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Monday, July 31, 2006

Queen & Country Vol. 3: Operation Crystal Ball

Just finished reading Queen & Country Vol. 3 last night and def enjoyed it, although i can't help but feel that Greg Rucka's writing is being held back a bit by the artists they've thrown at the book so far (through the 3 volumes i've read). It's not that guys like Steve Rolston, Brian Hurtt, and Leandro Ferndandez can't draw (they def can), or that they don't shine in certain areas (there's a killer action sequence near the end of Operation Crystal Ball that won me over to Fernandez), i just wonder how Queen & Country could be w/ an a-list artist (i'd love to see Sean Philips draw this). And yes i know that the label "a-list artist" is extremely subjective :)

Regardless Q&C is a fun read, esp with the hooks into today's world climate (Al Queda, Iraq, terrorism, etc.). I'll def be picking up Vol. 4.

Ryan what do you think (or any other Q&C fans)?


02 August, 2006 11:19, Blogger Ryan X said...

You're way ahead of me Z, I still haven't purchased Vol 3. My budget is getting tighter so I am slow to pick up trades these days. I have considered stopping flops, but I just can't, it is sort of an addiction (anyway feel like this? Ha ha, rhetorical question). Anyway, the whole Q&C series is on my wish list, I was hooked after the first two, def hitting the next ones soon. BTW, I agree that the carousel of artists on this series has potential to hurt the story.


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7.31 Panel


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

7.30 Panel

Another issue of Loveless in the can and i still can't decide what i think about it.  This book has so much unrealized potential it's almost ridiculous.  Azarello needs to figure out a way to capture some of that 100 Bullets magic here in the post-civil war south.


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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shotgun reviews from last week's flops...

Daredevil #87 - Daredevil might just be the best Marvel book out at the moment...  Certainly the best mainstream flop.  This is one of the 3 or 4 comics on my pull list that consistently feels worth every penny of the $2.99 cover.  Brubaker is fast solidifying himself as my favorite comics writer and has made DD a pleasure (this coming from a guy who never really appreciated the character before now).  I can't write as much about this issue as i would like w/o spilling the beans (i'd hate to ruin a couple of things for you if you've somehow managed to keep your head in the sand since wed...  though at least one of them is somewhat predictable), but i can tell you that DD escapes Rykers, confronts his mystery impersonator, and sets out to find out just who's behind Foggy's death.   A.

PS - As an aside, Brubaker announces an "Iron Fist" mini (or at least it seems to be a mini and not an ongoing) at the end of a rather thoughtful letter in the back of this issue.  Wait did that give something away?

Powers #19 - I can't say it enough:  I friggin' LOVE this book.  I know this particular issue will turn off some folks (let's just say it calls for the "suggested for mature audiences" label to appear bold and flashing on the cover and i'm sure somewhere a conservative politician or two are well irate), but for me it just proves (again) Bendis and Oeming's willingness to take this book ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. 

Rated-R comics are like Rated-R movies to me...  gritty, violent, sometimes sexual, and a hell of a lot more like "real" life.  I mean cussing is what it is unless you're in church or around little kids you know?  That's not to say there shouldn't be age restrictions on books...  there def should be (just like for Rated-R movies).  I sincerely hope that retailers across the world put this one on a "special shelf" out of the reach of anyone younger than about 30 (just kidding...  sort of).

And you know what?  After getting to know Bendis and Oeming a bit via their work, boards, and letters pages, i just get the feeling that Powers is the book they really WANT to be doing and all their mainstream stuff is for paying the bills.  A.

PS - Deena Pilgrim may very well be the most interesting single character in all of comics right now (for me at least).  Also:  i'm very glad that Walker's new role as "Millennium Guradian" (at least i think that's the title) hasn't taken over the book.  Special thanks to Bendis and Oeming for keeping that under control (adding to the book w/o overpowering what we've grown to love about it).

Wolverine #44 - Not a whole lot to say here (i did enjoy the issue) but i had to post and at least give an "atta boy" to Guggenheim for his work.  This guy has Wolverine nailed IMO and writes more like a long-timer than a new-comer.  Good stuff.  B+.

Fear Agent #6 - Another great, great book.  I was a little worried about it there in issues 3 and 4 but my fears turned out to be hella unfounded.  I never thought i'd say this (though i've said it in a post before i think or i'm having deja vu) but Jerome Opena might just be better for this book, or at least as good as, Tony Moore.  His pencils are kicking ass at the moment and a perfect compliment to Remender's witty, sci-fi action-packed scripts.  Heath "the last Fear Agent" Huston is fast becoming one of my fav characters (across all my pulls) and, coupled w/ Godland, FA is satiating my sci-fi sweet tooth big time!  A.


29 July, 2006 13:50, Blogger zilla said...

PS - There you go Uncensored. There's 4 books i really like :) and that's just this week!! ha.

29 July, 2006 17:26, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I haven't read the latest DD issue, but I've already had it spoiled for me. Still, I'm anticipating getting my hands on it come pay day.

On a side note regarding DD-- I'm in the process of (just for fun, really) writing a screenplay for a Daredevil film that is closer to the comic book tone than the real Daredevil film was. Email me if you want some plot details.

As for Power, I must be honest, I read a trade once (Anarachy I believe it was called), and I didn't like it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. That is to say, I didn't like it at all. To be fair though, I've been reading the "strips" on Newsarama and I am enjoying those, so maybe I just read a subpar story?

