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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5.31 Panel

Just read Death Comes to Dillinger #1 again and i gotta say this is one well executed and down right swell read (ps - in case your're wondering the panels below aren't in order).


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6.1 Shopping List

Not sure if it's the shortened holiday week or what, but there doesn't seem to be much coming out tomorrow (as always bitch-slap me if i'm missing something i shouldn't be).  Regardless, i'm a bit stoked for Emissary #1 and the next issue of Ellis' Black Gas, and was extra hype for a split second when i saw Ultimates 2 on Diamond's shipping list...  until i read down the line and saw it was just a poster.  Weak.

EMISSARY #1 - Seems interesting...  And hell, i'm trying something new every week (thanks Guy).
GODLAND #11 - Pull list.  I think the creative team behind Godland is taking a few months off after #12.
THING #7 - Pull list.  One of the only comics on the stands in which the starring cape regularly wears clothes other than his spandex. 
WARREN ELLIS BLACK GAS #3 - Gratuitous gore anyone?  I'm a sucker for a well done zombie story and this one fits the bill so far...

PS - Is Ed McGuiness still drawing Superman Batman? 


31 May, 2006 22:11, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

"Is Ed McGuiness still drawing Superman Batman?"

Nope. McGuiness just singed a Marvel exclusive.

S/B #26 is the all-star jam Sam Loeb tribute issue.

01 June, 2006 09:03, Blogger zilla said...

Dave - that's pretty good news... i really like McGuiness' work (esp teamed w/ Loeb). I guess now they'll have the opportunity to work together again since Loeb is exc. Marvel too... any clues as to what they'll be doing?


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talent #1

Talent #1 I've forgotten which of you guys recommended i pick up the first issue of Boom Studio's Talent, but in the end i'm glad i took your advice (and promise never to doubt you again i swear ;)  Good book so far my friends.

#1 opens as a passenger plane full of everyday'ers crashes into the ocean, killing all aboard save one - a seemingly nothing special college professor by the name of Nicholas Dane (a great "every man" character so far BTW).  Dane's survival isn't your typical miracle though - he's discovered in the wreckage of the plane a full 16 hours after it's been fully submerged in sub-zero waters and can't explain why (or how) he has been spared.  

The uniqueness of Nick Dane doesn't end there though, he's also mysteriously connected to many of his fellow passengers (though they are all now dead), through spots of shared memories and inherited "talents".  He spends the back half of this first issue struggling internally in an effort to come to grips with what has happened, the media scrutiny that's accompanied it all, and the unexplainable link he now has with his recently perished fellow travelers, all while avoiding repeated attempts on his life.   Good stuff.

Throw in a hard nosed investigator (assigned to a gov't task force charged with investigating the crash) backed by a mysterious Cardinal (yeah that kind of cardinal) with as yet unexplained interests, and you've got a heck of a good start IMO. 

In the end i'm kind of surprised to learn that Talent is only a four-issue mini...  IMO the foundation is here for a unique, interesting, and well entertaining ongoing.  The art is a bit minimalistic but fits well...  reminding me a bit of the artwork in Winter Men for some reason.  Regardless, it looks through 1 that Golden, Sniegoski, and Azaceta have got an interesting story to tell.  I'm in.  A.


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5.30 Panel


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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Last Christmas #1?

I totally forgot about The Last Christmas on wed when i was at the shop...  everything i read/saw in advance about this caught my attention so i def plan on grabbing it this week.  Did any of you guys pick it up?  If so, what did you think?

I did find this review over at Comics Should Be Good.


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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Powers #18

The latest Powers issue was a...  relief. 

I'm not going to pretend i wasn't stoked about the whole Det. C Walker w/ powers angle (i actually think it was/is pretty cool) but at the same time i'm super glad that Bendis and Oeming haven't taken the book in an entirely new direction (especially given how much us fans have come to love the format through what...  9 trades now?). 

I mean, Powers is what it is because it is what it is you know what i'm saying? 

This latest issue gets back to what we are used to from the book -  gritty, mature, noir crime drama focused on street level crime solving (w/ capes supporting rather than stealing the show).  Deena's internal angst is getting more and more palpable, and you can just feel the secrets she and Walker are keeping from each other coming to bear sometimes soon...  Plus we might have Walker's first ever love interest (it is the first ever right?).  Something feels shady about it... 

Good issue on a couple different levels...  B+.


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Saturday, May 27, 2006

5.27 Panel


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Friday, May 26, 2006

5.26 Panel



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Added images to my feed43 Newsarama feed...

Just wanted to let you guys know i added the little 60x60 article images Newsarama uses to the RSS feed i created with feed43.  Be aware that the feed is screwed up for today about 4 articles down because of a typo in the Newsarama home page source...  nothing feed43 can do to help us w/ THAT.


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Death Comes to Dillinger #1 (of 2)

In my continuing effort to "try something new every week" a la Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, i picked up a cool little book this wed called Death Comes to Dillinger from Silent Devil, written and created by James Patrick w/ pencils by "Se7enhedd" (?). 

Death Comes to Dillinger takes place in the small "old west" town of Dillinger (surprise!), and begins as Death himself, in the form of a weathered skeletal cowboy badass (think Clint Eastwood's bizarro bad-guy twin risen from the grave), rides in to claim the soul of a dying young girl. 

The girl's father, an accountant with little experience w/ a pistol, challenges Death to a good 'ole fashioned duel in the dust at high noon (actually dawn in this case).  Should the Father's bullet strike first, Death leaves town empty handed (since he can't be killed) and the daughter's life is spared, but should Death's bullet strike first, he leaves town w/ 2 souls instead of one.  Oh my.

As interesting as this all sounds though, it's not the story that moves this book - it's the execution.

Patrick and Se7enhedd (that's the penciler's name as provided, first and last) have done a fabulous job of creating a very cool, nostalgic "old west" atmosphere, complete w/ all the dirt, grit, and tension we expect from good westerns.  The townsfolk of Dillinger can "see" Death and most recognize and respect why he's visiting, but the town closes down in fear at first since no one is sure exactly for whom he's come.  Some folks is scared and some is downright angry.  The tension is palpable and you can almost hear the shutters slamming and the silence fall just like in an old spaghetti western right before the climactic shootout.

The art here is fantastic (reminds me ever so slightly of a sketchier Clayton Crane), and is most of the reason i picked up the flop in the first place...  but make no mistake, the story had me from the first page to the last, and is def one of those that pulls you in rather than talks at you.  Good, good stuff all around.

Best flop i've read this week.  A.

PS - Anyone else reading this?  How old is it?  Is #2 (of 2) already out?


26 May, 2006 10:04, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Missed this in my On the Shelves preview, but grabbed it when I saw it in the shop on Wednesday. The art hooked me at first, too, but the story's a great, moody read. Noticed Western Tales of Terror's Joshua Hale Fialkov was the editor, which would have been enough to get me to pick it up sight unseen.

