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Friday, June 30, 2006

6.30 Panel

Image courtesy of fellow comics blogger (and virtual pal) Sean Maher.  I love this cover Sean so had to crib it for a panel 'o the day.


30 June, 2006 22:06, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

That is a cool cover (and it was a great issue) but I wish Finch would show similar restraint over in Moon Knight where everybody's musculature is cranked to 11. Bushman and Taskmaster have been practically unrecognizable.

30 June, 2006 22:40, Blogger zilla said...

guy - i TOTALLY agree w/ you. finch has got MK (and taskmaster) jacked beyond belief. the only time super-jacked has worked for me is in savage dragon (where EVERYONE is pro-wrestler material but it works for some reason). or hulk who's just supposed to be inhumanly roided ;)

03 July, 2006 15:15, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Glad you dug the cover. I thought it was pretty sweet myself. Did you see Miriam's comment about it?


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This week's flops...

NEXT WAVE #6 - Maybe i wasn't in the mood for it when i read this issue but i was a bit disappointed.  Next Wave has quickly become one of my most anticipated titles and this month's flop didn't live up to the previous 5 IMO.  The artwork was there (Immonen is a beast) but Ellis seemed to fly off the deep end here (where previously i thought there was a perfect balance between the funny and the insane).  Still love me some tick-tick-tick-BOOM and "The Captain" tho ;)  C.

THE LEADING MAN #1 - Move along folks...  nothing to see here...  It's not that this comic was all that bad really, just kind of...  "so what"?  The idea that an international spy/hitman doubles as the world's most famous actor seemed like a good idea at first, but turned out to have a kind of "been there, done that" feel in the end.  D.


Ok, ok not to fret...  they get better:

WOLVERINE #43 - Even if he gets a bit carried away with it now and again (esp in some of the dialogue), i really think Guggenheim has got the intent/spirit of the Logan/Wolverine character nailed.  I'm a big fan of Ramos as you guys know and i think his work here is excellent overall (though his proportions are hit-or-miss sometimes).  Overall i'm having a great time w/ this new creative team and hope they give it a good go (post Civil War)...  IMO this is the best Wolverine work in some time (outside of a few kick-ass one-shots, the ongoing has been a repeated disappointment to me since i've been back).  B+.

INVINCIBLE #33 - Angstrom Levy (a great villain IMO) is back and has taken Mark's mother and newfound little brother hostage.  Using his unique powers, Levy flips Invincible through some unique dimensions (prompting ear-to-ear grinning cameos from Doc Oc, Batman, and what appears to be the flesh-eating stars of Kirkman's TWD) in an attempt to tire him out and even the odds pre climactic mano e mano fisticuffs.  Invincible weathers the challenges of each dimension in turn, eventually catching up with Levy and giving him one hell of a beat down (the likes of which we Invincible fans have come to love from Ryan Ottley).  HIs powers are not the ONLY thing Mark inherited from his alien father that's for sure (also his temper).  The cliffhanger in this issue proves once again that Kirkman is more than willing to press the envelope with Invincible (and TWD), often taking this comic where i wish more would go...  A.

DAREDEVIL #86 - Man oh man Brubaker is kicking ass and taking names w/ Daredevil.  I think i've read every issue he's put to paper so far at least 3x.  There is so much packed into each of these DD flops that $2.99 almost seems like a steal.  Here in #33 a strategically planned prison riot "jumps off" at Rykers, and, after fighting side-by-side w/ Kingpin (and ultimately Bullseye) to hold off a few waves of blood-thirsty convicts aimed on killing them, DD catches up w/ Mr. Frank Castle to mount an escape amid the chaos (stay tuned to next month).  Can't say it enough...  this book is WELL written (drawn and colored).  Good, good stuff.  A.

- I don't know what it is exactly about Moon Knight that's got me so far but i'm def enjoying this book.  Here in #3 we get a highly anticipated and much needed (for me at least) MK history lesson amidst the unveiling of the plot to forcibly "resurrect" him.  I'm not sure what the revelation that MK's ex war-time special ops partner is gay and has always been in love with him has to do with anything (doesn't it sometimes feel like Joe Quesada sent out a Marvel-wide memo to insert homosexual underpinnings wherever possible?).  No worries.  B+.


01 July, 2006 19:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zilla, just wondering what you thought of Loveless?

01 July, 2006 21:20, Blogger zilla said...

Anonymous - I totally forgot to comment on Loveless. I thought this was the best issue yet (though i'm not as big a fan of "guest" artist Danijel Zezelj (though he has a hella cool name IMO) as the regular guy. I had to read through this issue twice to really get it, and enjoyed it MUCH more the second time through. There's hope for Loveless yet.

PS - Needless to say this is what i expected from this title when i first saw the preview last year...

03 July, 2006 06:27, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Daredevil and Moon Knight are definately my two most anticipated reads each month!


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

6.29 Panel


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Brief Superman Returns review

I saw it last night, and I don't think words can be possibly used to describe just how spectacular the film was.

The opening of the film was touching and spectacular. And the moment we got into the opening credit sequence (which brought a huge smile to my face), I knew right away the film was going to be something special.

The acting was all top notch-- I believed every character in the film. Kevin Spacey was the man as Luthor! Finally, in a Superman film we actually have an evil Lex Luthor, and not merely something to be used as comic-relief (though, there was a healthy amount of that, but not in an over-the-top way).

The Superman action scenes were just spectacular; it's a very rare occasion when something I see in a film actually excites me, and every time I (and most of the audience) heard the classic theme begin to play during the film, anticipation forn what was to come went through the roof.

I understand what Bryan Singer meant when he called Superman Returns a "love story", as it was just that. The Lois/Superman romance was handled extremely well, in a believable, emotional, touching way.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about the film, I loved every minute of it. And even though I'm not that huge of a Superman fan, this is, in my opinion, the greatest comic-based film to ever be released. DC comics should be proud, as this film is a triumph even grander than Batman Begins-- which is saying alot.


29 June, 2006 17:20, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

...as this film is a triumph even grander than Batman Begins-- which is saying alot.

Them's fightin' words, Uncensored! ;-)

Superman Returns may end up being one of the few movies I wasn't interested seeing in becoming intriguing thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Of course, American Beauty was one of those movies and I hated it, and there's the Spacey connection there so I'm still on the fence.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, though.

29 June, 2006 19:21, Blogger zilla said...

dude where you been? unheard from for months then out of nowhere... bam! bam! (sorry my wife is watching Emeril live in the background as i type this...)

29 June, 2006 20:02, Blogger Rob H said...

Hey, Uncensored. Good to see you again. I freakin' loved this movie. I was caught in a trance from beginning to end. Not only was the movie top notch but the cinematography and SFX were mind blowing. Unfortunately, my friends don't share my enthusiasm.