And you talk about not liking "mainstream" stories, yet you like Wolverine? As far as the Marvel universe goes, it doesn't get any more mainstream/overdone than the character of Wolverine.

29 July, 2006 23:07, Blogger Kross said...

I haven't been reading Daredevil up until now, but I've been impressed with Brubaker's work on Uncanny X-Men so far, so that coupled with the ungodly amounts of praise the book gets has convinced me to give it a try this month.

I tried to like Wolverine, but I just couldn't get too into it. I don't really know what it is exactly...the writing is decent, the art is nice, although I will say that Wolverine recovering from being incinerated seemed a bit much...maybe I'll pick it up in trade.

I just started picking up Fear Agent with #5 after reading an excerpt in Image's Free Comics Day book, and its definitely got my attention (haven’t gotten #6 yet as I didn't make it to the comic shop last week).

- K.

30 July, 2006 08:37, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i wouldn't say i don't like mainstream comics/stories, just "most" mainstream comics/stories (though i'll never give up on them completely). and yeah generally i hate wolverine (i agree w/ you he's generally as "mainstream" as mainstream gets in comics) too but i'm with the ongoing now almost primarily because i'm a huge fan of Humberto Ramos (though Guggenheim is doing a good job too IMO).

Daredevil is also hella mainstream but i love his current ongoing... and if Thor had one i'd read that. and Ultimates kicks ass (i'm also reading Ultimate FF thanks to you). So i prob misspoke generalizing a dislike for all mainstream :)

30 July, 2006 08:43, Blogger zilla said...

Kross - Welcome aboard? Don't recognize your handle so i'm assuming your a first time poster.

DD is some of the best Marvel out there IMO so i'm glad you're reading that. I honestly hadn't read a single DD comic before Chris got me to try a bit of the Bendis/Maleev run and that got me sliding right into Brubaker's current stuff (which is awesome IMO).

As far as Wolverine, man i've picked up and dropped this ongoing so many times it's silly. I know Ramos isn't for everyone (or even most people probably w/ his distorted cartoony style) but i'm a big fan. Honestly i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be buying Wolvie if he weren't on it... and i'll prob drop it the month he goes off (unless the new creative team blows my socks off i guess?).

Lastly, in regards to Fear Agent, yeah man that book rocks. It stumbled a bit in the middle issues (of the 6 out so far) but overall i'm impressed... Funny thing too since i was about 99% going to bail once i found out Tony Moore was leaving the book. Turns out Opena is a beast!!!!

30 July, 2006 19:44, Blogger Kross said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 July, 2006 19:46, Blogger Kross said...

Yes, I am a first time poster. Sorry, I guess I didn't introduce myself :)

30 July, 2006 20:36, Blogger zilla said...

Hey np Kross... welcome around partner. def comment your thoughts - i get as much from you guys (prob more) than you get from me ;)


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Friday, July 28, 2006

New "Thor" ongoing?

I read in Wizard this afternoon that the Mighty Thor is finally getting his ongoing back...   Seems that the creative team is already in place and intentionally being kept secret...   hmmm....  Wiz asks the question "who do we want on the book?" and i've got to say i wouldn't mind Loeb and McGuinness...  Or Oeming and Yu?  Hell Oeming writing OR drawing is ok w/ me.  Oeming and McGuinness?

What do you guys think?

Also - they dropped news to me that Thor made his grand re-appearance in Civil War #3.  Since i'm boycotting all things Civil War (except Wolverine because of Ramos), can someone around here fill me in on what happened?  where's he been?  how'd they write him back?  etc.?

Thanks ;)


28 July, 2006 23:22, Blogger Sean Maher said...

His appearance was the cliffhanger ending, so not much to tell yet.

Iron Man & Co. are fighting Captain America & Co. and Thor shows up and seems to kick Cap's team's ass.

(As a side note: seems an odd choice to follow up issue #2, which made non-comics press all over the world, with a cliffhanger that really depends on readers being familiar with the last three years' worth of Marvel continuity for maximum impact. The question is not so much "Oh, shit, what're they gonna do now that Thor's here?" as it is "How did Thor come back and what's he been up to?", right?)

29 July, 2006 04:29, Blogger Christopher Green said...

You're boycotting Civil War? No offense intended, zilla; but do you fucking like anything!?

Sean gave a vague recap of issue 3, so I'll go slightly more in detail;

Cap's resistence have all taken on new secret identities, during a metting in a diner. They recieve a call of some sort (I don't remember exactly how) leading them to a specific location, in which they're ambushed by the New Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Iron Man tries to resolve things diplomatically, and Cap attacks him. Iron Man proceeds to beat the shit out of Cap, while Spidey talks trash in the background. Eventually, Cap's team gets the upper hand, and S.H.I.E.L.D. puts a contingency plan in place-- Thor showing up to kick the renegade heroes' asses.

Also in the issue, we learn that the X-Men want no part in any of the Civil War happenings in a meeting between Tony Stark and Emma Frost (which left me wondering... Didn't she betray the X-Men in the current Astonishing arc?)

