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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gems of the week: Criminal #1, Cross Bronx #2, Fear Agent #8

Criminal #1 - Brubaker and Phillips are a comicdom dream team IMO and i've been looking forward to Criminal for months (since about the time Brubaker teased me with it in a reply to an email i sent him asking for more Sleeper).  Here in #1, we're introduced to Leo, an expert pick pocket/professional thief w/ a troubled past and what appears to be an equally troubled present (and future?).  Leo's not your typical comic book protagonist - it's pretty much impossible to classify him as a "good" or "bad" guy - but that's what makes him so interesting (ala Holden Carver in Sleeper, who happens to be one of the MOST interesting/engrossing comic book characters of all time IMO).  Brubaker and Phillips have brought us a lead with a complicated personality (but not overly so) and equally complex motives.  Throw in a life filled w/ "real world" problems (and a cohort of ex-mates looking to pull him into the heist of the century) and we have the makings for some hella entertaining stories as this title unfolds.  UBER HYPE!  A+.

Cross Bronx #2 - I read Cross Bronx #1 and #2 last night and i have to say i agree w/ Joe Quesada's sentiments on the cover of the second issue - this is def some of Oeming's best work outside of Powers.  I'm pretty pissed to find out that this is only a 4-issue mini...  please tell me that's just the first arc?  I could have sworn CB was going to be an ongoing!!?  Anyways...  the first half of what we hope is the first arc of CB is kicking some major ass.  The whole thing def has a Powers feel to it IMO but that's not in the least bit a bad thing...  I'm taking a liking too our detective partners (esp after #2) and the storyline is sticking with me something fierce.  I def plan on reading both of these again tonight even.  Good stuff from one of my favorite writers/artists.  A+.

Fear Agent #8
- What more can i say about FA?  I friggin' LOVE this comic.  I'm almost ashamed that i was doubting it for a few issues there (during the whole Moore -> Opena change).  Here in #8 we get our first look at Heath and his life back in Tejas before its destruction, his wife and son (and very cool Sam Elliot-esque father), and eventually a tantalizing shot of Mara's money-maker.  The more of Jerome Opena's work i see the more i like...  This guy has this book wrapped around his little finger and though it may seem blasphemous - he may be doing an even better job with it than Tony Moore (there was a time i would have deemed that impossible).  I can only hope they keep this creative team on this book long after it moves to Dark Horse (or is that just a rumor???  Do we expect it to effect the book at all?).  I'm def hype for #9 and beyond as Heath and Mara head down to a destroyed Earth to investigate (and ultimately beat some ass i'm sure).  Comic book sci-fi at its very best.  A+.


Man i must be in one hell of a good mood with my return...  Three A+'s in one week?  You got to be kidding right??  Love it.

PS - Let me know what you guys read this week and what you thought!!!!


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