I'll definitely be seeing this again on the big screen.

30 June, 2006 04:51, Blogger Christopher Green said...

It's been an extremely busy time in my life at the moment, but I should have something to say around here on an at least semi-regular basis.

Rob H, I understand completely what you're saying. My friend whom I saw Superman Returns with wasn't very impressed with the film, but he doesn't have much love for heroism and Super-Heroism.

God, I loved this movie.


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

6.28 Panel (and a bit about last week's Giant-Size Hulk)

Ran out of time to properly review this last week but suffice it to say that Peter David's Hulk: The End story in the Giant-Size Hulk book last week was the absolute BEST big green story i've read since i've been back into comics.  This flop is going in my "special" (keeper) pile even if the first two stories (preceding The End) are garbage. 

Hulk is my all time favorite Marvel character and i've been sorely (and repeatedly) disappointed with his ongoing book.  His Ultimate U iteration is solid but appearances are rare (Ultimates, Ultimates 2, and Wolverine vs. Hulk which is way behind now that i think about it).

PS - Where did this guy Dale Keown come from? Can we get him on Incredible somehow (or an Ultimate Hulk going ;)


28 June, 2006 21:11, Anonymous cmoney said...

Yeah, it's a great story, I should dig it out and re-read it soon. As far as I can recall, this and the Punisher are the only "The End" stories that have been worth telling.

28 June, 2006 22:12, Anonymous CellarDoor said...


I personally don't read much Hulk, but you made The End sound like an interesting story. Dale Keown actually drew Incredible Hulk in the early 90's, not sure if there's any collections that include his work, but I'm pretty sure Peter David was writing at the time. Keown then created Pitt at Image (I believe I have the first few issues somewhere now that I think about it). It seemed like a promising title, but never really went anywhere. Thanks for giving me a reason to dig through old bags and boxes full of comics in my basement!

30 June, 2006 13:19, Blogger Shane Bailey said...

Keown used to be on Incredible Hulk long ago with Peter David, but he jumped ship and moved to Image to write and draw Pitt. Then he just kind of disappeared for a while until he resurfaced on The Darkeness at Top Cow for a while.

I haven't seen him do much since Hulk: The End and The Darkness.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6.28 Shopping List

After an awesome haul 6 days ago i'm extra hype for tomorrow to get here (man are we nerds or what?).  Not a huge shopping list for tomorrow but there are def a couple budding gems on the docket...  let's hope we get even half the overall quality of last week.

I'm buying...

DAREDEVIL #86 - Pull list.  Though Uncensored seems to have disappeared, i owe him for turning me onto this great book (and Brubaker in general).
INVINCIBLE #33 - Pull list.  Seems Invincible has been coming out a lot more regularly lately...  and that's a very good thing.  Sean, remember when you were just getting on board?  a few months later what do you think?  I hope you went back and read some of the "older" stuff (QUALITY).
LOVELESS #8 (MR) - I keep buying this though i'm not sure yet if i like it...  i must i guess.  PS - don't i say that EVERY time a new issue of this book drops??
MOON KNIGHT #3 - Hey this book doesn't get the due it deserves so far IMO.  #1 and 2 were hella enjoyable.  If they can keep this up i can see myself with this book for some time...  Just do me a favor (as if you're listening) and keep it gritty and away from the rest of the marvel U (capes).
NEXTWAVE AGENTS OF HATE #6 - Ah yes...  always a good week when a new Nextwave lands.  One of the truly intelligent funny books out at the moment (i might say #1 if there was no such thing as the Goon).
WOLVERINE #43 - Ramos, ramos, ramos, my man.  I saw some preview pages of this issue  a few weeks ago and it seems that Humberto is shaken off the rust (having not drawn capes for a while) and really turns it on here...  Can't wait.


GHOST RIDER ROAD TO DAMNATION PREMIERE HC - I sold my flop set for almost as much as i paid for it so i'll def be buying the TP...  but not this HC unfortunately (fortunately?).
USAGI YOJIMBO #94 - I'm reading this by the TP (there are 20-some and i'm on #9) but i put it on here so i could be sure and pimp it one more time (and every chance i get).  X - what do you think?
LAST CHRISTMAS #2 (OF 6) - #1 had it's moments and at the time i was pretty sure i was onboard w/ #2 but i'm less sure now that the day has come.  Call this one a game time decision.
PVP #27 - I don't buy this by the flop but have every TP so far...  this release got me thinking though...  when's the next TP (#4 i think?) due?  this is QUALITY home office (read: the can) material.

Next Week...



27 June, 2006 21:00, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

geeks, not nerds...it's a fine line...

28 June, 2006 09:49, Blogger Ryan X said...

Great comment CD. I am still onboard with UY, just need more time to read! I obviously need some tips from you Zilla about how to spend more time on the can...

28 June, 2006 14:19, Blogger zilla said...

Cellardoor - you said it boss... i screwed that word choice up ;) my wife laughs at how excited i get on tuesday nights...

28 June, 2006 22:10, Blogger day4night said...

Lets see i only had two waiting this week:

Nextwave #6 - so much fun. I love all the characters but lately I find myself thinking of that Tabitha going and the "tick, tick, tick, boom!". Makes me laugh.

I read Nextwave and Fell and am struck by the yin/yang, light/dark contrast in the stories. They seem to balance. Hell perhaps the writing process balances warren.

Runaways #17 - building to a big moment. Zilla, I suprised you don't seem to follow this one. I know your a BKV fan.


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6.27 Panel

Mr. X this one is for you. I was hooked on Queen and Country with these panels (just a few pages in to the first volume):


28 June, 2006 09:51, Blogger Ryan X said...

Seriously, does it get any better than this?

28 June, 2006 14:19, Blogger zilla said...

have you dug into #2 yet? i can't wait to read it...

29 June, 2006 08:49, Blogger Ryan X said...

I am a couple of pages into it and it is already great. What is really amazing about this one is that the story is centered around the Taliban (Taleban) in Afghanistan...but the book was published pre-9/11. Most people weren't paying a lot of attention to that story before 9/11 and this guy is doing a full story arc on it in Q & C. Amazing to me.


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Monday, June 26, 2006

6.27 Panel (I'm a sucker for tender moments like these)


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A couple cool pre-order books i noticed browsing Amazon...

Punisher Max: From First To Last HCNow this i can dig.  Pulls together 3 Punisher MAX one-shots (The Tyger, The Cell, and The End), two of which i've read (thanks again Mr. X for The End) and thoroughly enjoyed.

Can an anyone around here sell me on The Cell oneshot so i can justify putting this nice TP on my bookshelf?
Absolute Dark Knight (Hardcover)Ok i haven't read any dark knight (i don't think) but i'm a big Frank Miller fan...  What do we think of this massive hardcover?  I'm a huge sucker for absolute editions (and a pretty recent Batman convert) so this caught my eye...

