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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shotgun reviews from last week's flops...

Daredevil #87 - Daredevil might just be the best Marvel book out at the moment...  Certainly the best mainstream flop.  This is one of the 3 or 4 comics on my pull list that consistently feels worth every penny of the $2.99 cover.  Brubaker is fast solidifying himself as my favorite comics writer and has made DD a pleasure (this coming from a guy who never really appreciated the character before now).  I can't write as much about this issue as i would like w/o spilling the beans (i'd hate to ruin a couple of things for you if you've somehow managed to keep your head in the sand since wed...  though at least one of them is somewhat predictable), but i can tell you that DD escapes Rykers, confronts his mystery impersonator, and sets out to find out just who's behind Foggy's death.   A.

PS - As an aside, Brubaker announces an "Iron Fist" mini (or at least it seems to be a mini and not an ongoing) at the end of a rather thoughtful letter in the back of this issue.  Wait did that give something away?

Powers #19 - I can't say it enough:  I friggin' LOVE this book.  I know this particular issue will turn off some folks (let's just say it calls for the "suggested for mature audiences" label to appear bold and flashing on the cover and i'm sure somewhere a conservative politician or two are well irate), but for me it just proves (again) Bendis and Oeming's willingness to take this book ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. 

Rated-R comics are like Rated-R movies to me...  gritty, violent, sometimes sexual, and a hell of a lot more like "real" life.  I mean cussing is what it is unless you're in church or around little kids you know?  That's not to say there shouldn't be age restrictions on books...  there def should be (just like for Rated-R movies).  I sincerely hope that retailers across the world put this one on a "special shelf" out of the reach of anyone younger than about 30 (just kidding...  sort of).

And you know what?  After getting to know Bendis and Oeming a bit via their work, boards, and letters pages, i just get the feeling that Powers is the book they really WANT to be doing and all their mainstream stuff is for paying the bills.  A.

PS - Deena Pilgrim may very well be the most interesting single character in all of comics right now (for me at least).  Also:  i'm very glad that Walker's new role as "Millennium Guradian" (at least i think that's the title) hasn't taken over the book.  Special thanks to Bendis and Oeming for keeping that under control (adding to the book w/o overpowering what we've grown to love about it).

Wolverine #44 - Not a whole lot to say here (i did enjoy the issue) but i had to post and at least give an "atta boy" to Guggenheim for his work.  This guy has Wolverine nailed IMO and writes more like a long-timer than a new-comer.  Good stuff.  B+.

Fear Agent #6 - Another great, great book.  I was a little worried about it there in issues 3 and 4 but my fears turned out to be hella unfounded.  I never thought i'd say this (though i've said it in a post before i think or i'm having deja vu) but Jerome Opena might just be better for this book, or at least as good as, Tony Moore.  His pencils are kicking ass at the moment and a perfect compliment to Remender's witty, sci-fi action-packed scripts.  Heath "the last Fear Agent" Huston is fast becoming one of my fav characters (across all my pulls) and, coupled w/ Godland, FA is satiating my sci-fi sweet tooth big time!  A.


29 July, 2006 13:50, Blogger zilla said...

PS - There you go Uncensored. There's 4 books i really like :) and that's just this week!! ha.

29 July, 2006 17:26, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I haven't read the latest DD issue, but I've already had it spoiled for me. Still, I'm anticipating getting my hands on it come pay day.

On a side note regarding DD-- I'm in the process of (just for fun, really) writing a screenplay for a Daredevil film that is closer to the comic book tone than the real Daredevil film was. Email me if you want some plot details.

As for Power, I must be honest, I read a trade once (Anarachy I believe it was called), and I didn't like it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. That is to say, I didn't like it at all. To be fair though, I've been reading the "strips" on Newsarama and I am enjoying those, so maybe I just read a subpar story?

And you talk about not liking "mainstream" stories, yet you like Wolverine? As far as the Marvel universe goes, it doesn't get any more mainstream/overdone than the character of Wolverine.

29 July, 2006 23:07, Blogger Kross said...

I haven't been reading Daredevil up until now, but I've been impressed with Brubaker's work on Uncanny X-Men so far, so that coupled with the ungodly amounts of praise the book gets has convinced me to give it a try this month.

I tried to like Wolverine, but I just couldn't get too into it. I don't really know what it is exactly...the writing is decent, the art is nice, although I will say that Wolverine recovering from being incinerated seemed a bit much...maybe I'll pick it up in trade.

I just started picking up Fear Agent with #5 after reading an excerpt in Image's Free Comics Day book, and its definitely got my attention (haven’t gotten #6 yet as I didn't make it to the comic shop last week).

- K.

30 July, 2006 08:37, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i wouldn't say i don't like mainstream comics/stories, just "most" mainstream comics/stories (though i'll never give up on them completely). and yeah generally i hate wolverine (i agree w/ you he's generally as "mainstream" as mainstream gets in comics) too but i'm with the ongoing now almost primarily because i'm a huge fan of Humberto Ramos (though Guggenheim is doing a good job too IMO).

Daredevil is also hella mainstream but i love his current ongoing... and if Thor had one i'd read that. and Ultimates kicks ass (i'm also reading Ultimate FF thanks to you). So i prob misspoke generalizing a dislike for all mainstream :)

30 July, 2006 08:43, Blogger zilla said...

Kross - Welcome aboard? Don't recognize your handle so i'm assuming your a first time poster.

DD is some of the best Marvel out there IMO so i'm glad you're reading that. I honestly hadn't read a single DD comic before Chris got me to try a bit of the Bendis/Maleev run and that got me sliding right into Brubaker's current stuff (which is awesome IMO).

As far as Wolverine, man i've picked up and dropped this ongoing so many times it's silly. I know Ramos isn't for everyone (or even most people probably w/ his distorted cartoony style) but i'm a big fan. Honestly i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be buying Wolvie if he weren't on it... and i'll prob drop it the month he goes off (unless the new creative team blows my socks off i guess?).

Lastly, in regards to Fear Agent, yeah man that book rocks. It stumbled a bit in the middle issues (of the 6 out so far) but overall i'm impressed... Funny thing too since i was about 99% going to bail once i found out Tony Moore was leaving the book. Turns out Opena is a beast!!!!

30 July, 2006 19:44, Blogger Kross said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 July, 2006 19:46, Blogger Kross said...

Yes, I am a first time poster. Sorry, I guess I didn't introduce myself :)

30 July, 2006 20:36, Blogger zilla said...

Hey np Kross... welcome around partner. def comment your thoughts - i get as much from you guys (prob more) than you get from me ;)


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