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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hellboy Vol. 1: Seeds of Destruction

I've been a huge Hellboy fan for a long, long time now but for some reason i had never read Miggs first volume, Seeds of Destruction. Long ago when i picked up my first HB trade, I ordered Wake the Devil (Vol. 2) and ran through the series from there... though now i can't remember why. Funny how sitting down with the first volume last night and powering through it put a LOT of missing pieces into place... Kind of cool though, it reminded me of the way writers often purposely save the "origin" story for later in the series. Great TP though (equally as good if not better than the 4 subsequent collections IMO). A+ across the board for HB, one of my all time fav characters/series.

PS - Is anyone as hype as i am for Mignola's animated Hellboy project(s)? Premiering Oct. 28 @ 9:30 on Cartoon Network.


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