BTW, I'm pretty sure #1 just came out this week and you haven't missed #2 yet.

28 May, 2006 12:33, Blogger Christian Beranek said...

#2 goes to the printers next week. We print our books in Hong Kong, so expect it back sometime in July or so.

Glad you enjoyed part 1!

29 May, 2006 13:50, Blogger zilla said...

Christian - loved #1 and i'm def looking forward to #2. any chance there will be more beyond that?


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Wolverine #42

I'm not sure exactly what i expected from this issue (i dropped Wolverine from my pulls a few flops back) so it's hard to say whether or not it lived up to my expectations.  confused?  me too.

Guggenheim (sp?) actually did a pretty admirable job w/ the writing, capturing Wolverine as i like him for the most part.  There's an uber-cool scene/panel where Wolvie stands in the middle of Nitro's blast zone and well...  sniffs. 

I'm still not feeling this whole Civil War thing for some reason though, but it's tolerable here (so far).  I find myself wishing that this new creative team wasn't writing to the crossover event, but maybe kicked off w/ a darker, non-superhero Wolverine arc.  Ah well - what do i know?

Ramos (i'm a big fan as you know) is hit and miss; there are some great panels and some so-so's here and you can definitely tell he's getting back into the swing of drawing superheroes after Revelations (which i can't wait to read by TP BTW).  Humberto's action panels are kicking ass (as usual) but his "standing around talking" stuff isn't on the same level IMO (remember i have uber-high expectations for this guy as one of my fav's).  The guy's art does take some getting used to though (esp if you haven't looked at it in a while).

I do think his squat, powerfully built (and hairy) Wolverine is on the money, and i dug his iterations of Thing, Cap, Iron Man and Luke Cage pretty mightily. 

Overall i'm going to reserve judgment on the new Wolverine creative team for a few more issues.  Off to a pretty good start though, and already better than some of the other Wolverine dredge we have been getting lately.  B with mad potential.


26 May, 2006 12:56, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Picked this up on the basis of your interest and was surprised how much I liked it.

Never been a fan of the exaggerated, cartoony style of guys like Ramos or Joe Mad, but this worked for the most part. Definitely something that'll need time to grow on me, but I can dig it for now.



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5.25 Panel


25 May, 2006 14:29, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Whoah, that's fuckin' rad. Silvestri? Good on 'im.

Where's that from?

25 May, 2006 15:38, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Nevermind, I found it.


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GODLAND on hiatus?

Ah maaaaaan.  The GODLAND creative team is taking a 3 month break :(


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5.24 Panel

Can't WAIT to dig into my pile tonight.  picked up some serious goodies (well at least what i hope to be serious goodies) today at the 'ole LCS.  For now enjoy this...  one of the few truly good moments in the latest FA (which just seemed to me to have been written AND drawn but strangers).


25 May, 2006 09:29, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

This issue did feel a little off, didn't it? Wonder if Remender's just stretching himself too thin?

Are you reading Strange Girl, too? That's my favorite series of his so far, though it's gone through similar artist turmoil recently. The first TPB is a great read.

25 May, 2006 21:36, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I read the Strange Girl trade recently also. I thought it was good, but I wonder about the longevity of the idea as a continuing comic.


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This post is primarily intended for all you RSS readers/aggregators out there:

I've recently discovered a very (very) cool little site that will help you put together a near perfect RSS feed for just about any source (w/ a little grunt work).  Check out feed43.com

Despite how friendly the process looks in the image below, it's a little technically intensive the first time you create a custom feed (you manually tell feed43 how to find feed items, links, and descriptions in the source code of the site you are creating the feed for) but after you've done it once, it makes sense and gets a lot easier (i breezed through my second one). 

In the end though it's this flexible technical process that makes feed43 so damn nice.

I've created a Newsarama.com RSS feed using feed43 for anyone who's interested (it's always bugged me that Newsarama didn't have one).  Pretty nifty.

PS - I forgot to mention how well the feed43.com site is put together. simple and efficient. good luck.


24 May, 2006 12:07, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Excellent find, zilla!

24 May, 2006 13:57, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Sweet! I just created feeds for PopCultureShock:


24 May, 2006 14:15, Blogger zilla said...

here's one (though not 100% perfect) for comiccon's "Pulse":


24 May, 2006 14:17, Blogger zilla said...

PS guy thanks man - i just added that bad boy to Rojo :)


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The Myth of Superman by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rogers

Wanted to share this link to a brief article in the latest Wired Magazine by Gaiman and Rogers (talking Superman).


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5.24 Shopping List

Ugh.  I had just finished my shopping list write up when my laptop crashed.  Sweeeeeet!  Suffice it to say that i'll be picking up the new Powers, Nextwave (one of my current favs), Daredevil, X-Factor (#1-5 were rock solid, but #6 didn't quite turn over for me...  let's hope it was an aberration), and Humberto Ramos' first issue of Wolverine (i'm a big fan).  New Avengers might go on hold for me after my disappointment w/ Civil War #1 (but i'll prob give #19 a try at least) and i seem to be a sucker for Loveless even though i have NO idea why (potential maybe?).


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5.23 Panel


23 May, 2006 22:16, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Ah, dude! I wanted to scan this in myself but couldn't bring myself to bend the spine to get it onto my scanner so I'm totally stealing this from you. With credit, of course! ;-)


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Monday, May 22, 2006

Fell #5

Fell is a really, really good comic. 

As a matter of fact It's so good i'd happily pay today's going rate of $2.99 per issue, though i'm only charged $1.99 (trade off? a few less pages, which IMO is completely unnoticeable). 

Ellis AND Templesmith are on top of their game with this comic, and Fell is one of the coolest comics to come along in some time.  The writing is gritty and intelligent, and Ellis has done an excellent job so far coaxing a complete stand-alone story into each 16 page issue of Fell - and what's really amazing is the stories have yet to feel the least bit rushed, disjointed, or incomplete. 

It definitely seems that Ellis and Templesmith "Fell experiment" has well succeeded in proving that a good solid (even extraordinary) comic story can be told in it's entirety in just 16 pages (and for a more palatable $2 cover price to boot).  Cheers to that.

PS - We've always known what Ellis is capable of, but who knew how friggin' cool this guy Templesmith is?  I love his work here, esp his uber-cool use of colors (most notably those in the background, helping alter the tone/mood at a panel's notice).

Then BAM...  the orange background whips up the intensity like nobody's business (BTW - the 6 blue panels above are in order, but the orange backgrounded panels below are a few pages ahead; just wanted to demonstrate my point :)...

Lastly, i have to mention that the "back matter" in Fell kicks ass.  Ellis obviously spends some time here (not only throwing in snippets of the issue's script and letters pages but also some thoughtful commentary).  I still can't believe the quality we're getting here for a dollar less.  A+.


