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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

8.16 Shopping List

Damn i feel like i haven't read any comics in ages (though it's truthfully only been about a week).  I guess that shows what kind of tear i've been on the past year...  Before i left for St. Croix i did read the Silent Dragon TP i picked up from Amazon a couple weeks ago and man i had almost forgotten just how much i enjoyed that story...  and shit Liu's art is PHENOMENAL throughout that book...  which gets me thinking:  what the hell happened to Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk?  That mini was the cats ass through 2 issues then just kind of disappeared.

Also - I ordered Earthboy Jacobus yesterday after enjoying the heck out of TenNapel's Iron West (via Amazon Prime - thanks X) so i'm hoping to have that on my nightstand tomorrow-ish... 

Still working my way through the first Concrete book too (enjoying it though it's far different than something i'd typically enjoy) and finished the latest John Rain text-only book by Barry Eisler (The Last Assassin).  I highly recommend that to most anyone who reads this blog and enjoys books like Q&C, Sleeper, etc.  Check it out at Amazon (the series).

Whew...  so having said all that what's on the shelves this week?

I'm buying...

CONAN #31 (MR) - Pull list.  Wrapping up Mignola's arc...
BOYS #1 (MR) - "Written by Garth Ennis; Art and covers by Darick Robertson; Edited by Ben Abernathy

Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan), co-creators of two of the most thought-provoking comics of the last decade, introduce their first original collaboration for a new monthly series: THE BOYS — a dark, twisted look at super powers, super-people, and the men and women who make sure the world's "heroes" never go too far.

With a quarter-million super-powered beings in the world, someone's got to watch what's going on beneath all those masks and capes. In a U.S.A. uncomfortably like our own, that task falls to The Boys, a government-funded group of operatives dedicated to keeping the "supes" in line."

CASANOVA #3 (MR) - #2 was that much better than #1.  I'm pretty stoked for #3.
GHOST RIDER #2 - #1 wasn't Ennis and Crane but i enjoyed it...  still not sure about this title long term but i'll at least be reading this second issue.
NEXTWAVE AGENTS OF HATE #7 - Man i used to get so hype when a new issue of Nextwave dropped...  I'm still a big fan don't get me wrong...  it's just that #5 (somewhat) #6 were dips for me in an otherwise stellar action comedy title.
WASTELAND #2 (MR) - I reviewed #1 back when...  The art in Wasteland kicks ass but the writing was sub-par IMO.  Here's to hoping our man was just getting warmed up.


16 August, 2006 02:41, Blogger Kross said...

If I can find the other two Mignola issues, I'm going to grab Conan, otherwise I'm going to start reading next month.

Other Stuff:
- Runaways #19 (Jumping on point. Its gotten great press and I love BKV, so I'm giving it a shot)
- DMZ #10 (Its listed for this week on Vertigo's site, but its not on the Diamond list for this week or next. What the hell happened? I NEED MY DMZ!)
- Marvel Adventures The Avengers (Buy these for my little cousin, enjoyable reads though)
- Emissary #3 (Came out last week, giving it a try)
- The Escapists #2 (LCS sold out last week damn it!)
- Phonogram #1 (I love music, and magic is cool. "Music is magic" you say? Hey, I'll bite)
- Deadman #1 (With JLofA pushed back until next week and Civil War getting delayed to all damnation this week, I've got an extra three bucks to take a chance with. New Vertigo series? Hey, why not?)

17 August, 2006 08:46, Blogger zilla said...

Kross - I've pretty much got a man-crush on Mignola so i've enjoyed his arc w/ Conan (would have loved to see him draw it too).

Thanks for reminding me about Emissary #3, i forgot to pick that up... and i didn't see DMZ #10 though i'm anticipating new issues of that about as much as any comic i'm reading right now ;)

17 August, 2006 09:28, Blogger joncormier said...

There's a new Earthworm Jim video game coming out for the Sony PSP. That's where I first experienced TenNapel. I even liked the cartoon. What can beat Psycrow's School of Villainy commercials? What I ask?

17 August, 2006 20:26, Blogger day4night said...

Jumping in at Runaways #19, eh? I guess you realize by now the story arc is right in the middle of some heavy shit with the characters. But it is a consistently great read so stick with it.

I would agree that Nextwave 6 sort of slumped. Read 7 last night and loved it. The opening joke was classic. That and the Captains' bit about how he got his name just kicked the story into high gear (I thought).

20 August, 2006 06:29, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk is allegedly being released on September 20, nearly a year after issue one shipped. Just goes to show that comics by "superstar writers" (namely, TV and film) are doomed to lateness because they have more important mediums to write for.


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