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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Scattered thoughts on the morning of the Red River Shootout (thinking comics to calm my nerves)

  • Winter Men takes about 6 months to come out between issues so when i finally get my hands on a new one i have little idea what exactly is going on (read last weeks issue a couple times and still feel lost).  Doesn't help that the title has a well-written yet fairly complicated plot.  Aside from complaints about the schedule though...  WM is damn good.

  • I ordered (from Amazon) a new work by George R.R. Martin, Ice Dragon, assuming it was the next in the INCREDIBLE Song of Fire and Ice series only to find out its a digest size kid's book.  HUGE, HUGE bummer.  I can't wait for the next in that series...  I've heard Martin described as a modern day Tolkien and i'm inclined to agree...  This is by far the best fantasy work i've read since LOTR.

  • While we're talking about busted Amazon orders, let me complain about another one:  I've been re-reading the Hellboy series since i read Seeds of Destruction for the first time last week and its gotten me thinking about Mignola again...  so i picked up a book i'd never previously heard of:  Zombieworld: Champion Of The Worms.  Miggs wrote the book w/ accompanying art by a guy named Pat McEown, who's style is a bit too "saturday morning cartoons" for me.  I wasn't feeling this book from the first few pages and i gave it to about halfway before i decided i wasn't even going to finish...  Makes me realize just how much i appreciate Miggs ART as well as his writing for this genre.

  • This past week i had two comics in my pile that wouldn't exactly be classified as Eisner candidate works, but good times NTL:  Kirkman's Irredeemable Ant-Man #1, and Boom Studios Savage Brothers #2.  Neither of these books take themselves too seriously, and both were fun reads (for different reasons).  I've pretty much avoided Kirkman's "mainstream" work (while gushing over Brit, TWD, Invincible, and Battle Pope) but here's to hoping Ant-Man is successful...  whether i'm reading it or not (though the cliffhanger at the end of #1 will def have me buying at least one more issue).  Savage Brothers is just good fun...  two thoroughly redneck brothers trying to make a living in a post-apocolyptic Zombie world.  Good characters, fun story and art.  I'd recommend this mini to all Zombie fans (and plenty of others)...  even though we're getting tagged for $3.99 an issue.


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