29 July, 2006 10:02, Blogger zilla said...

ha... ironic that you say that Chris because i've gotten comments before saying i like TOO MUCH of everything (as in i'm a softie)... the variety of stuff i like in comics is as wide and deep as anyone around i'm sure, i just don't like as much of the mainstream stuff as i did when i was a kid (and this whole mutant registration/civil war fighting your boys/teammates who you've shed blood w/ at the drop of a hat thing just seems hokey to me like most major "events").

thanks a ton for the updates though... i DO like me some Thor and keeping up w/ him is a must for me ;)


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

7.27 Panel

Image courtesy Newsarama. Oeming's Cross Bronx is going to be MONEY.


28 July, 2006 16:46, Blogger Ryan X said...

Thanks for the NR link, this looks awesome. Oeming is money, period. Can't for this to drop.


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7.26 Shopping List

Light week overall but i'll make the trip for Powers and Daredevil. Plus Godland's back after what seemed a very brief hiatus. I've got this strange feeling i missing out on something this week in particular... What are you guys getting that i'm sleeping on?

I'm buying...

LOVELESS #9 (MR) - It took a while for this title to swing me (i stuck w/ it in the early going primarily because it's seemingly the only ongoing western book around), but you know what? i'm actually starting to like it.
GODLAND #12 - Been a fun read since #1.
DAREDEVIL #87 - One of the best books out right now... period.
POWERS #19 (MR) - By now you know how i feel about Powers. Me lovie.

Next week...



25 July, 2006 21:25, Blogger Christopher Green said...

The final chapter of the Devil In Cell Block D arc, I'm fucking excited!

27 July, 2006 02:20, Blogger Philos said...

I'm a little bit disappointed about Loveless and dropped it after the first arc. Nice to hear that the story is becoming better. Maybe I'm going to give the book another try.

27 July, 2006 08:21, Blogger zilla said...

Philos - you and me both man... i stuck this out through 8 so-so issues mainly because it was the only western around. it *seems* to be showing promise though. i figure i'll give it a couple more issues.

27 July, 2006 22:44, Blogger day4night said...

I stuck with Loveless for issues 1-8, but won't be getting nine. I expected Azarello writing a western would rock and for a few brief panels here and there it did. So Loveless is gone and I'm anxiously awaiting the new Lone Ranger in september.

perhaps i'll still get the Loveless trades (that's how I'm reading 100 bullets).


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Monday, July 24, 2006

7.24 Panel

I'm a bit disappointed with the middle issue of Mignola's Conan arc (after a promising start in #29).  Just feels a bit lazy to me (there's not a lot of substance IMO); rushed maybe?


25 July, 2006 11:57, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

I'm liking it, if only for the very ... Mignola-ness of it all. The page layouts are pure Mignola, and it's wierd seeing Nord interpret those "shot of wierd statue" panels. I'm also enjoying seeing Conan mix it up with the very Lovecraftian stuff Mignola loves - Lovecraft and Howard were friends, and it really mixes well.


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Xbox Live?

I know we all dig mainly on comics around here but anyone have an Xbox 360 w/ live?  I know Fossen does (we've yet to hook up w/ our different schedules) but anyone else?  I've been logging hours w/ NCAA 07 (and a few other games i've rented from Gamefly like the awesome shoot-em-up Battlefield 2). 

Honestly i don't get to play that often but would be nice to hook it up with a friend (even a virtual one) rather than play the computer...   Let me know...


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Clerks II

To say I'm a fan of [earlier] Kevin Smith films is simply an understatement on planetary scales-- I love the absurd religious satire of Dogma; the the offbeat humour mixed with a genuinely moving and human romance of Chasing Amy; the irreverence of Mallrats. But, most of all, I will never grow tired of discontented monologues and randomness of Clerks. So, because of that, after a two year wait, I saw Clerks II on the first showing on opening day (due to having to work that night at, ironically enough, a video store), and I'm just going to tell you right away that this film was everything I hoped for and much much more.

The film picks up 11 years after the events of the first film, in which, the Quick Stop/RST Video have burned down. Having no real experience in life other than retail, our heroes Dante and Randal take employement at Mooby's (the fast food restaurant introduced in Dogma). Eight months after working there, we're shown Dante's last day on the job, as he is preparing to move to Florida with his controlling fiance (played by Kevin's wife) to manage one of her father's car washes. On this day, we're introduced to Dante & Randal's coworkers; Elias, a 19 year old sheltered, nerdy Christian Transformers fanatic. And their absolutely beautiful manager Becky (Rosario Dawson). We're also reintroduced to "The New And Improved Jay & Silent Bob" who, while still marijuana dealers, have found religion after spending six months in rehab.

On the surface, you really don't know what to expect with this film other than the rants/monologues that the characters would go on in the first film, which they do in this one as well, thankfully. However, this film has much, much more to it than that. As such, this film has much a much clearer direction, plot, and message than the first. It's really about the bonds people make with eachother-- friendships, love, hate, all of that jazz; and how people feel when those bonds are on the verge of breaking. Another message I believe that Kevin Smith is trying to send with this film is, if what you do in your life makes you happy, no matter how small it may seem, be happy with it. Don't yern for more simply because you think that's what you SHOULD do.

Seeing the characters in the other View Askew films, I never would have expected them to say things that would actually tug on my heart strings, but alas, they do. Randal in particular says many things to Dante in the film that identified with me so much that I swear, they nearly brought tears to my eyes. With that in mind, a huge amount of credit should go to Jeff Anderson, a man who had never showed interest in acting before, or after the original Clerks. Everything the man says in the film just sounds so genuine that, as with the first film, we can believe that this is a real person talking, not just some actor reading lines from a script.

