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Monday, July 31, 2006

Queen & Country Vol. 3: Operation Crystal Ball

Just finished reading Queen & Country Vol. 3 last night and def enjoyed it, although i can't help but feel that Greg Rucka's writing is being held back a bit by the artists they've thrown at the book so far (through the 3 volumes i've read). It's not that guys like Steve Rolston, Brian Hurtt, and Leandro Ferndandez can't draw (they def can), or that they don't shine in certain areas (there's a killer action sequence near the end of Operation Crystal Ball that won me over to Fernandez), i just wonder how Queen & Country could be w/ an a-list artist (i'd love to see Sean Philips draw this). And yes i know that the label "a-list artist" is extremely subjective :)

Regardless Q&C is a fun read, esp with the hooks into today's world climate (Al Queda, Iraq, terrorism, etc.). I'll def be picking up Vol. 4.

Ryan what do you think (or any other Q&C fans)?


02 August, 2006 11:19, Blogger Ryan X said...

You're way ahead of me Z, I still haven't purchased Vol 3. My budget is getting tighter so I am slow to pick up trades these days. I have considered stopping flops, but I just can't, it is sort of an addiction (anyway feel like this? Ha ha, rhetorical question). Anyway, the whole Q&C series is on my wish list, I was hooked after the first two, def hitting the next ones soon. BTW, I agree that the carousel of artists on this series has potential to hurt the story.


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