PS - So you don't have to click-through, this thing is 512 pages and collects Dark Knight Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again (plus extra's out the wazoo including money FM sketches i would imagine).


25 June, 2006 21:17, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

re: DK, loved the first one, and enjoyed the first issue and a half of the second one before it completely derailed. This is going on my wish list because I'm too cheap to spend this much money on any one thing for myself.

26 June, 2006 14:33, Blogger Sean Maher said...

"Can an anyone around here sell me on The Cell oneshot so i can justify putting this nice TP on my bookshelf?"

Um, it's really fucking good and you should definitely buy it?

Just trust me.

(Oh, also: the art is by Lewis Larosa, who did the first MAX arc, "In The Beginning", which I thought was fucking awesome.)

26 June, 2006 14:43, Blogger Evan said...

The Cell was a great read. If you are interested, I have a review of it here.

26 June, 2006 20:50, Blogger zilla said...

Sean - I trust your opinion almost like we know each other after a year hanging out online! no but seriously your comment about The Cell was just what i needed to add this TP to my wish list... then i can return X's The End (thanks again BTW).

Evan - Good review (i also read your review of Drive and think i might check that out too ;) nice blog too... where you been hiding?

26 June, 2006 20:52, Blogger zilla said...

guy - so do you think it's worth reading despite the second half plummet (Hush didn't end all that great either really)? maybe not at the absolute price but... i def dig frank miller and have silently wondered about his batman stuff for some time now...

26 June, 2006 23:43, Blogger freedome said...

yes get it. Dark Knight Strikes Again is what actually got me back into comics. granted the 3rd issue drops like tyson past the 5th round (i think that miller had to change the plotting of the story. it was supposed to come out a couple of weeks after sept II 2oo1 and due to the nature of the story i.e. terrorism i think the editorial department and probably miller himself had huge misgivings about where the story was going) that still doesn’t take away from the original Dark Knight Returns the quintessential Batman story that every batman writer after miller has been influenced by. plus the art is sick!

27 June, 2006 10:00, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

As a Batman and/or Miller fan, I think the second is one still a must-read, despite the flawed conclusion. It's still thought-provoking -- even if part of that thinking is, "Wow, 9/11 really fucked Miller's head all up!" -- because it's fascinating to see how he processed the events of the day and channelled it into his work.

27 June, 2006 10:01, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

PS: DKSA also got me into a comics shop for the first time in nearly 10 years, though it took a couple more years after the 3rd issue came out to get me hooked again.

27 June, 2006 12:24, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Zilla - Cheers, homie. (Ha!) As for Miller's Batman, his two best stories are generally held to be Dark Knight Returns and Year One.

I think Year One is the best; you used to be able to get the trade for ten bucks, but nowadays they might be forcing you to spring for the $20 hardcover with all the trimmings. Year One was a HUGE influence on the Batman Begins movie, so if you liked that, I'd start there. It's the single best characterization of Jim Gordon I've ever read, made me a huge fan of the character ever since.

DKR was great, too, but a little sloppier and more ambitious, I think. These days, the whole Bats vs. Supes thing is kinda played out, but when Miller did it in the 80's it was a pretty revolutionary take on their relationship, and it's certainly a great book. Just a little looser than Year One. Also features one of the best Joker sequences I've ever read. Love it.

Dark Knight Strikes Again, on the other hand, was a really tough read for me. When I first read the series, I thought it was a train wreck. The first evidence that Frank Miller had flat out lost his mind. I still think that, but when I re-read the series a few months ago with different expectations, I enjoyed it a lot more. Basically, it has no plot or attention span. It's got a lot of the same paranoid govt/media commentary that DKR had, but more over the top and insane (the president is a hologram?), and the artwork and coloring are also kinda ADD-afflicted. It's totally messy and sprawling and nuts, but if you approach it as if that were the POINT, you'll have a good time reading it.

Personally, I'm gonna pass on the Absolute edition because of the price, and the non-inclusion of Year One. If they'd put 'em all together like that, I'd probably have picked it up on Amazon...

27 June, 2006 15:50, Blogger Evan said...

Thanks. Your blog is truly inspiring. I check everyday for your panel of the day.

28 June, 2006 14:17, Blogger zilla said...

Sean - thanks a TON for your comment... good stuff friend. i actually have read (and loved) year one.


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6.25 Panel


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

6.24 Panel(s)

Ex Machina is another great title w/ a great current flop (i'm telling you guys this is the best flop drop i can remember in a long time...  i read some great issues this week from some of my fav titles).

So how about these panels to end #21?


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TPs for sale?

I've got the following books for sale if anyone around here is interested (let me know soon since each of these is currently up @ Amazon's Marketplace).  Every one of these is in gently-used, like new (i don't bend spines when i read etc.) condition:

  • Astonishing X-Men V1: Gifted
  • Astro City V1: Life in the Big City
  • Howard Shum's Gun Fu (V1)
  • Planetary V1: All Over the World and Other Stories
  • Planetary V2: The Fourth Man
  • Sea of Red V1: No Grave But the Sea
  • Watchmen
  • Top Ten (V1)


24 June, 2006 14:02, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I know some of those books haven't been collected in another format, so are you getting rid of books you just didn't care for? Just curious...

24 June, 2006 14:06, Blogger zilla said...

actually - my wife has been on me a bit lately about my montly comics expenses (!) so i'm trying to appease her by selling some here and there when i buy new ones.

my criteria for selling TPs is pretty simple: if i buy it in another format (HC for example), i'll sell the dup TPs, OR if it's a book i don't plan to read again or "collect". That doesn't necessarily mean i didn't like it... I enjoyed the heck out of most of these books i'm selling (though not all), just prob won't be reading them again (or loving them enough to "collect" if that makes sense)?

24 June, 2006 14:07, Blogger zilla said...

PS - if you want to know how i felt about a specific book before you consider buying/reading it yourself, just let me know and i'll share the God's honest truth (i don't mind unloading stuff on eBay or Amazon, but i sure as heck won't steer you guys around here wrong!).


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Friday, June 23, 2006

More thoughts on this week's flops...

Man i've read some good comics this week.  Here's another batch...

Fear Agent #5
- I almost can't believe i'm saying this but is it possible that Jerome Opena is BETTER for Fear Agent than Tony Moore?  After a seriously lack-luster fourth issue, i'm feeling good about FA again.  Gotta love how Heath gets a new body (cloned for him by the big brains) and his first thought is of his rebooted liver.   PS - Did i tell you i have a soft spot for this guy since he's from Texas (and represents)?  A.