Speaking of acting, Rasario Dawson is just wonderful in this film. I admit that I wasn't fond of her in Sin City, both as an actor, nor finding her attractive. But in this film, she's just absolutely beautiful, and she plays an amalgam of a spunky girl and a worn out from life woman perfectly. Her performance in this film is enough to make any man fall in love with her.

The film isn't all drama though, in fact, it's quite the opposite. There are plenty of laughs to be had, most of them from the exchanges between Randal and Elias. I think perhaps my biggest laugh was at one point in the film where Randal and Dante are arguing about why Dante hasn't done anything in his life, mentioning Dante dropping out of university. Randal says something to the fact that "We were studying Criminology! What the fuck are we going to do with that, be Batman!?"

I think the true triumph of the film is that it retains the spirit of Clerks, while adding the heart of Chasing Amy to the mix. You'll laugh your ass off, you'll want to cry your eyes out, and you'll even want to applaud at times. This is a film that is truely not to be missed.


24 July, 2006 17:44, Blogger zilla said...

when did you change to your more scholarly alter-ego Uncensored? I see you are commenting/posting as Christopher Green now ;)

24 July, 2006 17:47, Blogger zilla said...

PS great friggin' review man... thanks. my wife and i have been itching to see this (and quietly hoping it didn't "sell out" with it's big attention, big budget in comparison w/ the first film).

25 July, 2006 19:23, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I changed my display name to my real name about a week or so ago. I figured it was just time for a change, and what better moniker to go by than my real name?


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

7.23 Panel

Are we getting our money's worth w/ Eternals or what?  The first two issues have been substantial and felt packed w/ well more than $2.99 worth of story...  Ellis AND JRJr. are pulling weight here IMO. 

Really enjoying this so far...


23 July, 2006 15:36, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Isn't Gaiman writing Eternals?

23 July, 2006 15:53, Blogger Christopher Green said...

He is, but the cover price is actually $3.99 (USD).

24 July, 2006 08:37, Blogger zilla said...

damn - i had ellis on the brain and screwed that up (i obviously know it's gaiman writing this). thanks guy. also - i had no idea this was running at 3.99... oh well, somewhat suprisingly, i STILL think it's worth it :)

24 July, 2006 16:47, Blogger Christopher Green said...

By the way, in case you're oblivious as to who I am, this is Uncensored-- Christopher Green is my real name.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

Wasteland #1

Let's cut to the chase here; I'll grade the first issue of Oni Press's new comic (Wasteland) as a B with a big 'ole asterisk (due heaping potential).

The entire thing kind of reminds me of TWD in a way... (maybe it's the B&W artwork or the post-apocolyptic setting?) and that's generally a good thing. I'm a big fan of books that attempt to explore what civilization would be like if the world were rebooted (whether by nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, natural disaster, zombie plague, etc.); but there's a problem: When writing a book like this it has to be VERY good (a la TWD) since these ideas have been hashed and re-hashed umpteen thousand times in just about every medium one can list.

Wasteland starts off plenty well; the opening pages introduce us to one of the main characters (an apparent nomad scavenger named Michael), as he's ambushed by a team of sub-human sand people (is this book set on tatooine??) called, rather unfortunately even as slang, "Sandies". Not sure if these guys are zombie's or what (it's made clear later in the issue that you don't want to get bitten by them, though Micheal does in this first fight). Michael himself appears to be cool enough (esp the way he's drawn), possibly even with some nifty telekenetic powers (the use of which give him nosebleeds) beyond an obvious knack for fisticuffs.

Ultimately, these first pages/panels really set a great tone for the book and had me super hype (which is certainly what you want from your #1)... Unfortunately things took a slight dip once the dialogue started (more on that later).

After his run-in with the Sandies, Mike discovers a mysterious letter (written in a strange tongue) accompanied by an even more mysterious recording device (the significance of either is yet to be revealed). He heads into a nearby town to trade for supplies and hooks up with the required damsel (though she's not in distress yet) before ultimately setting out to a town/city/place called "New Begin". The aforementioned damsel, Abi, also seems to have powers (healing) and gets the same nosebleeds as Michael when she uses them. The second half of this issue deals w/ the early stages of their trek, including an action-packed run-in w/ a second (and much larger) mob of Sandies.

Ok... back to the writing (see how i delivered on my "more on that later"?): It's not that it's all that bad really, just feels a bit immature. Johnston's dialogue is awkward at times (he uses the phrases "goat shit" and "son of a goat" so often it makes me wonder when he's going to explain why goats are so intrinsic to this world he's introducing us to!), creating an occasional conversation flow problem. Not a huge deal though, it's not exactly uncommon for the writing/dialogue of a first issue to stutter a bit while the creative team works out their characters. We're still cool.

The artwork on the other hand is some good, solid, well laid out B&W. I've never heard of the penciler (Chris Mitten) but i'm enjoying his work so far. As a matter of fact it's not out of line to say i'm REALLY liking it. Good stuff.

#2 is a definite (2-issue rule or not). If these guys can tighten up the dialogue/writing just a bit, this book has some great potential.


21 July, 2006 22:32, Blogger Sean Maher said...

I imagine part of the TWD connection in your mind would be the stunning similarity between this book's artist and Tony Moore's work on the early issues of TWD... it was a comparison I made very early on, too.

