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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Boys #1

Anyone else read the first issue of Ennis' The Boys? I'm not sure what i feel about it... I read through it twice and kind of left it with a bit of a "meh" feeling... though i do think this is one of those comics that will take me several issues to like or dislike. Hard to imagine out man Ennis totally shitting the bed so i still have hopes... and damn, i haven't seen Robertson's art since i read the first 3 Preacher trades last year... Why did i stop reading Preacher again? Hmmm... Maybe i need to pick up Vol. 4.


17 August, 2006 12:49, Anonymous cmoney said...

That's a good question, sir: why DID you stop reading Preacher? :)

17 August, 2006 14:01, Blogger Pat said...

You probably mean Steve Dillon on Preacher - Robertson did the art of Transmetropolitan...

but Preacher is awesome!

17 August, 2006 14:30, Blogger zilla said...

Oops you're right... sorry i brain farted. but damn doesn't the artwork in Boys seem SO reminiscent to Dillon's work in Preacher? I was having flashbacks...

PS Preacher and Transmet are both good :)

18 August, 2006 09:02, Blogger Ryan X said...

Did you see the trailer that Robertson made? Pretty cool. The concept for this book looks really great, I'll pick it up despite your lukewarm review:)...

18 August, 2006 09:09, Blogger zilla said...

Ryan - The concept for this is right our your (our) alley. I didn't mean to totally crap on it... just to say i'm not sure how i feel about it yet. I'll be with it a few more issues for sure... DEF let me know what you think though.

PS i'm about to post a very cool panel from The Boys ;)


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