Eternals #1 - I've got a soft spot in my comic-reader's heart for John Romita since the Sentry mini (which i thoroughly enjoyed) and he's put down some good work here in Eternals #1 (though Ike Harris looks a bit TOO much like a Robert Reynolds clone IMO).  Gaiman came to play too...  the story flows well and does a good job dropping just enough here in #1 so i don't feel lost (considering i know next to nothing about the celestials, eternals, or deviants).  This is def one of those flops you feel like you've gotten your money's worth after reading...  there's a LOT here for one issue.  So much that i won't bother trying to get into it here; but if you were on the fence about the new Gaiman Eternals mini, check it.  A.

Ultimates 2 #11 - Par for the course (and that's not a bad thing but a very GOOD thing w/ this title).  The U.S. has been invaded by an international band of powers and the good president (dismal approval rating and all) has been dramatically kidnapped while aboard Air Force One...  Rather wimpily shouting "Lauuuuraaaa" as the ship goes down.  Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, and Hawekeye, in a continuing attempt to escape captivity and mount some form of counterattack, throw down fisticuffs w/ the invaders super-powers for the first time.  Thor is unfortunately still MIA and i got chills when i realized it was Banner (hidden behind a ballcap and glasses) arriving to open a can of whup-ass at the last moment (as the Hulk)...  Oh my #12 will be good.  Hopefully we won't wait months to see it ;)  B.


23 June, 2006 18:42, Blogger zilla said...

PS - I think i'm finally done w/ New Avengers. Had fun w/ it for a year or so but it's just getting... stale.

24 June, 2006 09:51, Anonymous CellarDoor Family said...

I've picked up New Avengers pretty sporadically, and never really been impressed with it. It's amazing it can rank in the top 2 or 3 in sales and really not be a very interesting book. I guess it's just a combination of the big name characters and the big name writer, but really how long can that carry a title when the stories are so lackluster?

24 June, 2006 13:57, Blogger zilla said...

cellardoor - i mean i was enjoying NA for a while (though i personally hated spider man as a member), thinking Bendis was doing an OK job w/ it... but lately it's just seemed less and less interesting to me.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More on Brubaker and Phillips "Criminal" and (unrelated) a new Oeming?

Check out this interview w/ Brubaker about his upcoming ongoing w/ Sean Phillips (of Sleeper fame): Criminal. This is going to kick ass w/o a doubt. Can't wait.
NRAMA: So how long are we looking at here? An ongoing? A series of miniseries?

EB: This book can go on for a long time and that is how we're playing it. We've got plenty of stories planned out, and we're even thinking of some self-contained issues and shorter arcs. Sean and I both want this to be a long-term project. And this is where the fans come in. I know people like to wait for trades or hardbacks or some kind of collection, but I'm telling you right now, this book is being built for the single issue fix. And if you jump on from the beginning Sean and I guarantee you a great fix every month. We need you to be our partner in this, because this is a book we really want to keep on with. So, if you're a fan of my stuff, and you dug Sean's art on Marvel Zombies, or you're one of our faithful readers from the Sleeper days, buy Criminal in comic form. We're going out of our way to include extras in the single issues, back-up stories, articles by me and others about the crime genre. We're going to create a book that's worth the money, and I honestly think that's something the comics market can support on a monthly basis.

Also - Mike Oeming is writing AND drawing a new mini for the first time since Hammer of the Gods (which i loved BTW). Check out Newsarama's bit about The Cross Bronx. Looks $$ at first glance...


22 June, 2006 15:08, Blogger Ryan X said...

This looks absolutely killer. Great interview and great preview pages. This is an award winning series no doubt (I smell movie...). Thanks for the link bro.

22 June, 2006 20:59, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Lots of good crime titles coming out. Both Cross Bronx and Criminal sound great. As a side note, while reading through Image's Sept Solicitations I saw the Wanted TPB by Millar. The description sounds good, has anyone around here read the title?

22 June, 2006 22:18, Anonymous cmoney said...

I read and enjoyed Wanted, but it really depends on how much you like the more extreme side of Millar. It's very violent and f-bombs fly freely. It's a story about a guy who finds out he's the son of a legendary supervillain, and set in a world where supervillains long ago killed off all the heroes and took over. And they indulge themselves mightily in all of their respective vices, so I can see some being offended by it. One example of the kind of crazy we're talking is a character called, IIRC, the Excremental, who is composed of the waste material of the 666 most evil people who ever lived. Still, it's so over-the-top as to be pretty fun and blackly funny.

22 June, 2006 22:19, Anonymous cmoney said...

You know what? Wasn't the Excemental from the movie Dogma or something? Now I can't honestly remember what the character I'm referring to was called, sorry for the mix-up.

26 June, 2006 14:28, Blogger Sean Maher said...

Cmoney, I think the Wanted character you're talking about was actually called Shit Head.


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Scattered thoughts about this weeks flops (part 1)...

Missed my trip to the LCS last week and came home yesterday with a healthy (and what turned out to be exceptional) stack.  Good thing too since wifey had some minor out-patient surgery yesterday and i was holed up taking care of her all afternoon and evening...  translation:  hours of QT with my growing nightstand pile.

DMZ #8 -
In an age where most new series start the downhill slide after the first arc (or sometimes even the first issue), Brian Wood's DMZ is a pleasant surprise.  As much as i enjoyed this title when it first dropped, i'm loving it even more now.  The intelligent, well plotted writing AND the artwork are both humming at the moment and seemingly get better and better each month. 

Here in #8 we learn a bit more about how this whole civil war started, and Matty uncovers a plot to use him as a pawn in the ongoing struggle between the gub-ment and the FSA (free states).  There's some great character development going on in this comic.  Good stuff.  A.

CONAN #29 - Mike Mignola is a beast...  what else can i say?  After the first issue (of 3), i can already tell this Conan arc is going to be something to write home about.  Funny, but it took this new issue to help me realize that Busiek (as much as i love the guy) was losing steam towards the end of his run.  Miggs takes us back to the Conan we've come to expect from this latest iteration and even Nord's artwork seems to have "kicked it up a notch" (sorry my wife obsessively watches food network).  You just had to know Mignola would somehow incorporate frogs into this didn't you??  Looking very much forward to #30 and 31.  A.

ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 - I know i've said this before (maybe many times) but i'm not all that big a Superman fan (blasphemy i know).  He's typically a bit froo-froo goodie-goodie (and mainstream) for me but one thing is for certain:  All Star Superman is a GOOD (great?) comic.  Morrison and Quitley are both on top of their game so far (seriously isn't Q's art a bit mesmerizing?), and Morrison's emotional, brooding, introspective Superman is certainly the most intriguing iteration i've read. 

Here in #4 Superman is exposed to Black Kryptonite (and it's revealed to me that he is now immune to green kryptonite...  when did THAT happen??).  Turns out the black stuff screws with Kal's brain and turns him evil.  It's up to the eccentric Jimmy Olsen to save the day.  Not on the level of #1, 2, or 3, but entertaining none-the-less.  B.