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Been madly out of pocket the last 7 or 8 days due to my wife's grandmother passing.  Pretty rough time for the family (g-ma had 8 kids and seemingly thousands of grandkids).  Had tons of house guests etc.

Back in the saddle this week though after digging through about 250 non-junk (umm....  yeah.) work emails this morning...  I did finally get around to reading most of my flops from last week though and i'll post a few quick thoughts when i get a chance.   or now?
In short, i loved Fell #5 (this book is so friggin' cool and the back-matter is always money); the finale to Batman Year 100 was up to snuff (there's noting spectacular about the ending but still topped a great mini IMO).  I thought Talent was interesting (thanks for pointing me to this), and that Fear Agent and Ares fizzled a bit w/ their latest issues (i really wish Moore was the full time artist on FA).  Moon Knight still has me through #2 and the new Powell drawn Conan was ho-hum until the end (taken as a whole though i loved it).

What did you guys think?


22 May, 2006 23:51, Blogger Rob H said...

First off, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Zilla. My thoughts go out to you, your wife and the whole family.

Second, Powell's drawing Conan? Interior or just covers?

23 May, 2006 13:29, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Powell just drew the interiors for Busiek's last issue of Conan.

Not sure I agree about Moore staying on full time as the Fear Agent artist; I thought his work on the latest issue was real iffy, kinda rushed and lazy lookin'. I mean, compare some of these pages to the first six issues of The Walking Dead (or hell, the first few issues of FA) and you can see a pretty big difference.

Whereas Jerome Opena's work in the latest issue of Strange Girl was completely aces. Brilliant fantasy action stuff with just a sprinkle of Sam Keith.

And yeah, I think Fell was the best thing I read last week. Best backmatter yet - hopefully Ellis continues to do the essay thing more than the script sample/letters column thing, 'cause I found the essay much more interesting (thought provoking) reading.

23 May, 2006 14:46, Blogger zilla said...

Sean - i totally agree w/ you about the art in the latest FA looking REAL lazy and rushed, but i thought it was because it WASN'T Moore. It hardly looked like his work (even a far cry from earlier FA issues) so i just assumed it was the new guy primarily (even though they claimed to have worked on it "together")...

23 May, 2006 16:14, Blogger Sean Maher said...

You may be right; I was a little unclear on what the whole collaboration was. I just kinda assumed it was mostly Moore's end of things because the FA looked completely different from Opena's style on Strange Girl, but I could be wrong.

Oh, and I *am* continuing to follow Hysteria: One Man Gang, and loving it just as much as you. The bit in the back about how he's not even scripting or plotting this out, and basically just JAMMIN' for four issues, was pretty badass, I thought.

23 May, 2006 20:17, Blogger zilla said...

yeah who knows... either it was the other guy (who i'm def not trying to hate on since this is the first i've seen of his work) or really shoddy/rushed Moore - as bad as i've seen from him.

about one man gang though - i never did thank you for turning me on to that... glad you're still following. that's one cool comic. will make a great TP.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5.17 Shopping List

Considering last week was so light for me that i didn't even make the trip, i'm anxious to get back in the saddle this week. Luckily Fear Agent and Fell are both dropping new issues this week. Cool.

CONAN #28 (MR) - Pull list. Does this issue start the changing of the writer guard? I can't remember...
BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED #4 (OF 4) -- I've really, really enjoyed this mini and can't wait to read the wrap issue. Lucky for me the Year 100 flops have been square-binded so they sit nicely on the shelf... no TP purchase required (but maybe...).
DMZ #7 (MR) - Pull list. IMO DMZ is just starting to get good.
FEAR AGENT #4 - Pull list. Is it just me or did this one seem to actually come out on time? I hope they can keep it up since this Sci Fi title kicks major ass to this point.
FELL #5 - Pull list. I'd buy this if it were $2.99.
CAPTAIN AMERICA #18 - Pull list, though i'm looking ahead to the next arc already (and that's usually a bad sign for me).
MOON KNIGHT #2 - #1 was just interesting enough. I'm in for #2 regardless of my 2-issue rule.

100 BULLETS #72 (MR) - I'm reading 100 Bullets by TP.  Sucks sometimes to know that there are 5 100 B issues worth of happenings that i'm not privvy too.  Ah well.
CONAN VOL 3 TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT & STORIES HC - I'm still loving Conan, but looking back i'm wondering if this title isn't fading on me a bit (maybe this author reboot is warranted after all)?  I absolutely loved the first collection (Frost Giant's Daughter and other Stories), thought the second (God in the Bowl...) was a bit off comparatively (though still good), and have really no desire to buy this third collection, though i did enjoy the issues...  hmmmmm.
FRANK MILLERS SIN CITY LIBRARY II HC - Oh man if i didn't have the entire Sin City run in softcover i'd be all over these swell HC collections, though they're priced to stoke the ire of comic-reader wives everywhere.


16 May, 2006 20:52, Blogger Rob H said...

I've heard that Cary Nord isn't working on Conan any more? Is this true?

17 May, 2006 06:06, Anonymous CellarDoor Family said...

Have you heard anything about "Talent" from Boom Studios? I read a review over at Fourth Rail, and it sounds pretty dang interesting.

18 May, 2006 16:58, Blogger Ryan X said...

Did Fear Agent come out yesterday? I picked up my stack today and didn't even notice it wasn't in there!!! Someone please tell me it was delayed...


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5.16 Panel


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Monday, May 15, 2006

5.15 Panel


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Sunday, May 14, 2006

5.14 Panel


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

100 Bullets Vol. 9: Strychnine Lives

I'm not going to do an in depth review of 100 Bullets V9, but i wanted to drop a few comments since i haven't mentioned 100B around here in a while (i'm reading it by the trades and not the flops so don't get to it very often).

It amazes that 100 bullets is still interesting to me after nine collections (nearly 70 issues).  But it is.


Azarello and Riso have proven experts in character development, slowly building a complex web of players and intermingling sub-plots that will make even the most concentrated reader's head spin.  The numerous sub-plots and character relationships in 100 Bullets are so detailed that i doubt there's a fan out there that could explain it all completely (hell, the depth here would make "Lost" creator/writer Damon Lindelof proud)...  but you know what?  that's a good thing. 

100 Bullets keeps you thinking about it's cast and storyline long after you put it down (and isn't that what truly GREAT comics do?).  This is def one of those books that gets me staring at the ceiling for a few minutes after each issue trying to digest/process exactly what's going on and how it relates to what's happened previously (or may happen in the future).

Ultimately 100 Bullets might just be THE best "mature" read on the stands today and Vol. 9 is no exception.  This collection is packed to the gills w/ hardcore sex, language, and violence (some of which will make even the hard-stomached cringe).  Hell, there's almost an entire issue here devoted to sado-masachistic psycho strongman Lono's brutal torture of a rival Trust house leader (complete with a startling "mental torture" revelation just before the death blow).   As gruesome as they are at times though, Azarello and Riso use their mature props well; typically to further develop characters and plot rather than JUST for shock value (though there is a good deal of that). 

