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Saturday, August 05, 2006

8.5 Panel

I have such a man-crush on Brubaker that there's little doubt i will enjoy his upcoming Immortal Iron Fist ongoing (though he is co-writing w/ Matt Fraction...  who i'm digging on Casanova at the moment).  I've always though Iron Fist was an uber-cool character and Fraction sums it up for me in his and Bru's Newsarama interview from WW Chicago:
"For me, I love the legacy, and I love Kung Fu style action. I love the character's kinda-sleazy exploitation roots. I love the strange air of K''un L'un and the Daughters of the Dragon, Luke and everything else about Danny's character in the modern world.

"And it's the best tattoo in comics."
Amen brother.  Looking hella forward to this...

"...we're going to have the best Kung Fu this side of a good Jet Li film, and we're going to have mysteries and conspiracies and the odd mystical conspiracy mystery with ninjas and stuff..."


06 August, 2006 20:39, Blogger Kross said...

Speaking of Brubaker, I read Uncanny X-Men #477, and it will probably help catch you up on the story a little bit, but its actually a rather dissapointing, boring read with sub-par art due to the main artist (Billy Tan if I remember right) taking this issue off. The first two issues were quite good though, so read at your own risk I guess.


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