23 June, 2006 22:15, Blogger day4night said...

Zilla, I'm right there with you on DMZ. I finish an issue, and I just want to read more. These new story arcs involving the FSA are great. That and Matty's continued awakening to just how screwed up and crazy the war really is have me feeling as if I experience the war vicariously every issue ... but I guess that is what good reporter is supposed to do.

Conan: Another solid story, but did you catch the letter in the back? I don't have the issue in front of me but it was the letter from the long time REH Conan fan voicing his disappoints whith the overall direction of the Dark Horse version of Conan. To sum up, DH Conan is good but it is missing some of that sense of wonder and awe that REH infused into the Conan verse. Anyway, there was more to his point but I thought he made it well and as good as Conan can be the letter highlighted a way to make it better. Classy of DH to print the thing.

Good work on the blog, I've enjoyed reading Zilla's for a few months now.

24 June, 2006 14:02, Blogger zilla said...

day4night - i went back and read that letter after your comment (thanks for pointing that out... i usually read letters pages but missed this one).

i have to agree that *some* of the wonder has gone out of Conan in this DH iteration, but not all. the first TP (frost giant's daughter...) is full of it, and there have been smatterings since, though somewhat inconsistent.

here's to hoping Miggs restores some of that with his arc... since we know he's well capable of "wonder" :)

PS - thanks for the comment friend. if you're looking for well planned/formed reviews you prob won't find them here, but i'm happy w/ zilla's and love talking about comics w/ you guys... keep commenting!

24 June, 2006 14:33, Blogger zilla said...

PPS - The auther of that letter TOTALLY lost me when he started dissing Cary Nord... the artwork in DH Conan (Nord and Stewart) is some of the best out there IMO and PERFECT for Conan as far as i'm concerned!

24 June, 2006 18:06, Blogger day4night said...

yeah, i forgot about the dig at Cary. I love his Conan work too. I'm not real familar with Mignola's work but seem always hear good things. The excitement for me is seeing Truman take over. We both live in the same town and I had the chance to talk with him this past FCBD and he seems like a great guy. And he signed my FCBD Conan issue. Anyway, he wouldn't give any goods up, but I'm looking foward to his run on Conan just the same. It's cool that Cary will continue as artist, but you won't here me complain if Tim steps up and draws a few from time to time.

25 June, 2006 11:10, Blogger zilla said...

Man i'm a happy to hear some postive about Truman. i don't know the guys work and have been a bit nervous about the "new permanent guy" on Conan.

PS - you haven't read much mignola? oh man you're missing out. start hellboy from the first trade... esp if you like "wonder" ;)


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6.21 Panel

Thanks a ton for the Punisher: The End recommendation...  I dug this one-shot something large.  Is it just me or is the Punisher the all-time perfect character for one-shot stories (w/ Wolverine a close second in my book)?


22 June, 2006 14:23, Anonymous Dale said...

I became a Corben fan after his brief run on Hellblazer so I was really geared up for this one. I would love to see him do an arc of the MAX series. He's like R Crumb if R was a total fanboy growing up.


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

6.21 Shopping List

Man, "real" life has been all up in my way the last couple of weeks... my posting schedule is getting to look a lot like the Ultimates shipping schedule... oh wait - there's a new Ultimates this very week!

I'm def buying...

Casanova #1CONAN #29 (MR) - Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't this issue start Miggs arc w/ Conan??
ALL STAR SUPERMAN #4 - I'm not a big Superman fan, but i LOVE this book.
EX MACHINA #21 (MR) - Pull list.
CASANOVA #1 (MR) - Been looking forward to this for what seems like forever now... Prob my most anticipated read this week. I'll def post thoughts on this tomorrow/thursday-ish.
ETERNALS #1 (OF 6) - I don't know jack about this except the awesome add that's been running in my comics for a couple months now (and a short piece in last month's Wizard which i've totally forgotten now).
NEW AVENGERS #20 - Every time i feel like i'm just about to drop NA, Bendis drops a solid issue that reels me back in.
ULTIMATES 2 #11 - Quite possibly my favorite ongoing capes title... Too bad it comes out as irregular as Garpa's bowels after a jalepeno eating contest.


CONAN BOOK OF THOTH #4 (OF 4) - I enjoyed the heck out of #1 but decided to wait for the trade rather than pay $4.99 an issue. I'm not cheap or anything.
CONAN VOL 3 TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT & STORIES TP - I'm still in love w/ this series, though it seems to have fallen from the incredible heights of The Frost Giants Daughter and Other Stories....
FEAR AGENT VOL 1 REIGNITION TP - Notable but i won't be buying it.
INVINCIBLE VOL 6 DIFFERENT WORLD TP - I'm buying these via the Ultimate HC editions. #2 is out soon me thinks??? #1 rocked.

Next Week...



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Monday, June 19, 2006

6.19 Panel


19 June, 2006 21:20, Blogger Rob H said...

Whooo! Everybody's favorite duo.


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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congrats RK on your newborn son "Peter Parker Kirkman".

New additon to the Kirkman family - Peter Parker Kirkman!

Image and news courtesy blog @ newsarama :)


15 June, 2006 21:26, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Are you serious? Man, he'll do anything to get the reigns to Ultimate Spiderman!

16 June, 2006 01:04, Blogger Rob H said...



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Great quote from the ornery one...

“I despise the comic industry, but I will always love the comic medium. The sun will have turned into a dull red ember before I am doing any licensed characters for anybody.”

- Alan Moore


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sam Noir: The Samurai Detective

Now THIS looks cool... Check it. You guys know me well enough to know i'm all over this... sounds pretty boss from the brief write-up over at IGN (link above) and the art in the preview pages is B&W money.


15 June, 2006 04:02, Blogger Rob H said...

Detective noir AND Samurai. Almost enticing enough for me to buy it. Almost. Looks awesome.


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Blog @ Newsarama

Are you guys as impressed with the recently unveiled Blog @ Newsarama as I am?

It seems doubtful that they'll be able to keep up the torrid posting pace they're currently on, but for now it's giving me something comics related to read more often than i have time to read it (and that's a good thing).

Check it out...


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6.14 Shopping List

Diamond isn't updating their shipping list until 5:00 tonight (as opposed to the typical Monday @ 5 update) so i'm not sure how accurate this is but...

DMZ #8 - DMZ doesn't get the press it deserves IMO. good stuff and getting better.
EX MACHINA SPECIAL #2 - I'm an Ex Mach whore so you know i'm reading this... besides #1 was a pretty cool intro to the Great Machine's previously unheard of arch-enemy.
FEAR AGENT #5 - Wait... didn't an issue of FA just come out a couple weeks ago? You know, the one w/ the bad news that Tony Moore is taking a break?
SUPER F$$$$$S #3 - I'm embarrassed to be reading this... and more embarrassed that i like it (hey it makes me laugh!).