Still haven't gotten around to reading this one all the way through. Opening pages didn't grab me too fast and it just got put down in the hustle and bustle o' tings. I'll have to pick it back up...

23 July, 2006 10:36, Blogger zilla said...

yeah wasteland for me is one of those titles i really, really want to like. the premise is good, the artwork familiar and solid, but the writing (so far)...

25 July, 2006 20:37, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Nice review. It sure does sound like the book has promise. Are you familiar with the creators at all. The names didn't sound familiar to me at all. I haven't read it yet, as the LCS near me didn't get it in. I'll be ordering it sometime though, because I am now going the mail order route I already ordered #4(?). I guess that's another drawback of mail order because by the time you get the first issue of a new book, you've already ordered about 3 more in advance.


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

7.20 Panel


21 July, 2006 09:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7.19 Shopping List

I've really been sucking on the posts lately (maybe it's the combination of the new pup and sports on xbox live w/ my mates?)... sorry guys. i'm currently reading Queen and Country Vol. 3 (these last 2 volumes hit home w/ all the Bin Laden and Al Queda refs), Concrete Vol. 1, and Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 2. I just finished Samurai Heaven and Earth, and my two second thoughts are thus: great (great) artwork, "meh" story.

I'm buying...

CONAN #30 (MR) - Didn't #29 just come out like last week? I love when a new flop gives me that feeling... let's me know it's well on time! Can't wait for this issue. This Mignola arc is going to be boss.
CASANOVA #2 (MR) - #1 was a bit of a disorganized shotgun blast but grabbed my attention none-the-less. Here's to hoping #2 settles down a bit and starts to realize the potential of this title. In.
ETERNALS #2 (OF 6) - Good work by Romita, Jr. and hell... it's cosmic!

Forgot these last week... (any i should ditch in hindsight?)


Next week...



19 July, 2006 10:32, Blogger Ryan X said...

I have to disagree (well, not really, it sounds like you liked it), I thought Casanova was brilliant! Yes, it was all over the place, but I thought it was just incredible. Hope #2 is even better.

19 July, 2006 11:14, Blogger zilla said...

don't get me wrong, i def dug Casanova #1. i just hope it lives up to the potential you can tell is there after one issue (if that makes sense). let's reconvene after reading #2.

19 July, 2006 17:58, Blogger Highlander said...

absobabelutely cool looking blog template. Is it a standard or did you do it yourself? It's the bonk.

19 July, 2006 18:35, Anonymous CellarDoor said...


Pretty sure the Hellboy journal is blank notebook paper (hey, maybe that's what you're looking for!) Anyway, I am VERY interested to hear what you say about Wasteland #1 assuming you end up picking it up. The review on Fourth Rail made it sound pretty good. I'm a sucker for well done post-apocalyptic stories (ala The Walking Dead). By the way, I'm switching back from all trades to floppies. I just couldn't stand the waiting. Which reminds me of something, I was wondering if you had ever used DCBS, but I don't want to hijack your blog...

20 July, 2006 08:21, Blogger day4night said...

hey, did anyone actually get Casanova #2? I know diamond has it shipping this week but at my local comic store they were displaying it as being available next week.

20 July, 2006 10:47, Blogger zilla said...

Highlander, welcome. I started off w/ one of the blogger templates but made hella changes to it overtime (i'm not sure there's much left). thanks for the comment though - it wasn't easy!

CellarDoor - Yeah man that's why i have to buy flops too... there are some titles i just can't bear waiting for. I used mailordercomics for a bit but never DCBS (though i do use instocktrades.com which is run by them). I honestly think if i didn't have this blog i would still use mailordercomics... just didn't make much sense to post about stuff a week or 2 old.

Also, about Wasteland and Casanova, i'll def be picking them up (missed out yesterday but going to get my comics today).

I'll post a review of both tonight or tomorrow?

20 July, 2006 13:30, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

CellarDoor: I use DCBS and am on-the-whole pleased. Discount is very good--40% off for most DC, Marvel, Image; 30-35% for most indies. They have great monthly specials where you can often get new trades for 50% and some first issues for 75% off. They ship DHL ground but I'm close to where they're at (Indiana) so I get my comix on Thursday (I pay extra for weekly shipping). Customer service has been good when I've had to contact them (rarely). You do have to pay in advance; my only complaint is that I wish they issued refunds for cancelled items sooner.

20 July, 2006 14:49, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Zilla and Dave,

Thanks for the feedback on mail ordering comics. A week ago I put in an order with DCBS for the current Previews (Sept? I think...) I was a little unsure how some of it worked, like books that are delayed, are you just refunded your money or does the order stand for the next month. I don't remember choosing to pay extra for weekly delivery, so I guess I'll get all mine after the last wednesday of the month then? Thanks again, and sorry for being off topic here Zilla.

20 July, 2006 16:04, Blogger zilla said...

honestly partner nothing is OT around here. i love talking all things comics... as for your last thought, when i used mailordercomics, and a flop was delayed, they just kept it on your list until it actually shipped. funny for MONTHS after i stopped using them i was still getting a flop here or there :)

20 July, 2006 16:05, Blogger zilla said...

PS dave when you say you get your books from them on thursday you mean of the FOLLOWING week right? as in not just one day after release? if that were the case i'd be all over mail order (so let me know)!