If a comic series ever had "street cred", 100 Bullets would be it.

In the end, 100 Bullets is a book of villains and criminals.  There are no "good guys" to be found, and that's part of what keeps it interesting.  You never know what's going to happen next, and any character is seemingly capable of cooperating with and/or backstabbing any other.  You're never 100% sure what anyone's thinking or whose side they're really on. 

Make no mistake though, 100 Bullets is not all about it's characters (though the cast is obviously killer).  Azarello has put together one hell of a "larger than life" plot (complete w/ countless regularly unfolding sub-plots).  The simple (but timeless) idea of an underground ruling upper class of families (the Trust) and it's enforcement arm (the Minutemen) gone rogue, coupled w/ powder-keg inter-family strife and expert Azarello/Riso creative execution makes for one hell of a read.  B+

It was all over when...

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13 May, 2006 11:38, Blogger zilla said...

PS - yeah Lono chopped off the guys finger with a cigar cutter then smoked it in front of him (i mean it's not possible to smoke a blood-wet finger we know but one can only imagine the psychological effect). cool.

13 May, 2006 21:28, Anonymous cmoney said...

Can't wait for the day these are finished and I can sit down and re-read them straight through. As it is, some of the plot threads get tangled in my head, seeing as how the trades are spaced so far apart.

13 May, 2006 21:51, Blogger Rob H said...

I feel bad for saying this but I've lost interest. I picked up volume 6 two weeks ago and still can't bring myself to read it.

13 May, 2006 22:45, Blogger zilla said...

cmoney i'm with you man... i've had to consult the internet a couple of times to get back on track (since i'm reading this by trade like you are). the plot in 100 Bullets is madly winding at times and it's def hard to keep it and all the characters and their roles/relationships straight.

i'm not a dumbass (completely) but i have to be honest - i didn't feel totally comfortable w/ it all until i read this:

100 Bullets Synopsis

PS you'll recognize the original poster by name :)


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Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Friday Gents


12 May, 2006 22:24, Blogger Rob H said...

Hellboy - The Island.

Awesome stuff but I'm so behind on my Hellboy.

12 May, 2006 23:06, Blogger zilla said...

Hellboy is one of my all time favorite comics. It's hard to believe, but Mignola hasn't written a single bad HB issue as far as i can tell. I just finished "Strange Places" which is the Third Wish and The Island collected... and it was suberb - Some of the best HB yet.


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5.12 Panel


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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Interesting Newsarama article (Marvel's Civil War)

cmoney posted a comment to my review of Civil War #1 w/ a link to an interesting Newsarama article addressing one of my beefs about the event. 

The author, Troy Brownfield, is a lot more comfortable w/ the fact that long time allies and teammates can so quickly turn on each other, suggesting that Milar and McNiven are really just taking advantage of underlying stress/previous fissures between some of the main characters (Cap Am and Iron Man are addressed here in this first part of a multi-part series of articles).

Personally, though the article is an interesting read for sure, i'm still not feeling it.  i guess i'm one of those dudes who has this "thing" about loyalty and friendship and what it *should* take to put boys at odds.  I def don't like things dragged out in my comics, but if you're going to tackle an issue like this, you sure as hell better put in the time up front to pull it off in a believable fashion...

Just my 2c.


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5.11 Panel


11 May, 2006 08:25, Blogger Rob H said...

Argh!!!! Brutal.

11 May, 2006 19:30, Anonymous cmoney said...

That looks a lot like a card from one of the endless Marvel Comics trading card sets I used to collect in my younger days...


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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hysteria: One Man Gang #2

You don't get a lot of story from Mike Hawthorne's Hysteria: One Man Gang, but damn if you don't get some great kung-fu action panels.  Hawthorne has done a hell of a job capturing the spirit of kung-fu movies and transferring it to the printed page.   The fight scenes in this comic are well choreographed (that's almost an understatement here seriously; as simple as it appears, Hysteria has some of the best hand-to-hand choreography i've seen in print), and the well-placed humor is reminiscent of the style used in the best kung-fu movies in my massive home collection. 

#2 picks up where #1 left off as our hero punches and kicks his way through the ruthless "eggs" gang while protecting (in some very original ways while he's fighting) a small girl.  The battle rages through the streets and onto the top of a rolling semi who's driver is blissfully whistling to "momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys".  classic.

Perhaps best of all is the bonus "behind the scenes" section in the back of this issue where Mike H talks us through how he puts together the comic (without a script, just via panel sketches and storyboards which i think is pretty damn cool).  He even throws in a mostly blank page at the very back w/ the words "bring this comic to convention, appearance, or signing i'm at, and i will personalize it with a sketch for you for free".  what a nice guy.  A
The image “http://www.onipress.com/images/gnpreviews/119-04.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
PS - Sean i know you liked #1 and i hope you made it here to #2, which i think is even better (and well worth the $2.99 i was hesitant to spend on #1).

PPS - My thoughts on #1.


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Youtube.com is new to me... and cool.

As you can tell from my yesterday post about Sam Jack, i've recently discovered youtube.com. I was digging around this morning and found this Justice League Unlimited clip of a great Superman vs. Cap Marvel moment that i had to share (and we're supposed to believe that no civies were killed during this epic melee?)... enjoy.


10 May, 2006 18:07, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

IIRC, the battle between Supes & CM took place in a new Lexcorp development project that was uninhabited.

10 May, 2006 19:14, Blogger zilla said...

i missed a few episodes surrounding this... i only catch like a 1/3 of these but i've enjoyed the heck out of the ones i've seen (and i don't even read mainstream DC). good stuff.

10 May, 2006 19:17, Blogger Rob H said...

I wish they'd show this series here. That was awesome.

10 May, 2006 19:27, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

This is Super Nerdy but isn't that Shazam or some such thing, not Captain Marvel? I don't follow DC...
Anyway, pretty cool clip!

10 May, 2006 20:29, Blogger Rob H said...

Shazam is an old white haired Wizard who has granted Billy Batson with super powers. All he has to do is call the name Shazam and he is instantly transformed.


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5.10 Panel

I'm enjoying the heck out of the current Punisher arc.  Barracuda is a GREAT character (and it's nice for big Pun to get a one man challenge every once in a while rather than mowing down thug #1 and thug #2's).  I started w/ this Max series back at #25 and have liked it enough to consider picking up the collections of earlier issues...  should i?


10 May, 2006 08:29, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

This scene of the comic really bothered me. Why? I know from personal experience that when you get your fingers chopped off like that, there is a lot of blood. Gushing and squirting. Unless Barracuda takes steps to stop the bleeding, he's going to pass out rather quickly. Instead, here he just keeps on fighting.

10 May, 2006 08:47, Blogger Rob H said...

I was given the first Punisher MAX HC on this years free comic book day. Lucky me eh? Still haven't read it but I've heard good things. I'm sure I'll pick up the second HC soon after reading it. Ennis writes a wicked Frank.