What is everyone else picking up?


13 June, 2006 16:43, Blogger Ryan X said...

Good article about FA #4 and how it was completely "sold out" over on Newsarama. The TPB is due to hit stores on June 21 (pre-order at Amazon as well). Loving DMZ myself, looking forward to this new story arc. Also ordered an old TPB called Whiteout by the creator of Q & C. Just browsing my recommendations at Amazon and it popped up. Looks killer. I'll post comments on it later. Have a great week comic geeks.


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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gateway Comics?

Blog @ Newsarama dropped an interesting post about "Gateway" comics (which are the most likely past/present comics to impress non-comics-readers enough to suck them into our world?).  Obviously the answer will be different depending on the tastes of the target, and the comments to the Newsarama blog post are filled w/ the usual suspects, but got me thinking none-the-less...

Having just been through this over the last year, i'd recommend tackling this in stages:

First a few classic GNs like 300, Maus, League, etc. followed by a move move to "non-cape" TPs with wide-market appeal like Preacher, Sandman, Hellboy, Sin City, Conan, Powers, The Goon, The Walking Dead, Sleeper, Losers, Des Jones, Fell.  If i did come across someone who had an interest in cape comics, i'd probably recommend something off the beaten path to start with (with a less intimidating history) like Invincible or Powers.  Once someone's read a few books off these lists, their eyes will be open to the fact that comics today are not all Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men.

Next will undoubtedly come the desire to read some more mainstream stuff, and here's where i'd start recommending some classic character TPs like Hush and Long Halloween for Batman, Loeb and Sales fantastic "color" series, some Wolverine, sDaredevil, X-Men, Hulk or Spidey runs, etc.  Reading some of these more classic character runs will give bang for the buck and help a new reader decide which characters he/she'd like to follow in the present...

Ok, ok i'm sure i forgot a ton (this was entirely off the top of my head) but you get the idea..  what do you guys think?


13 June, 2006 07:03, Anonymous Custom Car Seats said...

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13 June, 2006 14:23, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Oooh ooh custom car seats!

Zilla, this is off topic, but I figured I'd follow the trend set by "Mr. Seats". Did you ever finish The Maxx Vol. 1? Don't worry if you absolutely hated it, I won't be insulted just because I recommended it. And if that is the case, I apologize.

13 June, 2006 15:04, Blogger zilla said...

how the hell did that get through? i've got that super annoying "type the letters in the image" business set up to avoid death by spam comments! ah well...

cellardoor - i've still got Maxx on my nightstand... i've been kind of busy lately and deep in a re-read of the Bourne trilogy so having a hard time getting to my TPs after i read my weekly flops... i'll get to it though (soon) and def post thoughts :)


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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Walking Dead #26

Don't get me wrong, i'm as big a TWD fan as ever but the last few issues have been a bit...  stale IMO.  Finding another group of survivors outside the prison is def boss (and something fans have been waiting for), but the whole zombie gladiator games has that "been there, done that" feel to me personally.  Luckily for us, things pick up mightily here in #28 with some jaw-dropping, "oh my" happenings (check my day panel yesterday and the images incl. in this post for spoilers). 

Things are going to get interesting for rick w/o his right hand (though he temporarily lost use of it after he beat the crud out of psycho what's his face) and you just know Michonne is going to get to whuppin' her captors ass in #29.  And what's going to happen to poor Glenn?  I have this weird feeling he's going to die in the next issue.  Check back w/ me on that. 

I'm also feeling the doctor's dissension in the new camp...  there had to be someone around who thought the new camp's leader is off his rocker you know (to keep things believable)?  My brain's been working overtime trying to figure out how he's going to fit in long-term...  Overall a step-up from the last few issues...  I'm rejuvinated:  B+.


Poor Rick's right hand has been through hell...  first via a self inflicted demolishing back when he beat to death a fellow survivor turned psycho:

And now this (oh my):


13 June, 2006 07:03, Anonymous Custom Car Seats said...

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

6.10 Panel

TWD:  Fun for adults NOT for kids.  Just curious...  w/ the maturity of some comics these days, how do parents keep their kids from reading certain titles??  Education?  Are LCS's supposed to card for "mature content"? 


11 June, 2006 23:10, Blogger Rob H said...

My LCS guy will refuse to sell if a kid comes in wanting to buy a mature title. In most cases, he'll just give a warning and ask if that's what they're actually looking for and in others, he won't sell unless he gets the ok from a parent or guardian.

I REALLY can't wait for the next TWD TPB. Damn you for making me drool.


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Friday, June 09, 2006

6.9 Panel

Got a loaner laptop from my jobbie and swapped HDs. Nice (at least temporarily). I'm back before i was really even gone...

So yeah... Sometimes you have to sacrifice another to survive (many sometimes if you're the Punisher).


09 June, 2006 18:35, Anonymous cmoney said...

Wow, is that from the Tyger one-shot?

09 June, 2006 18:57, Blogger zilla said...

actually it's just from the latest Punisher issue (part 4 of barracuda). pretty cool though. tyger was beast though - i plan to post some thoughts on it after i reread.

09 June, 2006 21:57, Blogger Rob H said...

Zilla, have you read Punisher: Born? It's an origin tale of sorts set in the Vietnam war. It's awesome MAX if you ever get around to it.

10 June, 2006 15:56, Blogger zilla said...

rob - i've been looking for Punisher stuff to read lately so i'll def pick up Born and let you know what i think... tyger was pretty money did you pick that up week before last?

11 June, 2006 13:44, Anonymous cmoney said...

Heh, well obviously I've read neither. Only reason I asked was I thought the art looked a little different than the other Punisher issues I've read, though it's been a while. I pretty much read it in trades.

11 June, 2006 23:05, Blogger Rob H said...

Nope, didn't read Tyger although after reading the first HC of the MAX series, I definitely need to pick up some more Ennis Punisher at some point. I tend to skip over one shots and single issues in general.


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Star Wars Legacy 25c, The Last Christmas, and Exterminators

Man the motherboard on my work laptop (which i double as a home computer) fried yesterday and it's in the shop. What a pain in the ass. I'm on my wife's jalopy laptop (and can obviously still get to the internet at least) but i won't be able to scan/post images or do anything fancy for a few days... Regardless i wanted to post a few thoughts (w/ another batch to come tomorrow prob incl. TWD and Invincible).

Star Wars Legacy 25c - I'm as big a Star Wars fan as the next guy (and used to read the heck out of some SW comics when i was a kid) but i'be been having hella trouble getting into any of the current titles (i've tried them all for at least an issue or 2 over the last year). Ultimately i've come to the conclusion that the SW universe (as far as the comic books are concerned) is unapproachable.

