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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Wild but there is literally ZERO comics on my shopping list this week... I mean, the new Samurai Heaven and Earth is worth a look but i'll probably wait and read that as a collection. Anyone have a must read i'm missing this week???


15 November, 2006 10:08, Blogger Ryan X said...

Well, if you were cool like me, you would have the latest 100 Bullets to pick up today. But I understand reading the TPs only (btw, I just saw that you can pre-order the next 100 Bullets TPB, Decayed on Amazon). I haven't been to my box in weeks so I should have a hefty pile today. Later man.

15 November, 2006 17:08, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

New Invincible out today, are you reading that in trades or not at all? Other than that, yeah not much happening.

16 November, 2006 08:08, Blogger zilla said...

Ryan - Yeah I'm reading 100 Bullets by the TP and will def be picking up the next one when it drops (i've started using mailordercomics JUST for TPs/HCs etc and my LCS for flops BTW)... cellardoor, i didn't even notice Invincible on the ship list when i scanned it but yeah i'm definitely picking that up (next week though).

02 August, 2007 16:53, Blogger Robert Peterson said...

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03 December, 2007 09:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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