10 May, 2006 08:49, Blogger zilla said...

dave - funny you should say that but i was thinking the exact same thing when i read it. i had this idea pop into my head that he should have shoved it into a fire or something to cauterize it and really show bad ass (though you would certainly pass out from the pain if you did that in "real" life).

not to mention the 4" swiss army knife to the eye he takes there in the beginning of the issue (to the hilt) :)


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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sam Jack is back on cable (finally)

Genndy (sp?) Tartofsky's (sp?) Emmy Award winning Sam Jack is finally back on cable (after disappearing from the CN). It seems that IFC has picked up it's rights and will start airing classic SJ episodes post haste.

As some of you may know Samurai Jack is my favorite animated series of all time (followed closely by Genndy's Clone Wars Adventures) so i'm certainly hype. If you've got any patience at all for cartoons (and what comic reader doesn't on some level?) you owe it to yourself to check SJ out.


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Astro City Vol. 1: Life in the Big City

Let me start by saying that i love Kurt Busiek's work on Conan (i've read every issue), but otherwise i'm not all that familiar w/ the guy.  I knew going in that Astro City would be a far cry from the sandal-footed, broadsword-wielding Cimmerian, but i'm not sure i really had any idea what to expect until i actually sat down with it...

Probably the coolest (and most obvious) plus going for Astro City is it's format.  Busiek has written a series of vignettes deftly tied together by a common location, rather than by specific characters or events (though there is some strategically placed crossover between stories; often as simple as a news report of an event from a previous story or a well placed background cameo), each lasting the length of one issue.

Most impressively though, Busiek manages to write the city itself as if it were a living, breathing entity; revered (and respected) by it's inhabitants - good, bad, high class, and low.  Astro city herself is an identifiable character - developed as any (issue by issue) - and this makes for the true strength of the collection IMO.

This first volume contains 5 complete shorts (all taking place in Astro City of course), a few of which i slow-paced and enjoyed, and a couple i sped through in a rush to get to the next (that's the catch 22 of short stories sometimes, you know there is one to follow so it's easy to get ADD at times). 

The first, a heavy, "day in the life" story of one of Astro City's greatest superheroes (think Superman) and his inner struggles, was right up my alley and well enjoyable (a gritty, honest look at the life of a people's champ superhero is always welcome in my camp).

There's also a great short about a woman's desire to escape from her ghetto-esque vampire/demon infested neighborhood into the gleaming (and polar opposite) city center where she works.  She longs to get out of her crummy, oft haunted neighborhood, until she ultimately realizes that the underworld elements of her home actually serve to protect her and her family from the rampant super villain crime that plagues other parts of the city (a good "be careful what you wish for" story).  I didn't particularly like this one until the last few pages...  proves how a good ending can change everything :)

My favorite though is the story of petty criminal who mistakenly spies the identity of a well-known hero (the very cool Jack-in-the-Box) and can't decide whether or not to reveal it (or to whom) while he lives in fear of being silenced.  Great stuff that one, i actually read it twice before continuing to the next ;)

I'm giving a ton of credit to Busiek and gang for creating a living city complete w/ identifiable good and bad parts of town, loads of good and bad guys (though many were a bit corny and/or idealized for my taste) and above all a well developed personality of it's own.   There's a good stock of extras in the back of this TP that let you in on just how much work actually went into creating Astro City before the first story was even written (and some great sketches and awesome, awesome Alex Ross covers).

After just one volume though, i can't help but feel that (although entertaining for sure) Astro City's potential is as of yet unrealized.  Personally i hope that future volumes in the series pick it up to the level of acclaim that this book generally receives...  Not to say you should hesitate though, there are plenty of GOOD reasons to read Astro City Volume 1: Life in the Big CityB


09 May, 2006 19:14, Blogger Rob H said...

Sounds like a pretty good book to be reading. Thanks for the write up.

I've also decided to pick up the ALIAS Omnibus(only $70 at my LCS). Not sure when I'll pick it up but it's on my list.

09 May, 2006 19:36, Blogger zilla said...

yeah rob i hope you enjoy Alias as much as i did (PS that Thor panel you loved was from there too).

for some reason i feel like my Astro City review sucked. i wrote it w/ some serious quickness on a break from work and didn't really edit. sorry guys.

09 May, 2006 21:31, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I've hear from other sources that the first trade is not necessarily the best. I believe that the others are longer story arcs. The review was good, it convinced me to buy it, but I think it will be a ways down on my wishlist.

09 May, 2006 21:38, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i have to admit Astro City wasn't all that i expected... maybe my expectations were too high though. i did enjoy it (esp the couple of shorts i mentioned in my review), just wasn't floored.

09 May, 2006 21:40, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Zilla -

I'm a big Astro City fan, myself. In fact the Wizard 1/2 issue (not sure which trade it's in) is one of my top few single issues of anything. Ever.

I think you'd really dig the next TP, Confession.

09 May, 2006 22:29, Blogger zilla said...

mark - i've heard they get better and better and even that this first volume is just the tip of the iceberg... one of the things i love about the short story format is you don't have to love every issue to consider the trade a worthwhile read ;)

10 May, 2006 00:05, Anonymous cmoney said...

I recently (as in today) finished a read-through of all of the current Astro City volumes except "Tarnished Angel" (still waiting for it in the mail). I loved it every bit as much as I did the first time I read it. I don't think the characters are "corny," I think they're just archetypes Busiek uses to explore areas that couldn't really be explored with the characters they obviously evoke. The thing about Astro City is that it has a history, and Astro City's history sort of parallels the history of comics too. It's really a great read, I can't wait for "The Dark Age" story to start up again.

10 May, 2006 07:50, Blogger zilla said...

cmoney - i certainly don't think all (or even most) of the characters are corny, just *some* (which is to be expected given different taste etc.). for example i loved samaritan, el robo, and jack-in-the-box, but found crackerjack irritating :)

i've heard that the Astro City stories get better and better... which volume should i read next (and does anyone have a list of all of them?).

10 May, 2006 11:13, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Zilla -

Confession comes next, and you'll love it.

Just don't let anyone blow the ending for you.

10 May, 2006 23:07, Anonymous cmoney said...

I believe the order is Confession, then Family Album, then Tarnished Angel, then Local Heroes. I think the first part of the Dark Ages saga is coming out this year as well (supposedly, The Dark Ages is a 12-issue storyline broken up into 3 smaller ones, someone can correct me if I've got that wrong). Dark Ages deals with hints dropped throughout the previous issues about what happened with and to the Silver Agent in the 70s...


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5.9 Panel

Powell can friggin' draw (and write) man.  Me love Goon long time.  Below is a great moment in an otherwise (relatively) sub-par #17.


09 May, 2006 19:20, Blogger Rob H said...

Powell is an underrated genius.