I mean there's SO much history here in the SW comics, across so many titles, it's damn near impossible to figure out what the hell is currently going on w/o tremendous research... and as far as i can tell current creative teams (even those starting up a new book like Legacy) are making little attempt to welcome new readership... Or maybe i'm just salty about my laptop this morning. The first comic i posted thoughts about had to know it was going to get slammed. Ha.

The Last Christmas - I have NO idea why, but my expectations for this book were/are super high. It's written by a couple of guys i've never heard of (Duggan and Posehn) and drawn by better-known-for-his-writing Rick Remender. The idea though is pretty damn cool; the world has (barely) survived a nuclear war and spiraled down into an anarchy filled w/ disfigured mutants (nuclear winter/fallout will do that to you) and shameless marauders.

Santa Claus and his elves are still trying to keep Christmas going despite the mess; that is until the North Pole is invaded by brigands and Mrs. Claus savagely murdered. In a fit of rage and dispair, Santa cancels Christmas and does what any self-respecting husband would do if his wife were killed - goes on a bender to end all benders.

After copious amounts of booze and some hilarious failed suicide attempts, Santa regains himself and sets out for revenge slash to save the world (at least this is what we can expect to happen starting in #2).

The comic so far isn't everything it could be but entertains. There are some genuinely funny laugh out loud moments (Santa's suicide attempts) side-by-side w/ a few dogs, and one disturbing image of Santa sitting in his boxer shorts pouring syrup on himself. Not much action so far but it's promised starting next issue.

Gotta wonder why they didn't release this around the holidays? Pick it up if you like Battle Pope and or generally irreverant, comedic use of morally spiffy religious icons! OR if you just want to see Santa whup some ass and save the world (starting in issue #2). B.

Exterminators #6 - This really is a great comic... and i HATE bugs (i'm no woman so it's not born of fear... that is unless they are in the thousands when i encounter them). I'm a HUGE fan of Tony Moore's pencils, and he's even better here than on Fear Agent (let's keep the last issue of FA off his resume, though i'm still not convinced it wasn't an imposter).

In this issue Henry and Stretch (Stretch is a great character) head to a very weird fullfill-your-strangest-sexual-fantasy establishment to cure a spider infestation and henry's teetering marriage finally falls apart (though he quickly meets a new love interest who's a bit hot in her school girl outfit). B.


09 June, 2006 11:31, Blogger Ryan X said...

Exterminators is the greatest comic book in the world! Okay, maybe not, but it is damn good. Unfortuantely I can't read your review because I haven't read this issue yet.

09 June, 2006 13:54, Blogger zilla said...

no worries i didn't give anything away... getting better about thoughts w/o spoilers i am!


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6.7 Panel

Image Courtesty Joystiq.


09 June, 2006 21:55, Blogger Rob H said...

Heh! That's pretty good.

10 June, 2006 12:03, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Why can't I stop looking at that picture. And I'm not even a gamer!

10 June, 2006 15:56, Blogger zilla said...

ha i'm not much of one either but i just thought this was a hilarious (and uber-clever) pic. street fighter nostalgia to boot!


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Dark Horse in August...

Ah August is so far away but anticipation is cool (courtesy IGN)...

Chickenhare: House of Klaus
Writer: Chris Grine
Artist: Chris Grine

He's a chicken! He's a hare! He's Chickenhare! And he's your new favorite comic book character, whether you know it or not!

As night falls on a frozen landscape, Chickenhare and his turtle friend Abe find themselves on their way to be sold to Klaus—an insane taxidermist with a penchant for unique animals and enough emotional baggage to go on a very long vacation.

With the help of two mysterious new companions, our fuzzy, feathered, and amphibious heroes endeavor to escape their dire fate. But they soon discover that might not be so easy when they get caught up in an adventure that could bring Klaus's villainy to an end for good . . . or they all might die.

Whatever happens, Chickenhare is sure to charm, scare, and delight readers young and old alike!

Recommended for fans of Bone, Usagi Yojimbo, and Sock Monkey!

Recommended for fans of Bone and Usagi?  Though those two have little in common but i AM a fan of both.  This solicit had me at "insane taxidermist"...

The Hellboy Companion
Writer: Stephen Weiner and Jason Hall
Artist: Mike Mignola

Written by Stephen Weiner (The Will Eisner Companion) and Jason Hall (Beware the Creeper; Trigger; Detective Comics) and densely illustrated with classic images from the comics as well as a handful of new drawings from Mignola, this volume offers thorough documentation of the Hellboy universe, compiling the many complex pieces that make up the life of the World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator into an easily understandable format. From Abe Sapien to the secret origin of the world, this complete compendium is every hardcore Hellboy fan's key to the mind of Mike Mignola, and the ultimate introduction for anyone looking to begin their journey in the weird and wondrous world he has created.

Hellboy fans (new and old) have been waiting years for something like this...  I can't wait to find out how "way off" i am with about half of what i understand (or think i understand) about the intricacies of HB and the incredible mythos Mignola has built around him...  I'm also a sucker for "dense compendium"s (esp those containing new art from MM).

Satsuma Gishiden Volume 1
Writer: Hiroshi Hirata
Artist: Hiroshi Hirata

Controversial, tough, angry, highly skilled, and lost in a time of peace, the characters of Satsuma Gishiden tell a quasi-historical tale of social caste and brutal reprisal.

Readers with a taste for Kazuo Koike's gritty Lone Wolf and Cub will go nuts for master gekiga artist Hiroshi Hirata's tome of samurai struggle. Hirata's art and calligraphy leap off the page during scenes of action, only to unfold upon a full bleed that looks like a fine plate print. It's art at its most expressive, accentuating the classic stoic samurai characters you've come to know, only with a little more true society thrown in to help the reader understand what it was really like to be a warrior without a war.

You guys just new i'd jump on this one now didn't you?  PS i'm starting in on Lone Wolf and Cub for the first time this week...


08 June, 2006 01:17, Anonymous comicfreak said...

I'm maybe gonna order Chickenhare. I only wish somewhere on the internet there's more art about this (other than the cover).
Some preview pages would be nice.

08 June, 2006 06:16, Anonymous CellarDoor said...


Any idea on the format of the Hellboy companion? I'm assuming it's not a flop, but is it a TPB or maybe a larger HC? Number of pages? Price? I suppose I could do my own searching on the web, but figured I'd ask you first. It sounds great! I'm working my way through the HB trades now. Just got #3. I actually read all the BPRD stuff before I started on the Hellboy titles, kind of backwards...

