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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nextwave #7

Now THIS is the Nextwave we're accustomed to.  #7 is a great (great) issue IMO and is packed w/ memorable moments.  Ellis and Immonen introduce us to a new villain, Rorkannu, Lord of the Dank Dimension (wink to Dormammu who i've always appreciated).  I've got my fingers crossed we see more of this guy; his joy over closing a deal w/ the Beyond Corp to supply Dank Dimension battle drones for $100 had me laughing out loud and reminiscing about Dr. Evil's "One meeeeeeellion dollaars".

Throw in a page and a half of my fav Nextwave character (The Captain) bitching about how he arrived at his superhero handle (considering every name w/ "Captain" in it is already taken), some quickly-becoming-classic NW action scenes and an uber cool Reservoir Dogs closing panel, and you've got one of my absolute fav Nextwave issues to date (and that's saying something).  After reading this and the new UFF Annual (#2), I gotta say Immonen is becoming a fav artist of mine...  A+.

I just love this panel for some reason so here's a bonus:


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