09 May, 2006 19:38, Blogger zilla said...

i couldn't agree more. as much respect as he DOES get in the industry and among fans, i STILL think he's underrated ;)

i just wish he put out more work... one of my fav TPs from last year was Billy the Kids Old Timey Oddities (if you like Powell and you haven't read that then run out and buy it ASAP).


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5.10 Shopping List

Talk about a weak, weak haul this week...  Take out the TP that i'm not really picking up but just adding to my wish list, and i'm not sure i'll even make the trip...  no worries i've got a stack of great TPs i'm working on ;)

PS - Did i miss anything??

SAMURAI HEAVEN & EARTH TP - This actually came out last week (i think?) but i'll be picking it up someday for sure.  Adding to wish list.
EX MACHINA #20 (MR) - Pull list.
ARES #4 (OF 5) - I'm digging this so far...  will make a better trade than read by flops but...  i'm "flop committed" at this point (since i've bought the first 3).



09 May, 2006 12:46, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

"Flop Committed" - what a great term!

09 May, 2006 13:54, Blogger Pat said...

I'd recommend flipping through Last Planet Standing - last year had Last Hero Standing, and while it wasn't earth-shattering, it was an entertaining story set in the M2 universe. Usually those M2 stories (like Spider-Girl) are lots of fun and not too serious (I've been reading them in the digests when the local library gets them).

09 May, 2006 19:40, Blogger zilla said...

Pat - considering the light weak i'll try anything my friend. i'll def check this out and let you know what i think...

Dave - i modified a term my boys have been using at our poker nights for years ("pot committed"). funny how applicable the term "flop committed" really is though... you guy 2-3 issues of a 5-6 issue mini and you can't just stop and buy the trade when it comes out... ugh.

09 May, 2006 21:19, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I did (stop buying in the middle of stories that is)
Does that make me Flop Divorced? Or perhaps a Flop Dropper?


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Monday, May 08, 2006

"Casanova" Preview Pages @ Newsarama

Looking good...  and hell at $1.99 per it's worth trying no matter what your budget.   I'm def hype.


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Usagi Yojimbo Book Seven

I'm continuing my steady march through the 20-some Usagi Yojimbo books (just finished w/ book seven) and can't praise Stan Sakai's work enough.  UY is filled w/ literally hundreds of excellent "wandering Ronin" adventures (many of which are wonderfully retold, classic Japanese folklore/tales), complete w/ countless memorable moments and characters, and just enough morality to build a "warm fuzzy" w/o getting preachy. 

Sakai's attention to historical detail is impressive (and a huge part of the draw for me); he expresses an obvious breadth of knowledge about feudal Japanese culture, Samurai/Ronin, and Bushido; revealed a little bit at a time, issue after issue, book after book.  IMO this is what amazes me most about UY, you read simple story after simple story, and don't realize what you've taken in until you sit back and think about it as a whole.  Very, very cool.

Anyways, i won't get into too much specifically about book seven here, though i do love Usagi's best friend's character (Gen) to no end, and suffice it to say this volume is the best i've read so far and i'm looking well forward to book eight :)


09 May, 2006 14:23, Blogger Ryan X said...

When you get a chance, hit me over email with a quick explanation of UY. You write about it so much, I am almost obligated to pick it up at some point. This blurb on Book Seven has really got my interest cooking. Thanks.'


09 May, 2006 19:52, Blogger zilla said...

i sent this to you by email too:

ryan - i think i might only have your work address so i hope you don't mind getting this there...

if you have ANY interest at all in feudal japan (samurai's, lords, ronin, ninja's, martial arts, swordplay, bushido, personal and family honor, "the last samurai") then you should def check out UY.

i know it's the kind of book you look at at first and say "how in the hell will this book about a samurai rabbit going to appeal to me?" but you just might be surprised. don't be turned off by the use of animals as characters either, it actually grows on you and isn't nearly as "simpleton" as it may seem at first. after a while it's actually a huge plus.

stan sakai has been writing this book for like 20 some years (i think it's the longest running comics series w/ one writer/artist in history by far, so if you like it you've got 20 some TPs to read).

the adventures are simple and folktale-ish, but entertaining, endearing, and SO easy to digest (the best way i can describe how "digestible" they are is to tell you that i read them almost exclusively on the can, where a single UY story is just about the PERFECT length :)

plus (as i mentioned in the review) sakai's attention to historical detail really rounds it out for a nerd like me.

don't start w/ book one, buy book 2 and start there... it's worth a few bucks (10 or so) to see if you like UY... like i said earlier, if you DO, you're in for pretty much unlimited UY stories (100+ issues!).

PS i've also got to say that UY is/should def be considered a hall of fame comic. something EVERY comic reader in the world should have at least tried. IMO

09 May, 2006 19:52, Blogger zilla said...

can you guys tell i have a soft spot in my big green heart for UY? hahah. sorry to brain dump so large and nasty :)


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B.P.R.D. The Universal Machine

Real quick here while on a break from work...  if you're a HB fan but never bothered w/ B.P.R.D. (figuring it would suck w/o HB on the team) then do yourself a favor and check out the various B.P.R.D. mini's over the last couple of years...  they really have gotten better and better and the latest, "The Universal Machine" is humming along nicely IMO.


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Marvel Team Up #20

Robert Kirkman's Marvel Team Up (or is it "Team-Up"? I'm a moron when it comes to hyphens) is a consistently entertaining read for a flop and the "cartoony sketch" art this issue worked pretty well for me once i warmed up to it.

Captain America has been charged w/ delivering a sliver of a cosmic cube (which has been fashioned into a ring... "one ring to rule them all"!) when he does the unthinkable... he loses it during a scrap w/ the M.O.D.O.C. Squad (?).

The ring is discovered by a random young dude who quickly discovers it's reality altering powers (and has some fun w/ a friend goofing around shortly thereafter). Nice to see the lighter side of new-found powers sometimes...

It's funny, this comic isn't in my top 10 (or even my top 20 maybe) but titles like these have their place among floppies, and are great to just pick up and veg to w/o requiring much brain power (if any). kind of like a Maxim or FHM magazine you know? Next to worthless generally speaking but still entertaining somehow :) B


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Saturday, May 06, 2006

5.6 Panel

Click to enlarge; it's the dialogue here that got me cheezing :)


06 May, 2006 13:23, Blogger Rob H said...

Hahaha! If only all Thor was like that. What is it?

09 May, 2006 04:29, Blogger Rob H said...

Looks like Allred penciling. X-Statix?

09 May, 2006 19:58, Blogger zilla said...

One of many good moments in Alias. And i officially promise to stop promoting that book. As of right now.

10 May, 2006 08:03, Blogger Rob H said...


11 May, 2006 13:41, Blogger Mark "Puff" Anderson said...


A girl throws up on Thor's shoes.

I wish my step dad were still alive. He was a big Thor fan. He got me into comics and he would have loved this.