08 June, 2006 10:19, Blogger zilla said...

damn if you read B.P.R.D. before HB you're in for a real treat... i mean B.P.R.D. is good but HB is CLASSIC.

as for the format of that new book... i'm guessing a TP since it's listed at 14.95... shame since it would make a great HC if done properly...

my source for the stuff in this post is IGN (http://comics.ign.com/articles/711/711518p1.html)


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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6.7 Shopping List

Ah back to our normal release day (wed). The world is right again. As usual i'm looking for you guys to fill in the gaps for me so let me know what i'm sleeping on (missing).

For sure...

  • BPRD UNIVERSAL MACHINE #3 (OF 5) - These B.P.R.D. mini's keep getting better and better IMO and "Universal Machine" is no exception...
  • EXTERMINATORS #6 (MR) - Pull list. Mr. X you still w/ this?
  • INVINCIBLE #32 - Pull list. Always a good week when Invincible and TWD drop. Me = hype.
  • WALKING DEAD #28 (MR) - Pull list. See above.
  • MARVEL TEAM-UP #21 - Pull list. Fun book that's losing me lately...
  • PUNISHER #34 (MR) - Pull list. I got into the Punisher MAX series late (last arc) but i've been enjoying the heck out of it... are the previous arcs/issues as good??


  • STAR WARS LEGACY #0 - I've yet to find a Star Wars title i can get into but there seems to be a buzz about this one... I'll at least give it the 'ole flip through gut-check.
  • CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE #1 (OF 10) - What's the difference between this and the 7-issue Civil War run?

Next Week...



06 June, 2006 16:36, Blogger Ryan X said...

I'm still with you boss, just no time to comment lately. Between work and home, my free time is nil (like everyone else out there). In order to get through my latest stack, I resorted to bringing them all with me offshore and reading them on the helicopter ride. Anyway, I am out here and loving Exterminators as much as ever. Hordes of intelligent bugs? What's not to love?

07 June, 2006 12:50, Blogger googum said...

If you haven't read it already, Punisher: The End. You'll love it.

07 June, 2006 13:29, Blogger zilla said...

googum - i can't find "Punisher: The End" at Amazon, instocktrades, or my usual haunts. is it a TP? uncollected mini or a one-shot or what?

07 June, 2006 23:09, Anonymous cmoney said...

Punisher: The End is a one-shot from a couple years (more?) back.

I've heard good things about the Punisher: Tyger one-shot that was released last week.

08 June, 2006 10:17, Blogger zilla said...

cmoney - i picked up the tyger one shot and def enjoyed it... i was going to review but never got around to it... thanks hoss.


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Monday, June 05, 2006

Preview pages of Wolverine #43 (nice)

Though i dug the art in Wolverine #42, i felt that my man Humberto Ramos wasn't on the tip-top of his game and might need a few issues to get back into shape (drawing capes again after working on Revelations with Jenkins most of last year). 

Doesn't look like it will take that long from the uber-cool preview pages of #43 (click through to Newsarama).  I love this guy.


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6.5 Panel


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Blog @ Newsarama

The good folks over at Newsarama are joining the comics blog-o-sphere.  I haven't had much time today to sift through their initial posts, but i will here at some point. 


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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Black Gas #3 (of 3)

Warren Ellis' Black Gas concluded this week.  I enjoyed the mini, though it ended rather predictably w/ Tyler's infection and eventual death at the hands of his kickin'-ass-and-takin'-names girlfriend Soo.  No worries for the next installment though (another mini is planned for release in the fall) since Soo is the much stronger lead character anyways... 

In the end Black Gas was pretty much your typical high-gore zombie story (unique only by the cause of this particular zombie plague), but i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoy it.  I guess i'm a sucker for this kind of stuff :)  I'm most certainly onboard for the next installment...  and glad to hear there is already one planned.


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Vertigo's Panel @ WW Philly (courtesy Newsarama)

Newsarama's got some notes up from Vertigo's panel at WW Philly. 

Personally, I was most interested to read about: Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (an original GN from Fables mack Willingham, set apart from the ongoing series) and BKV's Pride of Baghdad.  Also a pretty cool sounding mini about an American soldier in Vietnam and his enemy counterpart (Enemy Mine?) called The Other Side and news (to me) that 100 Bullets is ending w/ issue #100. There's also finally a ballpark release date for the new Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 HC (November!), covering the first (completely and spectacularly re-colored) 20 issues.


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6.4 Panel


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

6.3 Panel

One more from Death Comes to Dillinger....  Can't wait for #2.


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Friday, June 02, 2006

July 2006 Wizard Mag...

Been a while since i commented on an issue of Wizard, but this latest issue is surprisingly packed stuff i felt like sharing (some of it old news now so bear w/ me):

Ed McGuiness has signed exclusive w/ Marvel...  seemingly to continue working w/ his old pal Loeb (these two have man-crushes on each other like nobody's business).  I'm a  big fan of McGuiness, esp on Superman Batman; he draws his characters uber-jacked up in the muscle dept and you can really feel his action panels.  Can't wait to see what he and Loeb are going to work on w/ Marvel...  according to the article here, it's not just one something but many somethings (yes sir).  Hulk please???  You should see McGuiness' Hulk sketch in here...

I'm really, really, really stoked about this:  Brubaker and Sean Phillips are working on a new grit crime comic (ongoing!) called simply "Criminal"Criminal promises to "shine a light on society's underbelly" and is compared to Sin City and 100 Bullets.  There is little doubt this book will kick ass.  Personally, i can't friggin' wait.


 While Eric Powell is off working on the much anticipated "Chinatown" Goon arc in the fall, DH is putting "Dwight T. Albatross Presents: The Goon Noir", a 3-issue mini (anthology) jam packed w/ Goon shorts featuring a killer list of guest writers and artists including Ryan Sook, John Arcudi, Tony Moore, and Humberto Ramos (among others).  All in B&W.  Oh my.

Next, there's a pretty interesting article by Chris Lawrence about the life (and death) of Conan creator Robert E. Howard.  I've loved Conan all my life but knew little about his creator until now.  I had no idea Howard was such an eccentric, or that he committed suicide shortly before his mother's death at the ripe-young age of 30...  How the heck did he put out SO much great Conan material in such a short time?   Somehow i doubt he had any idea the impact he'd have on fantasy books and comics, or the Gov. of California's career.  Wow.


Finally, Wizard has thoughtfully prepared yet another "Top 100" list for us...  this time the "Top 100 Greatist Villians of All Time".  As you can imagine i've got issue w/ many of these entries (esp their slotting) but most of all i'm just sick of any top 100 lists that aren't books, graphic novels (or other wish list type items), or hot women.

Cheers for now folks...  some of you guys have been awful quiet lately...  where the hell is everyone???


02 June, 2006 17:40, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Here! Just lurking...

03 June, 2006 02:26, Blogger Rob H said...

Ditto. I'm still around.


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

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In no particular order:

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