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Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's Buckshot

  • I finally got a chance to peep the new Hellboy animated movie, Sword of Storms, last saturday morning (through the fog of a brutal hangover no less) and enjoyed it a spot more than i even thought i would.  The characters translate well and there are more than a few moments included especially for print fans of HB and B.P.R.D.  The plot of Sword of Storms is rock solid IMO and packed (as we would expect) with action, other-worldliness, and solid chuckles.  A couple of ancient Japanese demons, trapped in a mystical sword ages ago by a bushido-maxed Samurai in an effort to save his true love, escape and plot to release their demon brothers on the world (destroying humanity of course).  What's not to love?

  • I'm halfway through Darren Aronofsky and Kent Williams The Fountain (picked up the over-sized TP at the LCS last week) and i'm hella impressed.  The story has got me entranced (and that's saying something considering it's love-based which is usually not my forte') and  man the artwork (painting) in this thing is...  indescribable.  Seriously some of the most beautiful (never has this word been more fitting for a comic) work i've ever seen in print.  Let's just say i can clearly see why it won an Eisner.  More on this when i actually get to the end...

  • I read Templesmith's Wormwood Gentleman Corpse #1 last week and enjoyed it so much i picked up #2 and #3 on wed.  This title has a lot going for it IMO and you guys know how i love a book written and arted by the same dude (or dudette as the case may be).  Templesmith and his hella unique style is fast becoming one of my favorite artists in all of comics.  The story here, about a high-society alien (??) worm who cavorts around in a corpse body (using it's skull as a bridge), solving other-worldly crimes with a band of very unique pals is...  well...  the cat's ass!  I'm giving Wormwood Gentleman Corpse a rock-solid A+ and #4 is already out and in my box waiting for next week... 

    PS - I love the cover stock some of these independents use.  Good, good stuff.

  • Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Damned #2 dropped this week too and here's another little known comic that's lighting my pants on fire these days.  I mean who doesn't love a good prohibition era gangster story?  What if we throw in an other-worldly (i'm loving that phrase today aren't I????) twist and set it in a world where us humans share society with demon-folk?  Oh and our main character is cursed and can't die forever (though he dies horribly on the regular).  If you're not sold you're screwed up :) 

    - I really, really appreciate when writers (or is it publishers) put the "here's what's happened so far" synopsis at the beginning...  I'm dumbfounded (seriously) why this isn't a mandatory first page in EVERY FLOP out.  These days we read so many damn comics a month a monthly refresher per title is critical (or maybe i'm just a memory-less moron).

  • DMZ continues to blow my socks off.  We're starting a new arc w/ the latest issue (Matty goes undercover with a crooked construction company contracted to rebuild parts of the DMZ) and i'm already feeling it.  Doesn't hurt that this one hits home...  war seems to be about big business ($$) sometimes doesn't it?  B+.

  • I'm not sure where i even heard about this comic, but i picked up the first issue of the 10-issue mini, English-translated-from-French The Killer.  Solid story so far that digs deep into the psyche of a lone wolf contract killer.  As a matter of fact, we spend most of this first issue inside the guy's head; and though the writing takes itself a tad bit too seriously at times, i was captivated none-the-less at this dude's history and motivations.  Funny how this first issue feels "been there done that" and unique at the same time.  I'm def in for #2 (and most likely beyond). B+.

  • Ok last but not least for "Friday's Buckshot", Oeming's Cross Bronx.  I've got a man-crush on M.O. as you all know so will be hard pressed to say anything bad about this mini.  I really wish it were an ongoing (maybe it will become one?) primarily because as good as this first arc is, i can't help but feel there's more to this title than we'll get to see in 4 issues.  We need more good crime comics like this and Bru's Criminal!!!  This issue kind of felt like a rickety bridge between an excellent #2 and a concluding #4 so i'm going to stab it with a B (with much respect).


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