Thanks for sharing.


11 May, 2006 14:30, Blogger zilla said...

hey puff, hope your step dad rests in peace partner. glad i could give you another reason to smile over a memory 'bout him ;)


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Friday, May 05, 2006

5.5 Panel

Happy Cindo de Mayo my friends.  I'm having a swell party at my crib tomorrow complete w/ catered mexican, a margharita machine, jalapeno's by the barrel, and all the Jose Cuervo you can stomach.  Should be a disaster ;)


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Civil War #1

Ugh.  I'm really starting to despise these Marvel crossover "events".  I got through the first couple of issues of HoM before deciding i'd just catch it in digest on the web somewhere, and at this point i'm not sure i'll even get that far w/ Civil War (though i will begrudgingly stick to my 2-issue rule at the very least). 

CW #1 is a big disappointment for me considering how huge a fan i am of Mark Millar.  Maybe my expectations were too high (i think we've all come to hold Millar to a pretty high standard after Ultimates, etc.)?  The whole thing just feels kind of forced IMO, and somewhat hastily put together (though i know in reality it wasn't rushed since i've been hearing about it for what seems like eons now).  

Public outcry for super power registration (after several massive "loss of life" events) is believable enough, but I'm not buying the delivery.   The whole mutants as civil servants angle is a bit hokie and  the almost instant rift between long standing, battle tested friendships would seem to need issues and issues of development IMO, not a few panels representing about an hour's elapsed time.  As a total aside i also find the New Warriors irritable (though Namor's cousin is hot in a very nerdy "i love an alien" way).

McNiven's artwork is solid (albeit his faces always seem a bit rigidly plastic to me, esp around the mouth) and there's at least one cool scene where Cap Am mushes S.H.I.E.L.D (verbally and physically); though riding on the back of an F-15 would be impossible for even the super soldier i'm sure. 

I did love the panel (below) where the Watcher appeared, thought that was a nice touch and steve strange's comment in regards cracked me a big smile. 

PS -  there's a killer ad for Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr's june-arriving "Eternals" which i hadn't seen previously...  I'll def be picking up the first issue of that :)


06 May, 2006 02:45, Blogger comics should be fun said...

Here I agree 100%. Nice art, boring and misguided story. What's next, "voting in the marvel universe?" Oh the drama.

06 May, 2006 08:34, Blogger zilla said...

"Oh the drama" is right (and hilarious BTW). not to repeat myself but i'm so frustrated w/ these "events". i mean you don't NEED to have an event twice a year... if a good (great) idea for a massive crossover only comes along every year (or every 2 or 3) then fine, execute it then and execute it well, taking time to build it up on both ends (and in the middle). feel me?

11 May, 2006 15:05, Anonymous cmoney said...

Interesting article here:



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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Uncanny X-Men Omnibus

I was out of comics so long i've forgotten most of the Uncanny X-Men adventures i've read and was wondering if i should pick up this new X-Men Omnibus?  The thing is massive ($99.99 suggested but around $60 at Amazon making the price per page pretty damn good) and we all know how much i love a good HC! 

Anyone here have it?  Are the issues covered (#94-131 i think) a worthy run?  Other thoughts?


04 May, 2006 09:40, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

If you're just interested in reading the stories, you can get them in cheap B&W in the Essential X-Men volumes for much less. I'd only go with the Omnibus if you want a high-quality hardcover.

04 May, 2006 09:51, Blogger zilla said...

dave - my only prob w/ the essentials line is the B&W. i'm not a color whore by any stretch but i think there are certain comics that work in B&W (TWD, Sin City, Ferro City, etc.) but others (like these superhero classics) that just don't do it for me w/o color...

what do you think of this particular run of issues though (if you can remember them)?

04 May, 2006 13:15, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Let's see... this looks like the star of the All-New, All-Different X-Men, when Len Wein and Dave Cockrum revived the series from being a reprint book, up to the Claremont/Byrne stuff just before the Dark Phoenix Saga. It's certainly one of the classics of modern super-hero comics; many consider the Claremont/Byrne X-Men to be THE X-Men run. You do have to have a tolerance for Claremont's purple prose.

BTW, did you ever read the Banana Sunday that I recommended?

04 May, 2006 15:35, Blogger zilla said...

banana sunday is now in slot #2 on my amazon wish list so it will def make it into my next basket. i'm def going to buy/read/review it. thanks for the x-men info... i think i will get this HC at some point.

04 May, 2006 22:40, Blogger Matt Guerrero said...

I remember being underwhelmed at the quality of the writing, and the early art, when reading that run in the Essentials format. I can't imagine paying 100 bucks for it, but if I was a bigger X-fanatic I probably wouldn't balk at it.
But I agree that Essentials and Showcase, while a good idea, piss me off for their lack of color. It's the exact opposite of colorizing old B&W movies, and serves the same purpose: it drains the power from the image.

05 May, 2006 14:37, Blogger zilla said...

billy - thanks for the comment. i'm 100% w/ you on essentials and i wonder if you would have enjoyed these older x-men stories had they been in color (that's def how i felt when i went from silver surfer and hulk essentials to the marvel masterworks or visionaries of the same runs).

i guess i'll take my time w/ this and pick it up if i get dry on things to read...


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"Agents of Atlas"?

I don't remember any of these golden age characters from "before" Marvel was Marvel (when they were "Atlas" or "Timely") but this new Agents of Atlas mini piques my interest.  Have a read over at Newsarama, and let me know what you think (be sure and check out the preview pages of Leonard Kirk artwork)...


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Busy as a one-armed mail room attendant...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but i've been busier than shit at work the past couple of days...  I'm hoping to get to the LCS today and grab my weekly stash (still have some shotgun thoughts about a couple of last weeks flops that i may post later on today if i get a chance). 

FYI, if anyone's interested, i got my new Amazon order a few days ago and i'm simultaneously reading the first Maxx volume and the first Astro City (as well as Shogun, which i finally found at a used bookstore online for 10 beans).


04 May, 2006 09:42, Blogger Rob H said...

Let us know what you thought of Astro City. I've been Astro-curious for a while now.

By the way, I've been reading Swamp Thing. I've just finished the second TPB and it's very, very good stuff. I don't think you'll be disappointed when you get to it.

04 May, 2006 10:16, Blogger zilla said...

i'll def post a review of astro city... and that's good news about swamp thing - i almost added it to my basket this past order but shit was getting pricey! i'll pick it up soon though...


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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5.3 Panel


03 May, 2006 10:56, Blogger Rob H said...

That's way too cool for school. I'm picking up the third Invincible trade this week. Loving it.


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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3.15 Shopping List

Hmmm... Light week for me, though i'm into the current Punisher arc and Exterminators continues to entertain. I guess i'll pick up Civil War #1 (almost because i feel like i have to), though i expect to drop it after a couple of issues and just get the digest from someone a ala HoM.