20 July, 2006 17:58, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I'm absolutely [b]loving[/b] The Eternals so far-- I love the somber, human dialogue that Gaiman writes ["Three messages on my voicemail; two from my girlfriend, the first telling me she's now my ex-girlfriend, and the second telling me she's taken the cat." Not an exact quote, but you know which scene I'm referring to=]. There's also great deal of nostalgia in JRJR's pencils for me, as he penciled my first comic book many moons ago.

22 July, 2006 00:41, Blogger Greg said...

In case anyone is still wondering, Casanova #2 apparently didn't make it to the Northeast. It will be there next week. Weird.

22 July, 2006 15:56, Blogger day4night said...

thanks Greg

23 July, 2006 10:38, Blogger zilla said...

Greg - i got my copy here in VA on time (obviously not the NE so not contradicting you just saying ;) i'm really enjoying this comic BTW...


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Monday, July 17, 2006

7.16 Panel

It's not Crane (or even well close) but...


20 July, 2006 18:02, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I think the penciling duties were chosen for nostalgia, as the team of the new Ghost Rider series were behind the majority of Ghost Rider vol. 2 in the 90's.


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Sunday, July 16, 2006

7.16 Panel

It's not the panel per se but the moment (in last week's DMZ):


17 July, 2006 21:59, Blogger day4night said...

funny, I was getting ready to request some DMZ panels in the post on last weeks reads.

thank god the story arc concludes next issue. The tension is killing me. With great art to boot DMZ was the best I read this week.


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More on last weeks flops...

Been kind of wrapped up chasing around the new puppy the last couple days but finally got a moments peace to post some more thoughts on last week's flops...

Ares #5 (of 5) - Ugh. This thing started AND ended weak IMO. I was disappointed in the first issue after a long (long) anticipation but stuck w/ it, mostly due to the fact that i'm typically an Oeming junkie and willing to give anything he puts together fair shake. Initially i was thinking my 2-issue rule saved me once again, as #2, 3, and 4 were much better and seemingly set the stage for an ass-kicking finale but... in the end #5 pretty much blew. The climactic battle was a bit ho-hum for me and Oeming's dialogue took a nose dive there near the end w/ all the extra mushy father-son business between Ares and Alexander... Seemed kind of... kitchy (is that a word?). Feels almost like someone over at Marvel leaned on Oeming to clean Ares up there at the end and prep the character for integration into the mainstream MU (since we already know that's his future). C.

Talent #2 - Yes. Yes. Yes. Talent is doing it for me big time so far. Here in #2, it is revealed to Nicholas Dane in a dream that he was collectively chosen to survive the crash (see #1) by his fellow passengers in their final moments and imparted with each of their passion, despair, hopes, dreams, talents, and "unfinished business". Now how about that last bit as a price for your survival and newfound abilities? And as if that isn't story enough, Dane is being hunted by an as-of-yet unknown nefarious organization (lead by a mysterious religious? figure) with a high-level mole in the U.S. gov't and a pair of psychotic super-agent assassins. Golden is pulling no punches so far. Good, good stuff. A.

Ghost Rider #1 - Not sure how i feel about this yet. Through 3 quarters of this first issue i was sure i was out for it but something happened there at the end to pique my interest (nice little twist even if it was a bit predictable). The writing isn't Ennis and the art isn't Crane, but there's at least *some* promise. I'll be picking up #2 at least. B.

DMZ #9 - I friggin' love this book. Def one of my most anticipated reads and certainly one of the top 10 books out right now IMO. I've said it 10x before but i'll say it again... DMZ is getting better and better so if you've slept so far, get on it. Here's to hoping for a long life. PS - How cool is Wilson as a character? A.


23 July, 2006 04:01, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I passed on Ghost Rider-- I can't stand Daniel Way.

23 July, 2006 10:39, Blogger zilla said...

yeah man pretty doubtful i'll be sticking w/ this... i'm not a very big way fan too (his work on Hulk has left a lot to be desired IMO).


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

7.15 Panel

I'm not usually such a softy but my wife and i got a new pup yesterday... and guess what? he already loves comics! he all but shredded my latest copy of punisher while i was taking a piss break last night ;)


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mignola's new Sci-Fi channel cartoon...

I'm such a Mignola whore that there's no doubt i'm in for this... there's a pilot episode is available for our viewing pleasure... what do you guys think? (i've yet to get the 23 mins to watch it but will soon and post my thoughts...)


15 July, 2006 17:09, Anonymous cmoney said...

Great stuff, I hope to see it get picked up.

16 July, 2006 08:49, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Checked it out yesterday. Very good show. The art is a decent representation of what Mignola's work would look like if it could move. I thought the show's sense of humor was hilarious and for some reason I love the flip-panel-mouthed Lincoln and the assistant named Mr. Groin. So...anybody around here read the Amazing Screw-On Head oneshot that was out a couple years ago?

17 July, 2006 15:44, Blogger zilla said...

that's a really good question... i've been wondering if i should pick that up myself (the one-shot).


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7.14 Panel

I forgot to mention that the "Governor"'s daughter is a zombie and that he collects heads in old fish tanks.  the fun never ends with this guy!


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Goon #18 and TWD #29

The Goon #18 - I knew i was going to dig this issue the second i saw the cover; I love me some once-a-horn-toad Lagarto Hombre (who doesn't?).  With Dr. Alloy in prison and unable to feed him his "pills", Lagarto has lost his mind and is rampaging through the countryside mutilating livestock (a la Chupacabras for those who are familiar).  Meanwhile, Goon and Frankie are trying to figure out what manner of new undead the priest has conjured up and helping rebuild Norton's (which unceremoniously burned down last issue). 

