstream stuff as i did when i was a kid (and this whole mutant registration/civil war fighting your boys/teammates who you've shed blood w/ at the drop of a hat thing just seems hokey to me like most major "events").

thanks a ton for the updates though... i DO like me some Thor and keeping up w/ him is a must for me ;)


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