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Friday, October 20, 2006

Big (weird) week at the LCS...

Ok - This was a weird week at the LCS for me... I ended up buying about twice as much stuff from the racks as was in my box (which i don't typically do). Here's a list:

Desolation Jones #7 - Wasn't sure i'd buy into a new artist but this guy works it just fine IMO. Great issue BTW; not nearly as "weird" as we're used to w/ DJ but kicking ass and taking names NTL.

7 Brothers - First i've read from Virgin Comics... and you know what? after reading this issue and the ads and editors letters from Gotham Chopra, i'm starting to think VC is damn cool publisher.

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Damned - I remember the ad (and a preview?) for this Oni Press flop some time ago and thinking i'd be in... and shit - i def am. Great story about a guy back in the 30s who can't die (and happens to live in a world where demons intermingle w/ the common folk). B&W prohibition-era gangster/detective comic w/ a left-field twist. Good.

Conan #33 - Truman's first issue as perm new scribe for the muscle-bound Cimmerian. 32 story pages that don't let down... I can tell already this guy is going to be as good for Conan as Busiek; and hell, even Nord's work here is some of his best! As if i needed it, i'm rejuvenated about Conan.

Rush City #1 - I know this came out last week or the week before but i finally decided to stop passing it on the racks w/ an interested glance and buy the damn thing. First take: it's a bit over the top and chalk full of corny action movie dialogue but hey... maybe that's the point? Despite my "yeah rights" and the occasional guffaw, i DID have fun w/ this issue though. Kind of a guilty pleasure like a Vin Deisel movie. I'll read #2 at least before i make a decision on Rush City...

The Sadhu #1 - Another new one from Virgin. I picked up #1 even though i think #3 or 4 is already out... I'm feeling Virgin big time at the moment (whoa that sounds bad) so i'm hoping to dig on this though i haven't read it yet...

Seven SonsSeven SonsAlexander Grecian & Riley Rossmo's Seven Sons - This TP was sitting on the rack next to 7 brother's so i flipped through it and thought "what the hell?". Categorized as "Historical Fiction" and described by the publisher thusly:
Seven identical Chinese brothers come to America during the Gold Rush of the 1850s.

When two children fall through an iced-over river, Brother-Number-One tries to save them by breathing the entire river into his mouth. But he can't hold it long enough for them to get to safety and lets the water go, accidentally drowning the children. When a mob of angry townspeople tries to retaliate, each of Number One's brothers takes his place, using their remarkable abilities each time to save his life.

A literally Western update of the classic fable with a comic-book twist.
def hype to sit down w/ this one this weekend... I'll def review it once i do...

Lastly, I picked up Casanova #5, Wasteland #3, and Exterminators #10, none of which i've cracked open yet...

Let me know what you guys think of any/all of the above!


20 October, 2006 14:48, Blogger Ryan X said...

I was surprised to see the art on DJ, but I haven't been exactly keeping up with Comicworld News either. If you say it is good, then I won't argue, looks great on the surface. Haven't read Exterminators yet, but don't we all know by now it will be one of the best books in your stack this month? That and Fear Agent alone would keep me satisfied by themselves, quality stuff (Cross Bronx and Criminal are already easing their way into the "can't live without" column too). Conan does look good and thick! Didn't look at the price but I probably paid $3.99 for that one...I did didn't I? Nope, $2.99! This is a good week. Later fellas. Go BIG RED! BEAT THE HELL OUTTA OF TEXAS!!! (Just a little Aggie humor for Zilla for you people outside the country...I mean Texas)

20 October, 2006 15:05, Blogger zilla said...

i'm def going to try and review (or at least post thoughts) on most of the stuff in this post at some point... but i gotta advise you guys to check out Ennis's "7 brothers" and "Sadhu" #1 from Virgin. Make sure and read all the back (and in between) matter... their editor, Gotham Chopra, appears to be a real intelligent guy, with some great perspective. I'm a big fan already! Make mine Virgin!

20 October, 2006 15:06, Blogger zilla said...

PS - Hook 'em my friend. Hook 'em. Colt McCoy is the cats ass (even if he has done the impossible and actually dethroned Applewhite as the youngest looking QB ever)


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