PS - Powell's story is pretty short in this issue, but there's a very good (IMO) story by Mike Hawthorne included as a bonus.  Hawthorne's artwork here reminds me SO MUCH of Pope's Batman Year 100 it's eerie (cool though)... 

- Powell writes a pretty funny "Note to the Readers" here regarding the Goon issue that never was (or has yet to be?) called "Satan's Sodomy Baby".  I'm not 100% sure if he's honestly telling us that he felt bad about putting out the Satan's Sodomy Baby story (or got pressure not to due to it's mature audience only-ness) or just teeing up jokes but it's hilarious none-the-less.  Throughout #18, Frankie is spotted reading a copy of the Satan's Sodomy Baby Goon issue and commenting on just how out there and deviant it is...  funny, funny stuff. 

PPPS - Powell is taking a 3-issue break from The Goon in order to finish his much anticipated Goon Chinatown GN which promises major revelations from Goon's past.  Can't wait for that one.  In the meantime we're getting the very cool sounding "Goon Noir" 3-issue mini with a plethora of guest writers and artists...  hype!

The Walking Dead #29 - Man RK is really going balls to the wall w/ the last few issues.  Rick, Glenn, and Michonne are being held prisoner by one of the most psychotic characters i've read in comics, a guy called simply "the Governor".  This guy has chopped off Rick's hand, brutally raped and beaten Michonne (repeatedly) and evidently mind-fucked Glenn into revealing details about the prison where the rest of our merry TWD cast is hanging out unawares.  Luckily the good Doctor who has been treating Rick's severed hand seems to be fed up with the 'ole Gov and most assuredly plays a big part in the trio's escape in upcoming issues (as well as providing us info about this "Woodbury" settlement's history and present).

As usual there is a ton of good stuff in the TWD letters pages, including RK's hope to take both TWD and Invincible to #100 (and beyond) and an admission that the new settlement (Woodbury) is exceptional in size and full of new character possibilities!  exciting stuff...  can't wait for #30.  B+.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

7.12 Panel


13 July, 2006 11:01, Blogger Ryan X said...

Dude, where is this panel from? I just read this issue of Conan, it was cool as hell. Later.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7.12 Shopping List

Been so friggin' busy the past week or so w/ my granddad and cousin in town for garpa's 90th birthday (neither has ever been to the east coast).  Didn't even get a chance to grab my books last week so should have an overflowing box tomorrow...

I'm buying...

ESCAPISTS #1 (OF 6) - In.
HELLBOY JOURNAL (O/A) - What is this? I'm usually pre-in for anything HB.
DMZ #9 (MR) - Pull list. Getting better and better each issue.
EXTERMINATORS #7 (MR) - Pull list.
IRON WEST GN - In Image's own words: Preston Struck is an incompetent outlaw with a heart of fool’s gold. He discovers an army of metal men bent on destroying central California. While Struck avoids any form of heroism, he gets a little help from a magical old shaman and his sidekick Sasquatch. Struck is going to need all the help he can get because he’s deputized just as the mechanical men have take over the railroad and are mutating the train into a giant demonic iron monster.
WALKING DEAD #29 (MR) - Pull list.
GHOST RIDER #1 - Hope this lives up Ennis and Crane's 05 mini.

Next week...



11 July, 2006 14:16, Blogger zilla said...

PS - Did anyone read Brubaker's first Uncanny X-Men issue last week?

11 July, 2006 14:31, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Hmm, that Iron West sounds cool. Missed it in my own roundup. Will have to check it out tomorrow.

11 July, 2006 23:29, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

"HELLBOY JOURNAL (O/A) - What is this? I'm usually pre-in for anything HB."

I do believe it's a blank journal, i.e. 128 blank pages, spiral bound with a Hellboy cover:


12 July, 2006 06:08, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Heh, let us know how that Hellboy Journal reads Zilla!

13 July, 2006 02:51, Blogger Philos said...

Please tell me more about The Escapists!

13 July, 2006 22:54, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Good call on Iron West. I ended up getting it and it was a fun read.

14 July, 2006 09:23, Blogger zilla said...

damn it i forgot to pick up the Hellboy Journal somehow... anyone else grab that (since i prob won't see it until next week now)?

Guy - glad to hear you liked Iron West. I ordered from Amazon and should be getting here soon...


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Monday, July 10, 2006

7.10 Panel


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

7.5 Panel


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7.5 Shopping List

Interesting...  I was all prepared for this week to be one of those where books drop on thursday (due the holiday) but seems that may only apply to monday holidays?  Hey i'm not complaining...

I'm buying...

BPRD UNIVERSAL MACHINE #4 (OF 5) - I *should* wait for the TP on this but i'm enjoying it so...
CONAN & THE SONGS OF THE DEAD #1 (OF 5) - Haven't heard anything about this but i'm a dork for Conan so...
GOON #18 - Feels like we're long overdue for this issue but it's funny how a release of a great title can make you forget just how long it took...
ARES #5 (OF 5) - In.
INCREDIBLE HULK #96 - On again, off again. This one will be a game time decision.
PUNISHER #35 (MR) - Pull list.
THING #8 - Maybe... I really do enjoy this comic but i'm trying to trim the fat a bit with my pulls. sacrifices are beat but have to be made.