I did love v1 and 2 of the PAD Hulk Visionaries so #3 is going on my Amazon wish list along w/ that MASSIVE (and massively expensive) X-Men Omnibus...

I'll def be picking up:

BPRD UNIVERSAL MACHINE #2 (OF 5) - I'm a quiet fan of B.P.R.D. (potentially due to HB withdrawal) and the mini's have gotten better and better IMO.
EXTERMINATORS #5 (MR) - Pull list. Unique and entertaining.
CIVIL WAR #1 (OF 7) - This is one of those books you feel like you HAVE to get for some reason... though i'm not all that excited about it.
MARVEL TEAM-UP #20 - Pull list. Another one of those "McDonald's" books i buy every month for those times when i just feel like sitting down and reading a comic w/o investing too much brain power.
PUNISHER #33 (MR) - Pull list.


SAM & TWITCH BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS COLLECTION VOL 1 TP (MR) - I've had this on my wish list so long i forgot why i put it there... anyone read this?
HULK VISIONARIES PETER DAVID VOL 3 TP - v1 and 2 were great so what the hell?
UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS VOL 1 HC - $99? At least it's $60 at Amazon. I wonder if this will be any good???
ATOMIKA #7 (OF 12) - I won't be picking up this single issue, but i DID read #1-3 back when and dug them enough to read by trade (assuming it gets collected).

Next Week:

EX MACHINA #20 (MR) and ARES #4 (OF 5).


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5.2 Panel

Is Shaolin Cowboy getting good again? I cut it loose at issue #3... anyone still reading it?


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Monday, May 01, 2006

Finally finished the Alias HC (and this is the last i'll post about it i promise)

I finally finished the massive Alias HC today after a couple weeks of diligent effort (hell the thing's 28 issues + extras including some incredible cover art work from David Mack) and had to post one more time how much i dug this series, even though it's got next to zero of the components i typically go for in a comic (and HAS some that i don't typically read - like a female lead).

The final Purple Man arc is pretty damn fantabulous IMO, exploring a part of JJ's past she'd like to forget (and explaining a good deal about her). These few issues really wrap the series nicely and got me thinking:

Remember those conversations when we were kids (who am i kidding my brother and i were just talking about this the other day at the gym) asking "if you could have one super power which would it be?"?

Well i USED to say "invisibility" (with flight and super strength in a heavy tie for second) but now i think that Purple Man's pheromone power to get everyone you come in contact w/ to do anything you say... though nefarious in so, so many ways, would be pretty damn cool ;)

What about you guys?


01 May, 2006 21:38, Blogger Rob H said...

You're really loving this Alias title aren't ya? :) Looks like I'll have to check it out at some point.

Super power? No idea but apart from flight and the usual super power suspects I'd have to go with shape shifting. It works wonders for Bigby Wolf.

02 May, 2006 07:58, Blogger zilla said...

ha i promise i will stop pimping this book. i'm prob setting up any new reader for a let down hyping it THIS much :)

shape shifting? ah yes that would def be cool. and you reminded me i need to pick up the next fables trade at some point (i'm only through #2).

02 May, 2006 11:40, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Z -

My sister sent this to me as a birthday present off my Amazon Wish List. Really looking forward to it, thanks in no small part to your pimpage.

02 May, 2006 12:43, Blogger Pat said...

Alias is close to my favorite Bendis work (Powers probably still has that honor) - I really enjoyed it. I just had Bendis sign my copy of #1 at the Pittsburgh Comicon - he was a super nice guy.

If I had one super power... I'd have to go with telekinesis (did I spell that right?) because then you'd have flight (my second choice) along with all kinds of perks...

02 May, 2006 14:10, Blogger zilla said...

Mark - knowing what little i know about you, i def expect you to enjoy Alias... let me know what you think once your all the way through (it's massive).


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5.1 Panel

Slott's Thing is def McDonald's style comics satisfaction but i'm enjoying it so far. The writing is solid, paced, and good for a laugh (gotta love the "Lost" bump in this issue - i love that show!). Plus the Ben Grimm here is a bit more likeable (IMO) than the weepy UFF version (Sean, you agree?).

PS - I know i've mentioned this before (the details matter to a guy like me) but i love how they've got Grimm wearing different clothes throughout (issue after issue)... it's always been a pet peeve of mine how Captain America sits around the house in his uniform (mask and all!). Not to single out Cap Am, but you get me i'm sure, this is prevalent across superhero comics... i would bet dating back to the days where it was hard to tell characters apart by their faces? it's NOT anymore w/ modern art/coloring so no need to baby us!!!


01 May, 2006 15:13, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Maybe spandex costumes are really comfortable to sit around in?

01 May, 2006 21:33, Blogger Rob H said...

Dave: Some deviants get off on that kind of thing. ;)

Great panel.

02 May, 2006 07:53, Blogger zilla said...

ha - no doubt there ARE some fans among us who DO sit around in spandex superhero costumes (not me i swear).

03 May, 2006 13:26, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Plus the Ben Grimm here is a bit more likeable (IMO) than the weepy UFF version (Sean, you agree?).


Although, my favorite Ben Grimm EVER was done many years ago; I forget what it was called, but The Champion (who you'll remember from the Thanos Quest book) came to Earth threatening to conquer the planet if nobody could best him in the boxing ring.

Hulk got disqualified, Thor had to leave his hammer out of the ring, and it all came down to Aunt Petunia's Favorite Nephew. He got absolutely destroyed, orange rock flying off him in chunks, nearly dead, but he WOULD NOT STAY DOWN.

Champion was so impressed by his determination and spirit that, even though he'd clearly beaten everyone in the ring, he left Earth alone anyway as a reward.

What a great character.


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Looking ahead to Wolverine #42

I've a man-crush on Humberto Ramos (BTW - who doesn't love the name "Humberto"?) and i'm def looking forward to adding Wolverine to my pull list again now that my man is on the art (too, too bad they didn't also enlist his oft partner P Jenkins to write)... check out a few preview pages and more at Newsarama.

PS if you have any interest in Ramos, let me know and i'll give you a sweet little list of his previous works that i've enjoyed (who knows, some of this stuff may hook you like it did me)...


01 May, 2006 21:30, Blogger Rob H said...

That's some pretty sweet pencil work. Feel free to give me a couple of titles to add to my list. If they're collected in TPB, even better.

02 May, 2006 07:56, Blogger zilla said...

Rob - if you like superhero books, def pick up jenkins and ramos run on Spectacular Spider-Man (TPs v1: The Hunger and v2: Countdown). The Hunger is one of my all time fav Spidey stories.

If you're looking for something a bit different (more along the detective/crime noir path) then take a look at the Revelations TP when it comes out (shortly?).

02 May, 2006 10:04, Blogger Rob H said...

Actually, I've been wanting to pick up a few Marvel trades so I'll definitely put that down on the list. Spidey definitely perks my interest. Thanks.


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