BPRD THE BLACK FLAME TP - I read the first issue of this (or first 2?) and was digging on it for sure... decided to trade wait and the time has come.
SAMURAI JACK AND SCOTSMAN STATUE - I don't collect statues (or really see the point) but if i DID, i'd buy this. Well maybe not at this price but... you get what i'm saying ;)
Y THE LAST MAN #47 (MR) - I was reading this by the trades and stopped around #4 or 5... should i have kept going??
BEYOND #1 (OF 6) - I can't remember why this title is sticking in my head... something about the title "Beyond" just seems cool though. I'll have to check it out.

Notable next week...



05 July, 2006 17:45, Blogger Christopher Green said...

You might as well pick up Thing #8, it's the final issue.

06 July, 2006 02:58, Blogger Peter Hensel said...

Beyond's written by the Awesome but underrated Dwight McDuffy of MIlestone comics and JLU fame. It'll probably be worth a look, as he always turns in great superhero work.

11 July, 2006 13:14, Blogger Philos said...

Although I'm a huge fan of the early Y - The Last Man issues I do not recommend the current issues. The story is not as humorous as it was in the beginning and the plot does not go ahead. I'm disappointed about the lack of progress. Maybe it was wrong to determine the number of issues to 60.


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

7.4 Panel


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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 1: The Assassin's Road and Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (DVD)

Ogami Ito & Daigoro (Lone Wolf & Cub)Considering my love for Samurai movies, it's a surprise it took reading The Assassin's Road to get me to finally put LW&C: Sword of Vengeance (the first in a series of highly rated DVDs) into my Netflix queue. I'd heard about the films long before i was even reading comics again (the series pops up on most all "best samurai fliks" lists like this one by Sailor J) or even recognized that they were based on an acclaimed series of manga GNs by Kasuo Koike and Goseki Kojima.

I've got some thoughts about both the GN and the film, both of which i enjoyed (and hooked me for the respective #2's):

Lone Wolf and Cub is essentially the story of a Samurai named Ogami Itto his toddler son Daigoro. Itto serves Japan's Shogun (who handled day-to-day and military affairs for the Emperor back feudal Japan) officially as Kogi Kaishakunin, or highest ranking executioner. The Kogi Kaishakunin's primary responsibility is to aid those Daimyo's (lords or land owners) ordered by the Shogunate to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) by acting as their "second" and taking off their head after they've disemboweled themselves.

One fateful day (shortly after the birth of their only son Daigoro), Itto's wife and servants are murdered by a group of assassin's seeking revenge for the death of their Daimyo, who Itto has recently served second to in his role as the Shogun's executioner. Unbeknownst to him, Itto's wife's assassination is part of a rival (Yagyu) clan's plot to frame him for crimes against the Shogun and usurp his position as Kogi Kaishakunin.

Disgraced, dishonored, and on the lam, Itto gathers up his son Daigoro (who amazingly survived the assassins who killed his mother) and sets off with a vow to destroy the Yagyu clan, revenging his wife's death and clearing his name. Father and son form an "assassin(s) for hire" tandem (complete with now famous wooden wheeled baby carriage) and set off on a long series of adventures.

More at wikepedia ;)

Ok now that we've got the story down, what did i think of the GN and DVD?

The GN is well paced and entertaining w/ great B&W artwork. As w/ all manga, there's some stuff in here that's hard to relate to/understand unless you're Japanese, but never enough to really disappoint or derail/stall the story (though a couple trips to Wikepedia helped me appreciate certain parts of the story even more). In the end it's suprising how well LW&C has translated and I still can't believe there are 28 (?) of these GNs in the series. Lots of good LW&C reading in my future it seems.

The film compliments the GN nicely (approaching the beginning of the same story from a different angle) and sports some seriously cool "bad ass" moments for Ogami Itto. The film actually does a great job summarizing the story (a lot fell in to place watching the film that i missed or hadn't gotten to yet in the GN). The lead actor, a guy named Tomisaburo Wakayama (veteran beast actor of asian cinema), does a great job as Itto, though he's considerably older than he appears in the GNs IMO.

The directing kicks ass IMO; I found myself grinning at the "coolness factor" of this movie on more than one occasion (don't forget i'm a huge Kung Fu/Samurai/etc. fan). Keep in mind though that this was released back in the 70s and so has that very "old kung fu" style to it, complete w/ subtitles and oft hilarious "spraying blood" and chopped limbs. Works though. Well.

Overall i give both the GN and the film B+'s. After just reading the first GN and watching the first DVD in the series, I can already spot the influence LW&C has had (from Usagi Yojimbo to Wu Tang Clan) I'm looking forward to reading (and watching) a lot more LW&C. Cheers.

PS - I appreciate that the LW&C GN's only cost about $7 on instocktrades.com ($8-ish elsewhere) but man who was behind Dark Horse's idea to print them so damn small?? It's pretty cool that they're pocketable but i think digest size (like the Usagi Yojimbo books for example) would have worked better... it's generally uncomfortable to read the print (esp late at night when eyes are already tired and/or light is at a premium) and slows down the experience - not to mention you have to bend the book near flat to read talking/thought bubbles in the crease.

PPS - Sorry i couldn't sprinkle in some scanned panels but these books are too small and unwieldy to scan really w/o destroying (and even then i'm not sure the quality i'd get).


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

7.1 Panel


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